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Tour of Duty

Posted on Thu Apr 17th, 2014 @ 5:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele
Edited on on Fri Jul 11th, 2014 @ 12:06pm

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Location: Deck 10 - Marine HQ
Timeline: Backpost


It did not surprise Vanora to learn that the Gladiator would be receiving a Marine contingent. After all, the Sovereign class was a multi-role heavy cruiser, and one of those roles inevitably was peacekeeping. The sort of mission that you usually felt more comfortable taking on when you had some Marines aboard to back you up. But even though the news was not surprising, the Chief Ops was nonetheless excited to meet the young officer who would be leading the unit. She made her way through the large hangars that housed the industrial replicators and shuttle repair shop, and finally found Marine Headquarters.

Jack looked through personnel files of his new contingent, as well as several of the other staff for which he was privy to know. The Starfleet crew of the Gladiator were surely the best and the brightest, as with most Starfleet ships, so he wasn't as concerned with their performance at that moment. What was more pressing was his interest in his new contingent. As a new officer, 2nd Lieutenants were typically given command of a thirty-two man squad, but the Gladiator's contingent was one hundred and twenty-eight strong. It was a big crew but Jack was up for the challenge.

Being in full concentration on his task at hand, he didn't even hear the main doors open.

"Lieutenant Shanahan," she greeted the Marine. "Lieutenant Vanora Samsoe Stele," she extended a hand in the human fashion. "Chief of Operations. Some place you got here," she smiled at the surroundings. Even for a brand new ship, the Marine HQ and barracks somehow still looked rough around the edges. Vanora suspected that they might actually like it that way.

"Pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant," Jack replied. He looked around the main lobby of the office considering the Ops Chief's comment. "I suppose it serves it's purpose." It was all a marine really needed. Necessary equipment, tools, and consoles. Usually Marines had no need for anything extra, at least when it came to doing their job. "What brings you down to our neck of the woods?"

"Call me Vanora, if you can handle the lack of protocol," she smiled. "I'm in charge of making sure you and your staff have what you need. I'm sure you know how to submit the standard requisition forms, but I just wanted to come down here personally and let you know that I'm here for whatever your contingent needs to do its job. On the books, or off, as necessary," she added.

"Thank you...Vanora," Jack responded. "Call me Jack." He moved over to another console and started looking through the current inventory of supplies and equipment. "After a coarse glance, I don't see anything presently, but I do know how to submit the req forms."

"I figured you did, Jack, but I'm all about customer service," she grinned. "Let me know after you get a chance to take a closer look. I know that Marines can sometimes be peculiar about their gear. Tang..." she caught herself. "I used to be with a Marine, back when I was on a civilian freighter. He swore by the Mark III even after the Mark IV had been out for a decade. Claimed the grip on the newer model was all wrong. Anyway," she said as she leaned against a panel, "point is, we're fully equipped with standard issue gear for your Marines, but if you decide there's something else you want, just let me know, and I'll do my best to expedite the request."

Jack nodded. She was quite right, of course. Marines always had their preferences when it came to gear. It was something about using the right tools that made the mission go a whole lot easier. He was about to take his leave, but he decided to attempt a little bonding with his new colleague. "Now that you mention it, I was actually about to take a walk around the ship. You know, to get a feel for the place. If you have time, perhaps you could give me the insider's scoop of the place?"

"Always happy to play tour guide. Walking around the ship, properly, might take a bit longer. Six hundred and seventy two meters and twenty four decks, might take a few hours, which is a bit longer than I should probably be idling about. Anywhere in particular you'd like to see?" Vanora stopped and then smiled. "Ah, I bet I know something that will interest you: our very own birds."

"Very well," he said. "And perhaps just the hot spots. I've looked over blue prints and deck layouts, but I've never seen her live."

Vanora led the Marine CO to the Turbolift. "Deck 14," she said, and the lift whirred as it moved them down toward Shuttle Bay 2. "My youngest brother is also a Marine," she said as a way of breaking the silence. "Sergeant Llwch Samsoe, 8th Regiment."

Jack nodded in respect. "Its nice to see families serving in multiple branches. Any military service is an honorable career." He thought about his own family. "Mine serves as marines and Starfleet personnel as well. I'm pretty sure that we have enough to run at least a Defiant class ship and have all the positions covered."

Vanora laughed. "Well, we're not a Starfleet family or anything. There's just three of us rebels who wouldn't stay on Elas, and somehow we all ended up serving. Llwch, myself, and my sister Peri, who's a doctor on the Valiant. Ah," she said as she stopped and the doors opened to the shuttle bay. "Here we are. Like I said, our very own birds." The hangar was smaller than the Main Bay, but still the cavernous space one expected. They had come in on the upper of the two decks, and from the observation balcony, Vanora and Jack had a good view of the ten fighters. "Four Raptor Fighters and six Razor Interceptors," she smiled. "Enough firepower between them to take on a couple Warbirds on their own, I'd imagine."

Jack looked them over. "Yeah I can certainly pilot these, but I'd give way to those more qualified," he said chuckling. "Do we have a fighter group based on the ship as of yet, or are the marines in charge for the time being?"

"No fighter group that I know of yet, but the Commander is a former pilot, so I'd be surprised if he didn't get his hands dirty. He even named the group, 'Archangel.' I'm guessing, too, that Ash, the Chief Flight Officer, has the skills necessary to fly in a pinch, though I'm not sure who'd have the conn of the Gladiator, then," she smirked. "You'll have to talk to the CO about Starfleet's future plans for staffing our ship. If we keep going the way we're going with the holographic crew program, someone might try turning these into drones. Come on," she motioned, "I'll show you the rest of the ship, or at least as much as we can get in quickly."



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