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The Rise of the Legend

Posted on Thu Feb 11th, 2016 @ 8:54pm by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price & Staff Sergeant Patrick Shark & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]

Mission: Hemlock's Field 2391 [USS Resolute-A]
Location: USS Resolute-A
Timeline: After "Command Override"


Vanora was the first onto the USS Resolute. She skipped checking out her temporary quarters and went straight to the Bridge. She wasn't an Ops officer anymore, but old habits died hard. "Computer," she asked, "run level 3 scans on all systems." If she'd had her preference, she'd have overseen level 1 scans herself, but there wasn't time for that before launch. Not to mention that the Resolute had been checked again and again. Still, it was always a good idea to kick the wheels before getting in, her father used to say though she still to this day had no idea where that saying meant.

Tayla slung her bag over her shoulder, glad to be back at Memphis Island, not that she'd get any chance to stick around. She stepped onto the Resolute and headed for her room, she was one of the few people who had a room already on this ship. "Ah home sweet home," she said.

Having, let Paula know that she had been temporarily assigned to the Uss Resolute, Lisa Creed arrived from Memphis Island aboard a shuttle, she started to wonder why she had been picked for this mission, although Paula was assigned to the Gladiator and had Davina. she also knew that moving Davina yet again would be wrong.

She strolled towards the Hanger deck entrance and knew first thing was to head to Main Security to report into the Department head.

Zera left most of his things on the Gladiator, instead taking a couple pairs of clothes and some tablets with his projects. He doubted that there would be free time to work on them, but if there was at least he had something to do.

Khelev arrived on board the Resolute, in one had he had a ruck sack with all of his clothes and personal items. He had a backpack with some of his personal gear and an engineering kit slung over his shoulder. Once he was aboard he checked his quarter assignment and headed that way to drop everything off.

Arkyn finally arrived, slightly fashionably late since he had his talks with people on the Gladiator. He brought most of this stuff with him since it seemed the reso was going to be his new home for a while.

When Keira had received the notice to report temporarily to the USS Resolute, the overly frisky redheaded ensign had been off-duty and literally done cartwheels around her shared quarters for a few minutes. When it had directed her that civilian clothing would be warranted, she had changed into a black t-shirt, jeans and boots. To her pleasure, she put her nose ring back in, since there wouldn't be any regs against it. Quickly packing personal gear and stopping off at Sickbay to check with what she needed to know, she had realised the time and had to sprint to get there, a little bit late. Skidding to a halt and accidentally dropping one of the bags she had brought, Keira picked it up, checked it was okay and then headed aboard.

Taylor arrived on the bridge, he'd been surprised to be assigned to the detail but wasn't going to knock the chance to get out of Marine country for a while. Taylor looked around the bridge and found several personnel he recognized, a few he didn't. He hadn't shaven, and the 5 o'clock shadow was starting to show and some cities and he was about clueless to what was going on as it got.

Boarding, she made her way through to the ship's infirmary to signin.


She ran her fingers over the security station and smiled, the setting was in place, she'd worked hard, despite Hayter to make it happen. If Hayter never showed up, she'd never complain, she just wanted to kick COIL ass, and finally it was about to happen.

"Hey, cupcake!" Hayter spoke up as he strolled up behind the security station from the turbolift. His hands rested inside his pockets of his civilian attire as he leaned up against the wall as he looked over her consoles before the trill. "So is that what you are going to wear?"

She looked down over her dark brown pants and the red shirt, and green leather vest she was wearing. "Would you prefer a bikini?" she smirked, "I see you forgot your tu tu... or in your case it would be a Four four wouldn't it Princess?"

"Is this going to go on the whole mission?" Vanora asked them from the conn. "Just so you know: if either of you says 'yes,' I'm officially ordering all crew to address you as 'Princess' and 'Cupcake.'"

Tayla looked forward towards the corn, and swallowed, before she shot Hayter a deathly glare, silently ordering him not to say yes.

"How does the armory look? Are we loaded with non-Starfleet weapons?" Vanora asked both of them though she mostly looked at Tayla.

"We have a decent mix, roughed up the Starfleet issue items and put some mods and paint on them to make them look stolen or sold. We have a number of civilian class items as well." Tayla said. "I checked my orders before I got up here, looks pretty good if I do say so myself," she said proudly.

"Good work," Vanora said approvingly. "Make sure everything is set to default non-lethal settings, though, especially the civilian weapons. I get the feeling that we're more likely than not going to be using these, and I'd like to avoid unnecessary bloodshed."

Tayla looked at Hayter, "That means no messing with the weapons again." she said with a condescending tone.

"Oh don't worry," he countered as he trotted off from the station. "I brought my personal toys."

Vanora gave the Marine a long look, and then turned back to Tayla. "You're our point on Security, which means making sure he doesn't get out of line. A trail of bodies will make it a lot harder for us to stay covert. Understood?"

"No offense, Captain, but I am sure I can hold my cool. Jumping to the conclusion that all marines are all shoot first, ask questions later, is insulting. Besides, Commodore offered me this job, so I'll be a good boy," Hayter rolled his eyes before taking a bite from his apple he held in his hand.

Price rolled his eyes making sure Stele was looking at him when he did as he folded his arms. The first thing he wanted to tell her was to F off. Lt Commander or not. Hayter's sarcasm was probably the only thing that stopped him from saying it. Instead he smirked. "So long as no one tries to kill me first, I'm good."

As the lift doors opened and Lisa exited the turbolift and looked around the bridge and found the Security officer, She said "Lieutenant Junior grade Lisa Creed reporting in,"

When Zera finally made it to the bridge, he merely looked around before walking over to his station. He spotted Vanora and gave her a very brief smile before turning his attention to the console.

"Lieutenant," Vanora smiled back at Zera.

"Young blood. Interesting," John looked the marine in civilian clothing before him. "And I thought we weren't leaving a trail of bodies."

Taylor glanced over at man, "oh, you know. You accidentally kill someone and suddenly you're a bloody thirst killer with no self control." His tone dripped with sarcasam. "But you kill on command and it's all good jobs and way to goes." Taylor was dealing with his own guilt. Stele's comments were only adding to it.

Khelev arrived on the bridge after settling his quarters assignment and glanced around. He had his phaser on his right leg, his kal'hris was in a quick release leather sheath and was dressed in his normal attire. He glanced around the bridge before he moved to the XO's station and started pulling up status reports without saying much.

"Is this going to be weird for you, Khelev?" Vanora asked the commander. "You outrank me."

"I think that's the least weird part about this," Khelev's voice rumbled from his chest, as he turned to look at Vanora. "But we're here to do a job, you've been a Captain before and I haven't. I'm a warrior and an officer and I'll do my duty."

"Then what's the weirdest part?" she grinned at him.

"What's the weirdest part? The fact that I have to act like I'm still in love with you, not actually fall in love with you, be on the ship alone with you..." Khelev let out a growl. "I don't like this kind of stuff."

"I'm truly sorry Khelev... I don't like this either. We're professionals, though, we can handle it."

Lisa asked," Excuse me, Ma'am, Do you know why we have been reassigned here? as she had not been informed as to why the sudden change in assignments."

Johnathon made his way to the Conn station, he leaned against it and sighed. "Well el' Capetian... You should be sitting in the big chair. I can fly this bucket of bolts. I am the pilot."

"Thanks for the announcement, we were all wondering what your job was as you took a seat at the conn," Khelev replied sarcastically.

Zera heard this and chuckled, briefly looking up at the conn before glancing back at the console.

Arkyn finally arrived on the bridge, curious as to what he was doing here. He was wearing a black leather jacket with a black long sleeve shirt. His hair was slicked back slightly. He was wearing jeans with black shoes that were on tight. None of the weapons he had were showing.

Having checked in and found she was one of the more senior medical staff aboard, she had gulped and given some directions to the medical team. With that, she had told them that she needed to check in on the bridge and made her way up.

Arriving, she took a spot at the back, waiting as she saw more senior people around.

"I'll answer all of your questions at once, and briefly," Vanora said, speaking slightly louder than usual to get the attention of everyone assembled. "You have all been assigned here because you have a particular skill or skills that make you suited for this mission. The USS Resolute is not just any Intrepid class cruiser: it's a state-of-the-art stealth ship, outfitted for this very specific purpose of tracking down and eliminating all remnants of the terrorist organization C.O.I.L. For the remainder of the mission, or as long as you are part of this team, we report directly to Commodore Hawkins. Commander ch'Koro and I are in command of the Resolute. Commander d'Jax," she pointed at Tayla, "will be heading up Security and the Away Team. She and Colonel Hayter have made contact with a man who calls himself 'Hemlock,' who we have strong reason to believe is a C.O.I.L. operative.

"This is a covert mission," Vanora continued. "Which means that everything we have that is Starfleet stays on this ship. Comm badges, uniforms, standard issue equipment, all of it. d'Jax will outfit all of you when it's time. In no situation are any Away Team members to refer to each other by rank; it's actually best to not use real names at all, as much as possible. If you are separated from the Away Team or caught, just hang tight and don't give anything away, we'll extract you. I'm not leaving anyone behind, I'll promise you that."

Tayla shifted, "Some of what we'll be doing is playing nice and intel gathering, you need to be ok with blurring the lines for the bigger picture." she commented.

At that point, Keria bit her lip and knew she would need to step up sometimes, especially if they were going to be acting as civilian. She also understood why she had been selected, but wasn't really wanting to jump in at the moment.

Arkyn nodded with a slight grin. This was his main stage, his bread and butter. "Blurred lines be tha best lines," he commented. "How much will ya be needin me? I'm kind o' wondering if I should alter a few things about meself if it's as much as I think."

"You'll be plenty needed Arkyn, this is going to get interesting and we need people who can think outside the box," Khelev spoke up. "Vanora used to Captain a freighter and I ran freight for a long time myself. We picked you all for a reason."

After looking over the console before him, John sighed as he slowly turned around in his chair. He looked at the group and sighed before crossing his arms over his chest. "We have already assessed the situation. Boss lady is right, everyone else needs code names," he started off with his serious speaking voice. "There will be non starfleet methods that will be going on. If you don't have a strong stomach, I'd suggest informing d'Jax." He then nodded to the tactical station.

Taylor was pretty sure he was there as one of those people that "extract" whoever would get caught. He was the only Marine on board, it's a limited skill setting. Not that he minded, he was more comfortable with the mission knowing that it wasn't permanent. He rubbed the back of his neck, he wasn't really needed on the bridge. "I'm going to go find marine country and make sure we have some extraction plans should we need them."

"We've all been given new IDs, ident cards and everything. We're a freighter crew, under the command of Captain Stele. After her grief of losing her husband she couldn't take it anymore and retired from Starfleet. Angry about not getting to move into a Executive officer roll in the fleet, I followed her. But it was really because I'm still in love with her," Khelev spoke up. "The rest of you have bios based on who you are, but names and events may be a bit different. Learn what's in them, it'll save your life."

"You sure you want to go that route?" Tayla piped up, "COIL leaders may ask why are suddenly throwing your lot in with them since we're going to be working with them." she pointed out, "Or are you playing the 'Hurt Starfleet, however; I can, so who cares if COIL tried to kill me?' card?" she asked him.

Lisa looked back at Venora and asked,"So we have new Id's then, " as she hadn't been given the code to the Padd that she had been given," so what is the Code to this PADD Ma'am?" holding it up.

"d'Jax has all codes for everything on the ship. Check in with her when we're done here," Vanora replied to Lisa before turning to Tayla. "So far as anyone is concerned, the Away Team is just hitching a ride from me. Given that I was captured by them previously, it's possible they know who I am, so I won't be part of the landing party. I'll be your eyes in the sky," she smiled. "Most of you, though, will have different names, as Khelev said. You've got until we reach Hemlock's planet to memorize your own file. Any other questions?"

Lisa looked back at Vanora and knew there was something important to ask and could for the life of her think of it, she moved to the secondary console and started to work on that station. although she wondered what skills she had that had got her this assignment and who had put her forward for it.

Just then her PADD lit up with her file and started to scan it and read the name, LISSIANA CREED, it stated that Lissiana was her twin Sister who had quit starfleet and had gone bad using what she had learned to do bad things.

"Aye," Arkyn said raising his hand. "I know ye went through some trouble for some o' this stuff, especially tha ident stuff, but I 'ave somethin that might 'elp. I've been in tha spook game fer a while now. I've got some alias' round tha verse, an one that might particularly work for this endeavor. 'e's a playboy gun runner. Bit o' a recluse. Doesn't get outta bed fer anything less than six figured, an ye better be pushin seven. I've 'ad this alias fer close ta seven years now. He's in tha top ten percent o' gun runners. Even if tha person don't know 'is name off the bat, if they make some calls, I'll pop up and open some doors. Last time 'e was seen, 'e got pinched wit a couple o' high priced drug smugglers. Been off tha penal colony for only a 'andful o' months an 'asnt shown 'is face yet. If ye are trying ta go down tha I 'ate StarFleet route, 'e'd be a good person to 'ave on your side ta name drop."

"A playboy that runs guns and smuggles? That sounds like a guy I know, who isn't under cover and I'd bet you'd know his name," Khelev chuckled softly. "And we're not going under cover because our history in this life is well established, we can access our contacts. My program tortured the entire crew of the Gladiator. It's an even that could easily turn me against the fleet. We're going to con them, make them come after us because we're going to make sure they need us. You just let me and Stele here worry about the short sale."

Keira shuddered at the thought, since she had just come aboard then and as a very green ensign, been forced to push & harass senior crew members to do stuff when they were out of it. Still, she didn't really harbour any bad will to the engineer and spoke up, "That wasn't really your fault, Sir. Emmah is fine and she's a really nice person. Miss her in Sickbay though. I 've got a question. I know it may sound a bit naive, but if we need to wear civilian clothing for off-ship, won't it mean that anyone on the bridge should too? In case for comms with visuals."

"That's correct, Keira," Vanora said. She noted that many of the others on the Bridge, besides herself, were already in civilian attire. "No one is to wear a single piece of Starfleet or Federation gear once we leave port. All of your quarters are equipped with specially shielded lockers that will protect the contents from scans without giving away that we're hiding something. d'Jax and the rest of the Security team will do a sweep before departure to ensure everything's in order, so anyone who needs to get cleaned up, do so immediately.

"My team and I will run visual checks as well as full sensor sweeps." Tayla said. "I would rather any starfleet tech be left behind. The shielded lockers are good, but not perfect." she warned.

After the briefing, Keira had left the bridge and made her way down to the ship's infirmary to check on what stocks had been sent over. To her delight, someone in Medical had noticed her interest in alternative non-human medical knowledge, which some people weren't always that pleased about. But it was also something that could be useful to know when medical equipment like hyposprays and tech weren't available.

Sitting at the Helm station on the bridge, John allowed his fingers to dance over the multiple commands as before the view screen lit up in awe before them. The internal hanger that the Resolute-A was being held was lit up and void of life. Red klaxon flickered brightly as the Hanger door before them crack open down the center as the sun rays in the distance broke through adding more lighting to the hanger.

He smirked as he went back to his controls and started to call out for record and for the command staff. "Interior Hanger is cleared, all extended bridges have been retracted. External power..." he entered a quick command as the sound of clamps disconnecting all over the ship was heard. "... disengaged and are being retracted well."

The marine looked over the monitor to his right and read the information quickly before nodding.

"We are in the green, oh fearless leader," John smirked as he turned to look at the commanders behind him.

"Then let's get going, Colonel," Vanora said.

"Right!" the colonel said excitedly as he spun back around and started to bob his head as he ran his fingers over the controls again. He smirked even more as he tapped the next few controls. "Atmospheric thrusters engaged... and the monkey flips the switch..." he huffed as he pressed the power for the impulse engines. As he lifted the ship up with his commands, he tapped one last button.

Throughout the ship, the ship's blue klaxon lighting flashed over and over as the comm activated playing music as the ship moved forward. The sound of guitar solo quickly rushed through as the sound of the tapping of a symbol was tapped over and over. The pilot at the bridge controls bobbed his head with the drum taps as the hanger doors were fully extended a second before the Intrepid class started creep out slowly from its hidden cave.

"Thunder!" Hayter sang along with the secondary singers of the song as he piloted the experimental ship forward. Music started raise even louder through the ship as the ship increased in speeds under the control of Hayter. As the burst of thrust burst forward at great speeds as the words 'THUNDER!' roared throughout the ship by the main singer of the song and additional instruments started to play along with the music.

A rush came over him as he watched on his monitors and a grin even more came over him as the escort fighters took place next to them and before them. The group rushed over the islands and the open dark oceans for a couple moments before having enough built up speed to fly past the planet's gravity to escape. The group of ships increased their angle and burst through cloud after cloud. Soon before them, the light baby blue sky started to quickly change into the dark blackness of space. Distant stars started to show their light as they came into a low orbit of the planet.

"Alright then, everyone get settled, and check in with either d'Jax, ch'Koro or me if you have any other questions about what's happening next. ETA from take-off is 5 hours at Warp 6. Helm," she said to Hayter, "Lay-in a course for Hemlock's planet, three-quarters impulse to the edge of the system and then Warp 6."

"Entered and ready, boss lady!" John rolled his neck as he still mentally listened to the music in his head while he kept the ships speed and location cleared while he watched the escort of fighters breaking off enough to clear the way for their launch to light speeds.

"Engage," Vanora said.

--To be continued!--


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