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What to do....Part 2

Posted on Tue Feb 9th, 2016 @ 3:56am by Major Delvok

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Cheif Secuity Office
Timeline: After What to do...


It had been a while since his last encounter with the chief of security, he had met her counterpart and deputy on several occasion, and Delvok believed that they had come to an understanding between departments, and now it was time to see if that understanding would continue now that one of his own was under investigation. So it was time to touch base with the chief of security on the matter of 2nd Lieutenant Taylor Price.

Delvok knocked on Kelly’s office door and awaited to be admitted.

Asleep on the lounge in her office with her daughter Aral in her arms, Kelly was taking a few moments for herself as she hadn't had much time away from work since this incident hit her desk. Hearing the knock at the door, Kelly slowly opened her eyes and sighed.

Carefully getting up from the couch so she wouldn't wake Aral, Kelly made her way over to the door to see who it was, "Captain Delvok? Is there something I can do for you?" She asked, rubbing the sleep out of one of her eyes.

Delvok gave a rather uncharacteristic and very un-Vulcan frown. He poked his head in the room and saw the sleeping child. "Perhaps we should have this conversation out here in the hall" said Delvok quietly so he would not wake anyone.

Kelly nodded, "I agree"

Delvok took a few paces into the corridor of the USS Gladiator he then slid down the wall and sat on the floor using the wall to support his back. He crossed his legs and placed his hand on his knees. "I thought it would be appropriate to touch base with you in the matter of 2nd Lieutenant Taylor Price."

Kelly was a little confused, "what in particular do you want to talk about, i already told him that it was up to you what punishment he would receive if any as I didn't see any reason to charge him with anything"

It was Delvok's turn to be confused. "Apologies Ma'am that message did not get to me." He stroked his beard thoughtfully. "But as I understand the situation, and although it was self defence, a man is dead, by the hands of well trained marine, on a Starfleet base, does that not warrant an investigation by Starfleet security?"

"An investigation yes, by local security. My jurisdiction ends at the airlock. I don't have the authority to investigate this"

"Interesting" said Delvok scratching his beard. "I respect your position Hathaway, but this young officer is a crewmember of the Gladiator and we look after our own, could you perhaps make some enquiries with the bases Starfleet security personnel? I think they would be a bit more forth coming With you than a marine?"

After a moment of thought, Kelly nodded, "I could do that yes. So you want me to find out what i can about these people that forced the Lieutenant to defend himself as well as his crewmate?"

Delvok nodded in agreement "that would be very helpful Hathaway, thank you kindly." Delvok started to get himself up off the floor "just one more thing though" he said as he brushed himself off "call me paranoid, but this all seems to be a little brushed under the carpet for my liking, during your line of enquiry could you perhaps look into why starfleet has not pursued this further 2nd Lieutenant Taylor Price."

Kelly nodded, "sure. Why not. Though I'm not sure how far I will be able to get. I'm sure you wouldn't want someone from another Marine detachment investigating something on your turf"

Delvok did not want to argue the point that in the marine family the culture around that sort of thing was a bit different. So he simply agreed. "Indeed" he said emotionlessly. "Thank you for your time, I will let you be so you can continue your nap."


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