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Hunny, I'm Home!

Posted on Wed Apr 6th, 2016 @ 6:36pm by David Hawkins

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Commodore's Quarters - U.S.S. Gladiator

As he rubbed his forehead as David walked up to his door and tapped the open button. He sighed slightly as he felt the weight of the world was off his shoulder for now. Though it wasn't a major bother, he just needed a rest on his brain. The simple fact that they still didn't have a murder or full control of the crew without additional security forces in place.

As he walked into the quarters, he noticed the smell in the air. He looked into his sleeping quarters as he saw the shadows flickering and dancing on the walls inside the sleeping area. As he walked closer to the entrance, he saw the light of a candle on the right night stand. He looked closer and noticed the figure in the bed under the sheets as it clicked in his mind. Katrina...

Shifting under the covers at the sound of footsteps, Katrina let out a yawn as she pulled the covers over her head. She sleepily smiled as she nestled herself deeper into the pillows. The scent of the mulled apple cider candle she had lite mixed with the faint scent of the Commodore's aftershave had a comforting effect on her. It felt like her body was melting into the mattress as she let herself completely relax. This must be was it feels like to be home.

Without making more sound, he walked back into the living quarters. Next to the chair sat a small stand which had a glass, and a small box on the ground. He opened the box where his bottle of rum was placed and poured the liquid into the glass before opening a small ice box next to the replicator and dropped a round ice ball into the liquid. He swirled the liquid around and watched as the ice cracked slightly to the warm liquid before he drank the liquid real quickly.

As he felt the cool liquid warm his throat and insides, David sat down into his chair and poured another glass before sitting the bottle on the stand before starring out into the darkness of space outside the view port of the ship. He watched as the streaks of lights of distant stars rushed by the ship as they went to their destination. The soft hum of the power flowing through the ship could slightly be heard as he calmed his nerves and tried to wash the problems away with his old friend, Rum.

Katrina turned over in the bed once again before waking rather abruptly. She realized the scents that she was experiencing weren't in a dream. She sat up, sleepily looking around before it hit her where she was again...the Gladiator. Katrina got up out of bed and walked into the Commodore's living quarters, not realizing, in her sleepy haze, that she had neglected to change out of the button up shirt she had found to sleep in back into her own clothes.

"When I said make yourself at home, I didn't expect to see you wearing my cloths," David quickly replied after checking out the female before the entrance of his sleeping quarters.

Katrina looked down at herself. Realizing she didn't have her pants on, glancing about the room, she quickly grabbed a throw off of a chair close by, wrapping it around her lower half. "I ah, I'm...this is embarrassing. I'm sorry...I was having trouble taking a nap with the outfit I had on. I figured sleeping in one of your shirts would be more appropriate than sleeping naked..." Katrina quickly replied before thinking through her words. She felt the blood rush to her cheeks, realizing that what she said probably wasn't any less embarrassing than not having her pants on.

"Uh huh," Hawkins remarked with a grin as he enjoyed the view of the bottomless woman before him. He wasn't about to come, that was for sure, but it was completely unexpected to say the least. He finally, just took a sip of his liquor and starred at her.

"So...this is awkward..." Katrina said as she started backing up, heading towards the bedroom. "I'm just going to go change real quick, excuse me."

"Not awkward at all, he stated as he leaned over a little bit to see a little more before she disappeared from his view. He then leaned back and finished off his drink before topping it off again and sighed as he allowed himself to relax in his chair. "You are more than welcome to crash here, the couch is comfy enough for me or this chair."

Katrina had already unbuttoned the top few buttons of David's shirt when she heard his offer. She quickly slipped on her pants and headed back out to the living area at his words. "What about the quarters I was promised?" Kat inquired, curious as to why David would offer his quarters to her if they had already prepped a room for her.

"Well it is late and you seemed comfortable as you were. Plus you didn't see me trying to wake you up either," he countered as he swirled his drink with the ice.

"All of what you say is true, but that still doesn't really answer my question as to if my quarters are prepared or not..." Katrina prodded, trying to figure out if David was just trying to save a little face with her, buying time for quarters to be arranged somehow still, or if he truly didn't mind her company, maybe even longing for her to stay there for the night. As those thoughts were coursing through her head, Kat realized she wasn't helping her earlier embarrassments as she was exposing a different area of skin than before. She grasped the top of the shirt closed, hoping David hadn't noticed...and if he had, hopefully he couldn't tell that she had slipped her bra off earlier for comfort during her nap.

"Your quarters are prepared and ready for you," David admitted as he looked at her with a slight grin. He enjoyed her presents but maybe deep down it was his loneliness that was truly kicking in.

Katrina smirked, maybe he was genuinely interested in her...hopefully not solely because she had been a little too cavalier in her apparel lately. "Well, um, I would hate to displace you from your own bed..." Katrina replied, unsure really how she should respond to him.

"It's not a bother," David explained as he waved her into the living quarters. "I'm sorry once again for you getting stuck aboard."

Katrina grinned at David's response as she made her into the room, taking a seat in a chair adjacent to David. "Well, it's not your fault." Katrina admitted as she started rebuttoning the shirt. "And is definitely not the worst situation I've ever been in."

"Whats the worst situation you have been in?" David asked as he pulled out another glass from under the table offering it to her. "Some poison?"

"That's not a very happy topic to discuss..." Katrina tried to deter the conversation away from that topic. She knew David had probably seen a lot worse situations in his career, but Kat really didn't want to relive her own personal hell in her mind. She had tried so hard to avoid remembering any of it all together. "Sure, I'd take a glass." Katrina replied.

"Fair enough," he replied as he poured her a glass. Afterwards, pointed to the ice box for her. As he watched her get the ice for her drink, he gulped his drink down and leaned his head back to relax a little. He felt the chill of the glass in his hand as precipitation started to cover the outside of the glass. Without even thinking about it, he found himself just playing with the precipitation.

Katrina added a couple of ice cubes to her glass before making her way back to sit back down. "Thank you for your hospitality. I know this whole situation isn't very convenient for you." She said to David in sincerity.

"Why do you think its not convenient for me?" he countered with a slight wander on his face.

"Well, being a commanding officer, I assume you try to plan everything you can in advance. I figure my being aboard kind of threw enough of a wrench in your schedule to inconvenience you..." Katrina replied.

"Not really," He shrugged with a slight grin. "It isn't a problem at all. Also on that note, I contacted your supervision and informed them of the situation. I also had one of our eager new recruits checking on Henry every couple hours, just so you know."

Katrina relaxed her shoulders a little, thankful that David seemed to genuinely care that Henry was so important to her, whether or not he could understand why. "Thank you. You have no idea how much that means to me."

"Don't mention it, Doc," he said after finishing his liquid. He started to pour another glass before looking back at her. "So did you decide whether or not you are taking the first shuttle off this boat?"

"Well, so long as Henry is continually cared for, I suppose I can wait to get back to Memphis Island in due time. I'm assuming this mission isn't a long one, so I'd hate to steal a valuable crewmember to shuttle me back when the Gladiator is set to return back shortly anyway." Katrina said, admittedly knowing that Kavi had been right in them being put out a member of the crew if they were to allow that. Kat held out her glass towards David for another refill. "Besides, it's not so bad on this boat. Afterall, you do have booze." Katrina added with a flirtatious smile.

"Oh that I make sure we have a stash on all ships under my supervision, just in case I need to take a trip on one of them," He grinned as he topped her glass off before moving onto his own. "We are to arrive and investigate things on the Kelstar, if you want to add your skills to the medical department and maybe this investigation if it comes down to it. What do ya say?"

"Damn, I thought I would maybe actually get a vacation for once by staying on this boat." Kat said teasingly before switching to a more serious note. "Of course, if my skill set becomes a useful asset to yourself and the crew, I'd be delighted to help."

"Well, I don't see why you couldn't," He shrugged as he looked at her. "The medical staff are fully staffed, just offer your assistance if and when they need it is all I'm suggesting."

"Maybe I'll swing by and do that in the morning then." Katrina replied.

"Want some company?" he asked before drinking the liquor in his glass.

Katrina smiled cautiously, "Sure, who do you have in mind?"

This made David smirk as he looked dumb founded for a moment. "Oh I don't know, myself? I haven't visited the medical department in a while and I'm sure they would have some interesting things going on. Plus you did just install some new equipment for them. I'd assume you would want to check and see how everyone is adjusting to the equipment."

Katrina pressed her glass to her lips, trying to hide the widening of her smile as she took a drink. "Sounds like a plan to me. I suppose it might not be such a bad thing for your crew that I got stuck aboard, at least the medical team anyway. I'd hate for them to have questions pertaining to the equipment modifications with no one aboard to ask during a true emergency."

"Sounds like a plan then," he nodded as he had himself one last drink. "Alright, you are more than welcome to crash in my bed, and I take the couch. But I need sleep. Wake me up in the morning."

"Will do, Commodore," Kat said as she quickly downed the last of her drink. Katrina stood up and headed to the bedroom, pausing before she exited the room, "By the way, I wouldn't come into your room unless you want to see more than what you've already seen. Consider yourself warned." She said playfully with a laugh. "Thank you again for everything. Good night, David."


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