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Allies in the shadows

Posted on Sat Apr 2nd, 2016 @ 8:04am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Gladiator XO ready room

Concern and irritation started to flush over him as Jarland stepped off the transporter pad and started down the hall of the Gladiator. He hadn't stepped on the ship for almost 2 years since his removal from the ship. It had not changed much, but the faces did for sure. He kept his focus as his trip through the corridors and turbolift till he was standing inside Kavi's office.

"Well this is fun. Another murder with my program," He muttered as he crossed his arms over his chest and gritted his teeth in irritation. "Kalstar was going to Memphis Island to continue the investigation, but both ships are under lock down."

She lifted her hand, "Slow down." she said with surprise before she locked her door. "I was about to come and see you..." she ensured her office was secure. One of the nice things about being an XO on a flagship was the ability to completely secure her office. "I didn't activate the program. as much as I didn't like Cooper, and he was going to get in the way of things..." she said. "I didn't activate or upload it to the Gladiator system."

"Uh..." Neville smirked with a slight chuckle. "I like this guy... or girl," he corrected himself as he looked at her for a moment. It was all almost cleared until there was another act.

"Ballsey for damn sure, but we're in trouble now... Our suspects were locked up... we can't pin it on them, not to mention we're not sure who did it, and who they are coming after next, and why." she said folding her arms. "Who might have found access to your program?" she asked. Part of her wished she could hunt in the computer for the program, but the problem was, it would point to the fact there was such a hidden program running around, and right now that was a hidden chip. Still... someone was controlling it.

This made the man laugh hard as he grinned widely showing his pearly whites. He shook his head as he held his hand up to pause her from asking. Jarland pointed at her and continued to grin as he explain. "They are trying impress us."

Her eyes got wide, "Us?" she demanded, "No... there is no us... " she stammered. "What the hell are you talking about Neville?" she asked as she ran her hand over her hair. She'd been fighting panic since the announcement of Coopers murder had come out, she was confused, a little lost, and certainly scared. This hadn't been in the play book.

He looked at her and shook his head. "Of course not you, us as in my group. You still have to earn your fangs, young Padawan," Jarland explained as he walked up to the couch in her office and sat down. He rested his arms on the back of the couch and sighed as he grinned slightly. "This is quite a turn of events. It all makes since now."

"I have earned enough fangs." Mercia bit out. "Don't make me show them to you Neville. Do TRY not to be such a prick hmm?" she smirked. "So how do we use this turn of events?" she asked as she paced. "Coopers slaughter was far more messy than your CO's." she commented, "Almost like a revenge killing."

"I as well," the male Commander agreed as his smile faded from his face. "Still, its the only reason for it all. Now to figure out how to respond and get them out of the shadows..."

"Don't depend on my help." Mercia said folding her arms, "This has nothing to do with me." she said arching her brows. Trouble was, she needed information, because she needed to build her report. "At least not overtly." she said, "I'm more important that you are." she stated proudly, knowing she had a far greater mission.

"You are only a pawn in this, and if you want to be anything else besides that and not reliant on string pulling from above, you would be wise to be of some help to me. Otherwise, wait for your puppet master to pull your strings," Neville replied shacking his head as he looked at her. his glare could pierce through her, which his words were more than capable of doing.

She blinked a few times, "I'm Mercia Kavi, no one pulls my strings." she said tipping her chin up, the statment bolstering her confidence. She glanced down for a moment, he was right. She wasn't any ones puppet unless she wanted to be. She looked up at him, "Can I ask you a question... why are you with them?" she asked bluntly.

He cocked his head as his squint narrowed on her. "For the human race, you know this. The idea that the human race mingles with other species is bad, but even worse when they chose to replace them with mindless drones that can be reprogrammed. If people can't follow simple rules and regulations, there is the door. We are here to set things back on track before we become the minority. You know all this, so lock it up."

"You're just spouting ideologies." she said. "I wanted to know why YOU joined," she said folding her arms. "Why is this important to you Neville? If I'm going to risk my ass to help you I need to know we agree." she said before she shot him a little more a flirtatious look, trying to ease his irritation.

A slight glare locked onto her and shook his head. "You are a lacky in this. So you do was you are commanded and be a good little girl. Otherwise, shut up," He snapped as he stood and started for the door. "You have a report to write. I'd best be getting to it. So stay out of my damn way."

Mercia scowled, "Watch you backed... Cooper thought there was something up between you and me." She warned. "If that comes out we're in trouble." She said before he could leave.

"Oh I am not worried," he countered as smirked and looked at her. "You are my escape goat if it comes down to it. Ice and I agreed to it."

"What?" Mercia stammered as horror washed over her. "That... thats not possible!"

A laugh rolled from his lips before he smiled. "My dear, why do you think you were brought onto this boat? To ensure the survival of the plans laid out."

"I'm here to make sure Ice isn't surprised by any thing... Not save the likes of you!" Mercia growled, but her confidence was shaken, the truth was she knew Ice and Jarland had spoken in depth and Mercia had not been privy to those conversations.

"Oh Shhh...." Neville's shushed as he raised his index finger to his lips as he looked at her one last time. "No more playing like you are in charge. I'll be in touch."

Doubts began to to swirl in her mind as she dropped back against her desk. Was she here to die? She knew there were risks with her mission, but if she was here as cannon fodder, then maybe Ice did not deserve her loyalty.



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