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Greeting New Friends

Posted on Mon Mar 17th, 2014 @ 9:41pm by David Hawkins & Lieutenant JG Liam Callaghan

Mission: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship!
Location: Observation Lounge

Ash and Liam led the Durrighash Delegation into the observation lounge and after listening to them chatter on about how sleek and streamlined it all was, Ash tapped her combadge. "Coi to Hawkins," she said. "The Durrighash are waiting in the observation lounge."

"Understood. I'm a few minutes out. Keep them comfortable until I get there," David replied sounding strained and in a hurry.

Ash grinned at Danielle, who was studying a chair, obviously trying to figure out its function. "We sit in them," she explained.

"How does that work?" asked Danielle, head quirked to one side.

"Like this," said Ash, demonstrating.

"That doesn't look comfortable," said Joshua.

"It is," Ash assured them. They did not look convinced.

The door slid open and David walked into the Observation Lounge to find what he thought he would never expect to see or walk into. The view of the visitors that looks like small versions of the aggressive dinosaurs that used to roam the each was out right crazy to him. He was slower than normal at his greeting but forced it out.

"Welcome aboard, I'm Commander Hawkins l. Sorry to keep you waiting. Is you can see... we have an investigation going on as you can guess," Hawkins explained as best as he could without starring. This was much more unusual than he was expecting.

Captain Jack clicked and growled and whistled.

"Thank you for inviting us," translated Ash. "I am certain our two species can benefit from closer relationships. Allow me to introduce my executive officer, Danielle, and my Master-at-arms, Joshua."

Danielle and Joshua both held their hands in front of their chests in greeting. Danielle then held out one hand towards him as if to shake hands and Joshua followed suit.

A slight grin crossed his face as he reached out and grasped their claw like hands. It was was a very interesting feeling, like warm hide like feeling. He nodded to them all as he shook their 'hands'. "I hope I didn't keep you all to long."

"Of course not," translated Ash. "We are in no hurry. Then Joshua adds, it is the captain's prerogative to keep guests waiting, should it be to his advantage." She grinned.

"Well depends on the situation, I guess," David shrugged as he stood in a proud stance before them. "I want to inform you of what has come about so far. The S.S. Wasp was attacked. There were no remaining survivors. From what my away team can tell, the crew were overwhelmed and the crew's blood were rounded up for a ritualistic sacrifice. The attackers, or cult if you will, drained the bodies of their blood... man, woman, and child... Only hint as to who they are is a symbol that the bodies were laid after the blood was drained."

The Durrighash snapped their jaws and clicked ans whistled furriously at the news.

"They're appalled," explained Ash. "Killing children is a grave injustice, it seems. To quote Joshua, 'they should be boiled alive once they are found'!"

Jack clicked and whistled.

"May we offer our services in locating the miscreants?" translated Ash.

Liam didn't really say much, as it appeared that the Captain and Ash seemed to have a good handle on the situation. He felt in this situation that too many people attempting to communicate might confuse or frustrate their visitors. Internally, he couldn't agree more. Anyone who would injure or harm a defenseless child deserved the same treatment they dished out. He gave a slight smile to Ash then focused his attention on their guests.

Liam finally spoke, "Might I suggest an investigation into the symbolism behind this ritualistic behavior you spoke of Captain," the Officer added, "As hard as that might be it might help us understand the motives of the people behind these attacks?"

"From what I'm understanding with the Doctor's autopsy, I believe that ritual seems to be a type of sacrifice and collecting of the blood. The first thing needed is to move into trying to figure out what that symbol represents. Other than that, we have nothing else to go by," David explained to both their guests and his officers.

Danielle clicked and grunted, appearing to have composed herself better than the two males.

"She wants to know if you have an image of the symbol," translated Ash. "And they're pretty agitated," she added, indicating the male Durrighash, who were muttering mutinously about what should be done to someone who would dare harm children. "You really don't want to know what they're saying. For once, I wish I couldn't understand them," she said as a particularly vicious sounding grunt from Joshua caused her to blanch and stare at him with big eyes.

David walked up to a display on the wall and tapped into a couple codes before the image on the screen. Without words, he turned to his guests.

Danielle approached the display, studying the shape with first one eye, then the other. She vacated the area and snapped at the men, who were still grumbling. They stopped and studied the shape as well.

"None of them recognize it," Ash told Hawkins. "They're determined to help, though. I don't think we could convince them to just go home. Not after what they said, anyway," she added, indicating the two males.

Liam found it interesting to watch their guests as they analyzed the symbol. Very little was known about their race, so anything he could pick up on was important. He did know one detail, there was no way he would be able to learn their language. He was glad for their help, but held a cautious note too. The man didn't believe in coincidences and couldn't help but wonder if their guest's timely arrival was part of the mystery.

"For now, I would like to have everyone take time and do as much research from their own areas and we will reconvene in the morning. If at all possible, I would like you all to be there in the morning and we can brain storm as needed. Until then, Lieutenant Coi, you are more than welcome to take them on a tour of the ship," David offered as he looked at his interesting visitors.

"Sure," said Ash, glancing at Danielle. "Would you three like to see our holodecks?"

They had no idea what a holodeck even was, so Ash motioned to them to follow her. "You coming, Liam?" she asked.

"I would be happy to Lieutenant," he responded.

She grinned at him. "All right, then," she said. "Captain Jack, Danielle, Joshua, would you care to tour our ship?"

They all agreed and as they left the observation lounge, Danielle asked if Liam was her mate. "No," said Ash with a wink at Liam, knowing he hadn't understood her. "At least, not yet."


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