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Command Override

Posted on Mon Feb 8th, 2016 @ 9:48am by David Hawkins & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins] & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: Hemlock's Field 2391 [USS Resolute-A]
Location: Memphis Island - Commodore's Office


As Hawkins paced back and forth with his hands behind his back, he awaited as the large monitor on the wall loaded. The display that was newly installed in his office on Gladiator was nice and he could have multiple screen splits so he could talk to all his COs all at once. Now it was just to talk to the crew of Resolute for the upcoming mission.

As the display finally came up to display his office back on Memphis, he glared at the monitor. "Get your damn feet off my desk! And are you seriously smoking a cigar in my office?!?!"

Colonel John Hayter leaned back as he saw the large monitor on the side wall of the Commodore's office on Memphis Island. He grinned slightly as he shrugged before looking at Tayla. "It was Cupcakes idea."

Tayla rolled her eyes, "Princess here has no respect sir..." she grumbled looking at the screen. "How are things on the Gladiator sir? I'm sorry we missed you upon our return, I thought you were to be leading this mission to meet Hemlock."

"So did I," Vanora said as she entered the office in time to hear Tayla's last comment. She looked from the wall monitor to Tayla to John. "Commander. Colonel," she greeted them. "Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele, Chief of Strategic Operations for the Gladiator and the task group."

Tayla nodded and reached her hand forward towards the woman, "Nice to meet you Commander." she said. "We've been in and out, but I've heard of you." the trill said happily.

"Only good things, I hope. I'm guessing you'll be our head of security, Commander... d'Jax, correct?"

"That is correct Commander." she said before she looked over at Hayter and at the screen where the Commodore was watching, making her feel rather awkward.

"So I guess that makes you Colonel Hayter," Vanora said to John. "The name's familiar, but I can't place where I've heard about you."

Tayla rolled her eyes, "Oh God, don't get him started." she groaned.

"Oh calm down, Cupcake," John countered as he dropped his feet off the desk and leaned over the desk with his hand. "You can call me Johnny is fine by me."

Khelev arrived at the office, he'd opted for civilian attire as he was taking on a slightly different assignment. A pair of dark pants, work boots, a black leather belt with a thigh holster and a customer phaser pistol in it and a dark grey button down shirt. He looked at the assembled people and saw David on the monitor.

"I'm here," Khelev said gruffly.

"So glad the rag tag team is here at last," David spoke up on the monitor. "Thank you all for meeting. You guys aren't more than six hours away from launching. I am sorry I'm not there."

"Will you be meeting up with us Commodore?" Tayla spoke up with concern. "The plan was for you to meet with Hemlock with in a matter of days here." she said impatently. She didn't like things being changed on her. It made her high sence of justice go nuts, thanks to d'Jax.

"Better that he doesn't, he's going to need pleasurable deniability," Khelev replied with a slight growl. "We're going to war, not the playground."

Tayla glanced at ch'Koro, "He was going to have be disguised and had a code name." she explained. "Don't you worry my blue friend," she said even though she'd never met the Andorian before, she understood them for the most part at least, Ledrixa had partnered with an Andorian Lawyer for several years, and Carreb had been friends with an Andorian family, "Justice will be served." she finished.

"This isn't about justice or revenge," Khelev's voice rumbled in his chest as his antenna bent back. "This is about punishment."

"Different words, same idea," Vanora replied, waiting for David's response.

All this made David sigh before he blinked in silence. "After a moment of deep thinking, I can not be in the command chair there. I am well known and I am to connected to this to call logical commands. That is why Lt. Commander Stele will lead this."

Vanora's eyes went wide. This was her first time hearing about it. "Me, sir?" She looked over at Khelev. "But I'm not the ranking officer."

"There is something to be said for experience over rank... Plus the back story fits better." Tayla jumped in, her mind already working the pieces out together.

"That is the main point I must insist on. Plus, ch'Koro will be needing to take extra time to ensure that the Resolute's untested systems don't fail on you," David explained with a solid explain on his face.

"Well that's disconcerting," Vanora said. "What exactly should I be worried is going to fail? Not the stealth and holo-imaging tech, I hope. It's going to be real messy if anyone discovers we aren't actually a freighter."

"The primary weapons systems with their modification capacities for one, are still fluctuating and haven't been tested," Hayter popped up with his words as he relaxed in Hawkins' chair once again as he smirked just slightly.

"Out of my seat," the commodore ordered the colonel as he sighed before looking at the rest. "He is correct, along with the Stealth technology, its never been field tested for longer then a couple hours max."

"That's why the greatest engineer since Montgomery Scott is going to be the XO," Khelev spoke up. "Let me worry about the stealth tech."

Vanora nodded. She trusted Khelev with her life; that part had not changed at all.

"Tayla will be your Security and Tactical Officer and Hayter, you will be piloting the starship. Your reports stated that getting to your destination could be tricky. So you two will be in charge of the crew's safe travels and infiltrating so you will be leading the away teams as well. Rank isn't a major factor and I'm trusting Vanora and ch'Koro to keep the group, in general safe and do whatever it takes to complete the mission. Are there any questions?" David questioned as he looked at the group before him on the monitor.

"No sir." Tayla said nodding at the screen.

"None, sir," Vanora agreed.

"Then make it happen. We are..." David paused as he took in a deep breath as he corrected himself. "I am counting on all of you. Good luck."

The monitor went blank as a silence went over the group. It took a moment before John finally jumped up with his lit cigar still in his mouth. "Well this should be fun!" he said as he winked at Tayla.



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