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Old 'friends'

Posted on Sat Feb 6th, 2016 @ 9:41am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Ready Room - U.S.S. Kelstar

Mercia smoothed her uniform and touched the bun in her hair, braids were still failing her, and it was getting very frustrating. With a nod to the transporter chief she prepared herself to go over to the Kelstar. Hawkins called her and told her to head on over and work on the loyal officers side of things while he tried to see what was happening with the mutineers.

As the blue sparkles formed around her Mercia felt a pit grow in her stomach. Running in to Jarland had never been on her to do list, and she was hoping this didn't turn to a disaster, but she had a feeling it would, and hence the nerves.

The new transporter room had an armed escort waiting for her. She was well armed herself, but she understood, with mutineers around they had work extra to keep command level people safe. She was escorted silently to the bridge and left before the ready room. She took a deep breath before she strolled inside, ready to face whatever she'd find there.

The monitor mounted to the desk before him went black before Jarland leaned back and crossed his arms over his chest. His hardened glare into the darkness of the monitor mixed with his personal thoughts flowing through his mind.

He hadn't expected or planned for the Gladiator or Commodore Hawkins being in the area so quickly or at all. It had quickly thrown a wrench into the engine of the progress expected. But he was bound to follow the regulations laid out. Plus, he wasn't going to add more fuel to the fire that was against him. It was all total bull shit and it was eating at him severally. Deep down, he felt that he should have planned for something like this all to happen to prevent his starship to be taken over so quickly.

The chime of the door cut his thoughts short quickly as he growled under his breath before calling for them to enter. The simple fact that he wasn't allowed to lead the investigation of the murder was not right in his mind. He was the new Captain of the ship, and it was his responsibility. To think that the Gladiator and her command crew were in charge of the investigation was not far. "Welcome to the Kelstar, Commander..." he looked up as he said it and growled as he slammed his hands on the desk. "... YOU... What the hell are you doing on my ship?!"

Mercia opened her eyes after a slow blink and an easy smirk spread across her face, "And here I thought you had forgotten all about me." she said. "After you screwed up me and the hologram took over as XO, when he went insane, I got his job. Surprised?" she asked as she approached the desk.

"And here I thought that Hawkins had actually gotten smart and got rid of you. I guess that was a joke for sure," he grumbled.

"The smart thing he did was get rid of you Jarland, not so sure if I was smart stopping him from killing you. Oh how the tables have turned... failure... murder suspect, mutiny on your hands, and you thought I was the criminal and looser?" she laughed. "Out of my chair." she said darkly.

"Not a chance," Neville countered as he leaned back and offered her a chair across from her. "You are investigating, you aren't assigned as this starship's XO, which I am. Unless Commodore Hawkins orders me to give you the chair... Commander Kavi."

"I come under the orders of Commodore Hawkins and speak with his authority, what I say, is what he says. That is how this works Jackass." She said. "Or do you not remembering me kicking your ass under his orders? Do not test me Jerkland."

Without a word, he straightened his uniform and relaxed as he placed his hands on the arm rest of his chair. "You maybe able to use that against a new recruit and scare them into submission, but not myself," he glared at her as his bright blue eyes seemed to stare threw he soul as he waited for her to start.

"I would think someone who desires to be clear of a murder charge and reissued command of his ship would be more compliant with the officer in charge of the investigation to either charge or clear him. But fine, you want to play tough guy." she smirked at him, "I'll just mark down bull headed arrogance, lack of cooporation, I'm sure that will go a long way in ensuring you're cleared of suspicion in your captains murder." she said. She moved around the desk to his side and sat on the edge of it. He wasn't going to leave the chair, she wasn't going to leave the desk. They could both be bullheaded.

He looked her over for a moment, not completely comfortable with her on his desk. But instead of starting something, he grinded his teeth but didn't allow her to see the irritation. "Are you about ready to start your questions, or should I inform Commodore Hawkins to your lack of capability to start the investigation?"

"Oh Don't think you can bully me Jarland." she said. "We've only just finished our greeting." she said the smirk still on her face. "Besides, Hawkins isn't going to give you the time of day, and he will tell you to deal with me. You were his XO for a few months, I've been his XO for years. I know the man far better than you do." she informed him. "This is my ball game, and I'll do whatever I feel I need to get the mission done, even if that means irritating the snot out of you." she grinned. "I know its SO easy to do."

"From a sex slave to XO, no wander you made your rank," He smirked as he waved her on. "Get on with it, I have actual work to do, and you are only giving me more ammunition against you to take with command on heeding the progress of this ship and her mission."

She laughed loudly at that, "You make inference that I slept my way to my rank again and your jaw wont know what hit it." It wasn't the first time he or any one else had made such remarks, She had grown past snap reactions to that... at least she hoped she had... "besides... I wasn't a sex slave, I was a Black Widow, there IS a difference." she huffed. Ok so she was both, but that semantics. "And the fact of the matter is I'm not heeding your job, your Chief engineer is, and why do you think that is? I mean... you're so charming and all, I figure you'd have your whole staff being your best pals and all."
"Is that your attempt to start the actual investigations, Commander Kavi?" he asked as he cocked his head slightly as his blue eyes pierced her soul

Mercia folded her arms and met his eyes, not allowing herself to be intimidated by him. "We don't need to be adversary's Neville." she said using his given name. "But I have a feeling you will be your typical prickish self, and so I will be the best me I know how to be." she snipped. "So yes, that question is a part of my initial interview with you. Why do you think Cheng revolved and took much of the power players with him?"

"Because they have shown lack of professional skills and capabilities to blame anyone else but those that have been placed in charge after the fact," he muttered as he glared at her.

"You really think that's the reason they sabotaged the ship causing you to need to call for help?" she said. "Or is it that they believe you killed the CO and intend to harm to this ship and crew?" she asked him remaining on the desk.

He looked at her with his simple glare and shook his head. "The Cheng has always had issues with my superior position over him and his inability to follow the rules. So he jumped to the idea as soon as he got the chance to take command."

"And what was your ship doing out here, days and days away from its assignment?" She threw in quickly. "Your doing or his?" she asked.

"You would have to ask the Captain, I wasn't cleared for that information. I tried to access the information but was locked out before I could be denied again by the Cheng," Jarland explained as he huffed slightly trying to keep his calm but wanting to rip the woman's head off. The thought of her being promoted after attacking him on the Gladiator wasn't a surprise but also insulting.

"How convenient... You are telling me that you... of all people... arrogant, prickish Neville Jarland, couldn't get an answer from your CO as to why you were going rogue?" she laughed and grinned down at the man.

"I respected the captain faithfully. Don't tell me you don't with Hawkins," he countered grinding his teeth just slightly.

Mercia folded her arms, "Hawkins and I work very well together. If he was doing what seemed to be a direct violation of our orders you better damn well believe that I'd push until I had answers. I respect him enough to protect him." she said. "So tell me about his death, Who found him, what was the cause of death and the suspects you have in mind."

"He was found in his quarters in a pool of his own blood with a phaser blast through his gut," the man recalled. "I sent our quartermaster to go check up on him since he didn't report to duty as he usually did. Security logs showed no one entered or exited the quarters. The only suspects are those that I have listed on the Padd before you, Commander."

Mercia looked at the tablet then at Jarland, "And why are they suspect?" she asked him. "The COs son, Nobel, and Ensign Rose Letchyia... no listing of motive, what evidence is against her?" she demanded. "Come on Neville, we can work well together..." she said meeting his blue eyes, and hoping she wasn't saying too much.

His glare on her was almost stone cold as he pondered the next words out of his mouth. But something about those words sparked a wander and then he squinted at her for a moment. "And what makes you say that?" Jarland asked as he started to look at her differently for the first time.

"We may never have seen eye to eye Jarland, but we made an effort. Can't you pull from those experiences, see me for who I am today, and not the criminal trouble maker you believed me to be when we first met?" she said. "Or do I need to pull from my criminal trouble making side and tie you down?" she smirked.

His bright blue eyes searched hers as he started to pick up on it before he entered in a couple codes into his console on the desk. As fast as he entered in the command codes, the sound of magnetic clamps latched the ready room doors closed as he looked at her and shook his head slowly.

"Look Jarland, I had no plans to ever encounter you, but here we are. You are a murder suspect, which I find really funny. You would be better served to work with me and stop being such an arrogant prick. Can you live with that or shall we go back to playing a difficult game and I can't help you." she said.

A slight grin grew on his face as he starred at her. Neville couldn't believe that it had fully happened. But here before him was the proof of all that was set before them. He knew it was bound to happen but this just was unexpected.

"You are very believable to say the least," he simply said before chuckling with a big grin on his face. He leaned forward and rested his arms on the desk as he looked at her. "I just didn't expect this so soon. How do you put up with yourself and what you have to endure? I am dying to know."

Mercia took a deep breath and rolled her eyes, "With much suffering." she growled. "Its been difficult, but that is a conversation for another day, right now, we need to figure this out." she said. She touched his arm, "It does us no good if you resist the investigation, get charged with murder... and as much as I hate to say it... you being in command a ship is likely better than you not." she admitted.

"Yes well, to be honest, I honestly didn't do it. But my secondary work place was found and broken into the day before and whoever did, accessed my personal computer which isn't connected to the ship's network. I think there is a third party at work here," he stated slightly concerned. "The mutiny was perfect timing to enable my fail safe procedures. The section of the ship was destroyed which the mutineers think they un-expectedly caused a power fluctuation blowing that section up."

She rubbed her chin, "Really... Maybe whoever is the reason y our Co took you so far from you assigned area." she said slowly. "Do you really think his son and this ensign had something to do with his death... or maybe did he find out too much?"

"His son truly hated him and caused several issues over the whole ship," he stated as he looked at her. "And there were roomers of the Ensign being infatuated with the Captain."

She laughed, "Ah young women with a crush on their CO. They're lethal." she laughed with an eye roll. "And what evidence do these mutineers have against you?" she asked him. "because No doubt they are attempting to accuse you. Hawkins is going to go and chat with them, and it wouldn't surprise me if that accusation comes to light."

"Let's just say that if I am correct, I know how the Captain was killed and more importantly, if they leak it, it could link me to other plans that were set in motion years ago," he hinted at as he slid a Padd to her. "It can't get out, do you understand?"

Mercia took the pad and looked at it, she furrowed her brows for a moment before she looked back up Jarland. "Damn..." she breathed. "We have to keep you clear of this." she said. "Keep being your arrogant self, and I'll still hate you, but we have to find the real killer, and quickly... or this..." she waved the tablet, "is for naught." she said firmly. "Which will make some friends very very unhappy."

"Even though I hate it, Hawkins and his people will be able to flush them out. I was going to dispose of them in a creative way, but with the murder of the Captain, I guess they can be caught, to which my associates will handle them on their end," Neville took in a deep breath before looking at her again. "You have all the information to point two those two suspects. I'll work on my end to try and flush out the murderer."

Mercia nodded, "i'll begin working those angles. I just have to get my hands on those two, and any records pertaining to them." she said. "Keep me updated, Kelstar and Gladiator be tethered until this is resolved." she said. "Oh... yes before I go... Ash Coi is back on our ship..." she smirked. "Covering for Prince who got herself knocked up. Thought you might find that interesting." she winked.

"I may have to say hello to her than," he grinned devilishly before chuckling. "I need a distraction for sure."

"Good luck with that... I might be forced to kick your ass for show." she said. She got off the desk and encrypted the tablet, and jotted some of her investigation notes on it, on the top layer of programming. "We'll touch base soon." she said and headed for the door taking a moment to put her attitude in to a huffy one, so she could storm out.



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