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Rising trouble

Posted on Mon Mar 17th, 2014 @ 9:42pm by David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Green Thumb
Location: Turbolift shaft

Mercia went from sickbay to her office, glad she had already got a crewman to install her punching pole in the corner, because she had needed it if she was going to stop herself from crying.

It helped, it helped a lot. Death didn't bother her in general, but this was different, this was murder of innocent people, including kids that had been about her age when her mother was murdered in front of her.

She sat on the floor between the wall and her couch, fingers fiddling with her hair as she stared out the narrow window this office allotted her.

That must be what unnerved her so, she had a moment where she put her self in a kids shoes and the trauma came back to her. Her tired state wasn't helping her lapsed control, normally it was so easy to shut it all off, but then again Lyla had been spending a lot of time working with her to face and deal with things, rather than bury it.

Mercia let out a long breath as her control returned, the slight ache across her knuckles helped strangely. She was still angry, and maybe a little.scared, not that she would admit that.

Strange how in the past hiding alone in a small space helped, now it made her feel alone and isolated...

Her chime rang and she closed her eyes, knowing her break was over, and control was needed, and yet she didn't feel the motivation to get out of her little space between the arm of her couch and the wall. "Come in" she sighed glumly.

The door slid open to have David walk threw. He looked around the office for a moment before looking down at her. She had been worked up and yet seemed to find a way to calm her nerves or at least get them under control... for now. He didn't want to say anything until he knew what state she was in, so he walked over to her view port and looked at the vacuum of space before them.

Mercia flushed a bit when her eyes fell on David, of all people who might think it weird she was on the floor, only he knew why. His quiet respect was calming and unnerving. She closed her eyes, wondering if he was upset with her for losing it. "You're blocking my view... although I suppose an argument could be made that I have a better one now." She finally quipped dropping her legs down, so she wasn't all balled up.

"Oh it's no argument," Hawkins grinned a little as he heard her voice to which was becoming a calming and soothing feeling in his mind. "But if you want a better view of space, you will have to step up here.

Mercia watched his back a moment before finding the motivation to get up. "I don't know, I'm kind of liking the view from here." She teased quietly as she smoothed her uniform jacket and then slowly moved to the window, standing with her shoulder almost touching his arm. She let out a slow breath as she stared at the speckled black.

"Commander Hawkins," the voice of his Holographic co-XO called cutting him off before he could say anything to his 'spooning buddy'. "Lieutenant Hoss is reporting an issue. Would you like me to check into it?"

"No, Kavi and I will go check it out personally. Inform me when the tractor beam is prepared to activate and engineering is ready to go to warp."

"Aye, sir. Bridge out," the ETCH replied as the comm cut out.

Hawkins stood in silence as he gave Kavi the time to collect her thoughts and whatever else could be on her mind.

Mercia was quiet for a moment before she looked up at him. She gave him.a sheepish look. "So I guess you didn't come here to help me break in my new office." She said giving him a wink.

She inwardly chided herself. Her flirtatious mask was certainly showing itself. She bit her lower lip and looked out side again. It was certainly a mask, and while physical contact might provide some comfort to her she felt childish, and wouldnt ask for even a small amount. Even with the thought that his presence here had made her feel better. She frowned, part of her wanting to express that, and a part of her taunting the stirring emotions, laughing at her own foolishness. Would a hug, or kiss, or even more make her feel better? Part of her said yes, part of her was sarcastic about it.

She started to formulate an apology for being so forward at a time like this, but no words reached her lips, though her shoulders drooped a bit.

He grinned as he turned to her and took her head in his left hand as he kissed her forehead. "If only that was all," he said softly as he nodded and started to the door. "Let's go see what Hoss is experimenting with."

Mercia blinked and then smiled before headed to catch up with him. Ok maybe she did feel better. "Maybe he found something with the weapon signatures?" She wondered hopefully. A lead would really make her feel better!

"Maybe," David shrugged as he slowed down to get in step with Mercia. "Also maybe he found a new lifeform attacking him from a petri dish."

Mercia laughed, starting to feel more at ease. "I say we go in shooting." She joked. "Just to be sure." She said

The two stepped into the turbolift and the order for the science department was called out before Hawkins continued. "Well I guess that makes since. I have my pistol."

"I know, I can spot it, I am sort of trained." Mercia joked. She looked him over, "You're not the best at hiding them, especially for someone like me. Doesn't help I've seen you in various points of dress, and therefore know where you keep it, even when out of uniform." she chuckled. She leaned against the wall and closed her eyes, smiling a little to herself.

He looked at her and then down at his thigh. "In not quite hiding it now am I?" He questioned in a sarcastic tone. He grinned as he went back to his professional stance and crossed his hands over his shoulder.

"No I suppose not." she smirked. Mercia eyed the man appreciatively. "But I like that about you. Do you know how many Captains I've seen who wear a gun?" she asked. "None." she said with a grin.

"I told you I wasn't like other COs," he simply responded as he grinned slightly. But his thoughts were cut short as the turbolift slammed to a stop and making the two senior officers almost stumble to the ground. "... as soon as we figure out why a state of the art, out of dry dock, ship is locking up and stalling the turbolift."

Mercia pushed herself up. "What the hell?" she growled. She frowned and started to push the buttons, it seemed like they tried to respond but it was jammed. After the pod shook a few times Mercia decided it was a bad idea to keep trying. "Well gee Helaku if you wanted to get me alone for a while in a turbolift you should have just said so..." she tried to joke, her brows knitting together, feeling a little worried. She'd always feared a free fall, trapped in a pod. No way in hell was she waiting for a rescue from engineering or security. She looked up at the hatch above, glad she wasn't alone in this lift.

"It's times like this I wished starfleet had their women wearing skirts again," he sighed as he nodded and leaned down to give her a boost. "Computer, activate the emergency turbolift locks."

The computer replied and he looked up at her and smirked, "Lets get going unless you think I got on my knee to give ya a ring."

"If you were I think I'd deck you." Mercia smirked, "And for the record, I have the skirt uniform, just haven't worn it yet on this ship." She planted her foot in his hands and grinned down at him, "But now that I know you like it..." she pushed and reached for the hatch and popped it open. "Ok push." she said. "And warn me if you're going to try and feel me up so I don't kick you." she teased, as she braced her hands on the edge of the open hatch. There was a weird scent wafting towards her from the shaft

"A kicker... I like...," he joked as he noticed an unusual scent on the are. It wasn't mechanical so what was it. "I know we have done some questionable things... but what was that?"

Mercia was trying to formulate a cleaver response but confusion covered her mind as her head came through the hatch. "What the hell?" She said, her voice echoing in the shaft. "Push me up further." she said starting to push with her arms.

The scent made more sense, it smelled organic not mechanical, it was out of place, and so was the source. She crawled out on top of the pod and looked around, there were vines everywhere. "Um... David you need to see this" she said. She reached for a vine and tugged so she could show him, but it didnt budge. She peered back the hatch with concern.

Without saying a word, he leapd up and gripped onto the edges of te hatch. He pulled himself up and climb up only to sit on the edge of the hatch. He noticed the vines almost instantly. Talk about expecting the unexpected. "Huh..." was all he could muster as he scanned the plant. "... I've got nothing..."

Mercia frowned as she looked at the vines closer. her frown deepened as she saw a patch she could have sworn wasn't there just two minutes ago. "Me either..." She looked up, several webs of vines were along the sides of the shaft, no wonder the pod couldn't get through, especially if there were webs it below. "It's covering a bunch of the doors." She commented. She tugged at the vine again, "damn this stuff is strong... where the hell did it.come.from?"

"Well the only place I can think of is science labs or aeroponics bay. Either case, Hoss is the guy to talk to. But if it's this bad, " Hawkins thought out loud. "Think you can climb up to the next crawl space or door?"

Mercia smirked, "can I climb? Who do you think you're talking to." She got up on her feet trying not to think about the drop under the pod. Sure it was locked but that was little comfort. She grabbed on to the ladder and started to.climb up to the next deck. The plants had half.covered the door and part of the ladder but she braced herself against the.ladder and vines as she popped the panel and.ordered the door to open. It wirred but didn't move. "Well that's not good. I'm going to kick Hosss ass!"

"Calm down," he called her out as he followed suit. "...And keep moving."

"I am calm, you calm down!" She countered. Mercia took a moment to try again, maybe the door would open just a little and they could pull the rest of the way. She sighed when it didn't work and closed the panel again as she felt David reach her level and grip her leg. "Ok ok I'm going." she grouches and shifted her weight, ignoring his "huh?" Response. She reached for the next rung and placed her left foot on the next rung and pulled. "Look I know you like my legs but this is a really bad time..." She looked down expecting him to be right behind her messing with her and holding her leg just behind her knee. He wasn't with in arms reach yet. "What the hell?" She gasped as the grip tightened a moment, pinching her leg. She shifted and looked down, seeing her leg which had been braced against a group of vines was now covered by them.

"Looks like I'm not the only one interested in feeling you up, " David said as he looked at the vines. He gripped a small tactical knife in his postal holster and stabbed the vine just shy of her foot. As he tried to pull the knife out, the sound of vines growing could be heard. He moved his hand away from the knife just in time before the vine overwhelmed the knife. "And that was my favorite knife. "

Mercia glared at him, "You're complaining about your favorite knife when your favorite woman is about to be eaten by a damb plant!" She growled. She pulled and tugged at her leg again, it was pinching her badly. She strained as she pulled, she looked up, the plant was expanding along the walls, slowly it seemed, but fast enough.

"Favorite is a strong word..." Hawkins throw out as he reached her leg and started to tug at the vine. As he pulled he grunted until he felt it releasing a little. "Move that pretty little foot of yours, would ya?"

Mercia pulled and strained until it hurt. "Its not budging." she said, "Maybe if we get rid of my boot?" she asked him. Her foot was stuck and yet she kept wondering if she had spoken too soon and she wasn't his favorite, not that it mattered. it had just been a comment. "I'm not sure my foot is pretty either..." she grunted. "Grab another knife and cut it off me!"

David worked quickly as he started to cut her boot slightly and then pried his combat knife between her boot and the vine. "Wiggle out would ya!"

Mercia pulled and strained. Her foot started to slip out, but the vine kept a grip on her leg. She gritted her teeth and jerked as hard as she could, worried the plant would grow over more of her and trap her more. As she jerked her foot popped free, but her other foot slipped. She scrambled to get get her feet stable on the ladder again, but the vines were not making it easy. One foot caught as her hands slipped. It seemed to go in slow motion as she lost her balance, tangled in the vines, with her boot in the way. She tipped backwards, and fear gripped her, causing her to cry out.

The world was suddenly upside down but Mercia couldn't even see as bright light blinded her. Excruciating pain filled her as she smacked against the wall upside down, her foot jammed between a pair of rungs in the ladder, and the vines wrapping around. She felt panic rushing through her, her arms flailing for some sort of grip. Unable to help it she let out a gut wrenching cry.

Quickly, without thinking, Hawkins moved up enough to grab onto her core body but not without slicing her with his knife while she jerked around. "Shit!" he stated as he tapped his ear com device, "Emergency site to site transport to Sick bay," He ordered the computer as he held her close. "I got ya." With that, the blue beam of the transporter beam consumed them one minute, and the next was just the turbolift shaft with the vines. Moments later, the out of control vine overwelmed the former position of the crew members...


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