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New Secret Spy Stuff

Posted on Sat Mar 19th, 2016 @ 11:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: Hemlock's Field 2391 [USS Resolute-A]
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Before arriving at Hemlock's Planet


The Bajoran finished inspecting the package he received a couple hours ago. It was a grey suit with a small remote control, and the PADD that came with the package told him what it was and how to use it. His access code only gave him so much, but it looked like SI wanted the prototype to be tested in the field. He tapped his comm badge, "Stele, you got a minute? I got something here that might interest you."

"Sure... Terza," Vanora replied after mentally checking the alias list. She wasn't sure about this crew yet, and whether they'd be able to do what they had been assigned to do, but she was certainly going to make sure she wasn't the one who messed things up. "I'm on the bridge, but meet me in my ready room." She met eyes with Khelev, and didn't need to say anything aloud for him to know that while she was gone, he was in charge.

Acknowledging, Zera put the suit back in the package, resting the PADD on top, before going to where Vanora said to meet.

"Cryptic messages when we're already undercover?" Vanora asked with a grin as Zera entered the room.

The Bajoran cracked a smile as he entered, placing the package gently on her desk. "Woul' it make sense t' say I'm warmin' up?" he joked, tossing in an accent for fun. He gestured to the package, a neat and tidy grey box with the tablet on it. Returning to his regular tone, he began, "I got this right before we left Memphis. According to the information provided," he paused to enter his access code into the tablet before showing her the data it contained, "it's a prototype that SI wants tested in the field. It's a device called Mnemonic Clothing, and apparently it forms into whatever design the wearer wants, using a remote with the downloaded patterns."

"A portable wardrobe...?" Vanora asked, pulling out the matte gray body suit from the box. "Or personal stealth?"

"Both. Originally it was designed for stealth, but it saves the hassle of extra clothes on a mission, so in a way it acts as a wardrobe. This is its default setting, but for example..." he pulled the remote from one of the pockets and pressed a button. The grey body suit in her hands molded and shaped into a flowing red dress, the pant legs seamlessly meshing together and the arms receding to make thin straps and lace. "It can change fifteen times before it needs recharging."

"Limited battery capacity. Haven't heard of that problem since I joined Starfleet," Vanora noted. "Fifteen seems good, but probably not the best for a deep cover mission, right? Someone will start to wonder why you've been wearing the same clothes for weeks." She looked over the dress, and suddenly recalled the times she and Mercia ran wild on shoreleave. Which again led to her worrying about what was going on with Mercia. She shook her head slightly as she pulled herself back into the moment. "If Intel wants field testing, field testing they shall get. Is it just the one suit, then?" Vanora asked.

"Not for deep cover, no. But what's nice about it is that it can stay in one pattern for any given length of time. And most usually pack for a couple weeks anyways. Part of the testing is to see if minor changes, like pant color, can extend the number of uses, since it's not changing the entire outfit." Zera paused, watching Vanora as she inspected the outfit. "Yes, just one. With this mission, there was the concern that multiple prototypes might increase the chance of being discovered. And if it got into the wrong hands..." he paused again, knowing that she understood the potential consequences. "I will volunteer to run the field test if there aren't any objections."

Vanora shrugged. "You're top dog for Intel on this operation. You have Ar..." She caught herself. "Sillas Odom. He has specific infiltration skills. And Jason Moore is capable, as well. Given that we don't know how this new tech might interact in the wild, why don't you loop both of them in? Even if you end up as the one wearing the suit, I'd think it makes sense to have a couple of spotters to help cover up in case the suit starts to fail."

Zera nodded his agreement. "I concur. Especially considering how confidential a lot of the data is on this prototype, it would be good to have some spotters. I'll pack a couple extra articles of clothing in case something malfunctions."

"I'll leave it in your capable hands," Vanora smiled at the Bajoran spy. "If you find a chance to use it, gather any additional intel... just don't put yourself or the team in any unnecessary danger. I'm sure this is all pretty routine for you by now."

The Bajoran gave a half smile in response. "Yes ma'am, it is. Anything else I can do you you?"

"Don't get caught."



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