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Another Day, Another Mission

Posted on Thu Feb 11th, 2016 @ 9:38pm by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: Hemlock's Field 2391 [USS Resolute-A]
Location: USS Resolute-A
Timeline: Prior to launch


Lt. Anna Shadow headed on to the Resolute, she had been asked for by the commanding officer, by name, or so she had been told. This temporary reassignment was voluntary though, and so she was ordered to report and be briefed. She was instructed to head for the tiny CO's office, but when she strolled through she had no idea the surprise in store for her. "STELE!!" she said happily. "So its true you ARE back!"

"Most of me, anyway," Vanora smiled. "Good to see you, Anna. It feels like it's been much longer than two months. How have you been?"

"Your sister keeps me busy, which is surprising for a hospital ship. You'd never think that scientists and doctors would get in to so many fights." she commented, "But I suppose the more educated people you put in a tight space the more conflict you should be prepared for hmm? I heard about your husband, I know it likely doesn't mean much, but I was sorry to hear."

"Thank you," Vanora said. She looked up at the ceiling and sighed. "That's why I'm here, now. Doing this. It's not just because I miss playing spy with you," she said lightly, before her face turned serious again. "The Tal Shiar. They gave us the intel we needed to go on the offensive, but Starfleet sat on it, and... well, you were on the Banting back there. That went down entirely the wrong way. We're not going to get stuck on our back foot again. Time to go on the offensive."

"You're talking about COIL this time right?" Anna asked. "Because the Trinity is gone, and they better damn well not be coming back." she said.

"Yes, and agreed. All the debriefs seem to agree that since Kenneth's magnus opus was the blood device, all Trinity members had gathered on the temple planet, and are now safely being infinitely slowly torn apart inside that black hole," she replied with a bit too much satisfaction. "COIL, on the other hand... The operative who called himself Lion was part of the Trinity fleet and is out of the picture, and seems to have killed several other faction leaders before his demise, but we know there are still other active operatives and cells out there."

She rubbed the knuckle of her thumb along the side of her palm as she thought, "Well... they need to not be out there. After the destruction they caused on Gladiator... they need to be rounded up. So... I take it you want my help again." Anna smirked.

Vanora grinned. "Your detective skills are impeccable," she joked. "Hawkins has put a Lieutenant Commander Tayla d'Jax on the mission, I think she's been involved with some of the behind-the-scenes intelligence operations that has led to this mission. She and a Lieutenant Colonel Jon Hayter are the ones who have made contact with the COIL operative. But," she said seriously, "I've never worked with d'Jax before. I know nothing about her, her motivations, or style. On a mission like this where there are already too many variables, I need someone I can trust. She'll officially be in charge of all Security aspects of the mission, but since she'll be in the weeds with the COIL people, if something happens to her or she gets too caught up to run things, I want someone ready to keep everyone alive and safe. Someone I've already seen handle unexpected situations the right way."

Anna ran her hands over her hair, "For you Stele, any thing." she said. "I've met d'Jax, we sat next to each other at a meeting on Memphis Island a few months ago. She was an interesting women, versitle, which I suppoe is a benifit of being trill." she said. "Either way, You have my support, and I'll be with you." She grinned.

"Actually you won't be with me, in the literal sense," Vanora said. "I'll be staying on the Resolute, and you'll be with the Away Team. Still, I know what you mean. We'd better both get ready for pre-launch. Have everything you need?" she asked.

"I'll just need to grab a few things, but I'll see you on the Resolute soon." she said. "It will be nice to work with you again" Anna grinned.


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