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Accidential information

Posted on Sat Apr 2nd, 2016 @ 7:48pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins

Mission: Anarchy among us

Adira Toril shifted her earpiece, ensuring the tiny camera that laid along her cheek was properly placed. She was a reporter for the Federation News Service, and the FNS had placed her two months ago on the USS Kelstar, and things had gone a little crazy since. It was much to her relief when the Gladiator showed up. Not only was she obligated to get the story, but she also wanted the hell off the Kelstar.

She stepped on to the umbilical and was stopped by security. She flashed her credentials, "Adria Toril," she said with her north east USA Earth accent. "FNS, I need to speak with Commodore Hawkins." she said.

The security officer frowned and stepped back, "One moment." he grunted.

Emmah glanced up from her desk just outside of Hawkins door, the Commodores Task Force office was a two parter, allowing for added security, shielding, and Emmah to field all calls and visitors as need be. "Security to Hawkins office, I have a reporter from the Kelstar, insisting she needs to speak with the Commodore."

"Stand by." Emmah said as she got up from her desk and passed in to the mans office. "Sir?"

"What!" David called out after getting off the comm with his new CO of the Athena. What he didn't truly like to do was assign a questionable person to command without personally getting to know the man first. "I'm trying to sleep!"

"That is always your excuse." Emmah grinned. "There is a civilian from the USS Kelstar insisting on meeting with you, she is at the security check point where we are docked." she reported to the man.

A long pause lingered before he finally spoke up with a simple question. "Is she hot?"

Emmah frowned, "I can inquire of her temperature sir, but I do not see how that is relevant..." she stated as she shifted on her feet in front of his desk.

As David walked up and sat down with a slight grin on his face and his head shacking slightly at Emmah, he looked at the monitor. "What can I do for you, miss?"

"Sir, I am Adira Toril, I would like clearance to relocate to your ship." Adira said through the monitor, "and if I could get a few moments to speak with you face to face I would appreciate it."

"Uh... you do understand with a lock down and an investigation, all transfers are suspended for the time being until answers can be brought to light... right?"

Adira scratched her forehead as she frowned, "Oh. Well sir, I'm a civilian, not Starfleet. I am not on any side. I heard some things which may be of use, but I do not feel these things should be spoken over a comm line." She said.

"That maybe true but while on a Starfleet starship, we have final authority to which I have given the direct order to lock down all transfers and transports without my express permission."

Adira smiled through the screen, "Hence why I am asking your permission Commodore. I am a civilian trapped in a tense military situation, is it not your duty to ensure the extraction of innocent civilians who have no where safe to be while this crisis endures?" she asked with a pretty smile.

"Its like everybody wants to jump ship there huh?"

"Can you blame those of us who wish to leave Sir?" Adira questioned him. She bit her tongue to not mention the fact that it was a good story, and her editor was going to love it, but she'd been out of contact for so long no doubt her family had heard already. "We're caught in the middle, its not safe. It would be best for myself and others like me to be removed from this situation." she licked her lips hoping he would agree before she has to resort to eventual pubplicity about his lack of proactive care for civilians trapped on the Kelstar.

"That's why I reinforced the security of Kelstar with most of Gladiator's Security and Marines. I'm assuming that isn't good enough for you all?" David countered as he looked her over for a moment.

She was growing exasperated. Adira folded her arms, "Of course not. We have already had to endure firefights and sabotage and loss of life. being removed from this ship would help us much further. Plus as I said, I have some questions, and perhaps some of my information may be of use to you. I would like to speak with you face to face, rather than in a hall way via video screens."

A long pause came before David sighed. "Very well. Only you. I don't have enough space on the Gladiator to have everyone jumping ship."

Adira had a feeling that wasn't exactly the truth, but she nodded, "Thank you sir. And I can come and meet with you now?" she said firmly, wanting to get this over with.

"You do not have any meetings scheduled for the next hour sir." Emmah reported.

"Fantastic, you have time." Adira smirked.

"Just come to the Kelstar's ready room," He grinned slightly as he leaned back in the chair he now was handling.

Adira blanched, "Kelstars? Sir why not the Gladiator?" she asked, not wanting to encounter Jarland again. The man had eyes that undressed her every time she was near him, and he made her uncomfortable.

"Because I am on the Kelstar, smart one," David explained as he leaned in his chair just slightly as he looked at her. "Hawkins Out."

Adria scowled. Were all ship CO's ass holes? No wonder Adam hadn't been much of a fan of officers. Maybe he'd been on to something. She twisted her on her left hand still, as she nodded to the security guard and stormed back over to the Kelstar. She felt the matcing ring warm against her chest from where it hung around her neck on a chain.

She did her best not to think too much about what Adam would have to say about the command officers of the Kelstar and the GLadiator. If it wasn't so painful to be on earth she'd consider going home. But she had ran to the stars for a reason, and it was a good reason.

Adira made her way to the bridge, when she arrived she noticed Jarland staring at her as she crossed. She tapped the call button then smoothed her dress, as she glanced back towards the center where Jarland was sitting, still staring at her.

She shuddered, wishing she didn't have to encounter him at all.

The door slid open and David looked past her to Jarland who quickly looked away before David looked at her. "Adira Toril, please come in. I was just reading up on your last news article you wrote. Very interesting. Giving you access to several secure locations," he started off as he tapped a tablet between his fingers with the other hand while he made his way to this desk. He turned and smirked at the facial expression on her face. "You thought I didn't know who you are, huh... I don't forget a cute face."

"You have actually sir. You have made comments about some people's face being cute, and later had to ask me who they were." Emmah commented with a little confusion.

"Shut up!!" David countered as he glared at Emmah before rolling his eyes and tossing the tablet on the desk before flopping down in his temporary chair. "Whatever... thanks to her blowing my way of screwing with you, what do you want Miss Toril?"

"First of all, I would like a statement about this situation, a publishable statement." Adira said with annoyance that he'd been messing with her, and yet pleased he had read her articles. She had something to offer, but she could wait on that. She knew it was likely to be classified, and there for would be edited out of her story if she tried to include it.

"Sorry, but you know that under an investigation, protocol states that any and all actions to allow possible interference to an investigation and its people are kept under wraps until the investigation has been concluded. You should know this, Miss Toril," David countered as he tapped his finger tips together as he spoke. "So basically, speak all you would like, but any and all items spoken about after this point will be deemed classified per my orders and my command staff. Is that understood?"

Adira nodded, "I can live with that. When the investigation is over the prices that are released will be a part of my story." She stated. "So please Commodore... If you don't mind, can you shed any light as to why the Captain left the mission we had been on. " In truth this was more exciting. Than the diplomatic story she had been on. Even still, she wasn't sure what the Commodore knew.

"Don't know at this time," Hawkins said simply as he looked at her.

She licked her lips, "Could you explain your roll in this investigation?" She asked him. "You are the senior officer for the sector, why is it you are here, and not am officer in say, JAG. From what I have heard there is not even the presence of such a group here."

"Why not and why should there be?"

"I thought that is how it worked..." she chuckled, "Apologies sir. I am only learning how things work. My husband, well, late husband... Was in Starfleet, I wish now I had paid more attention to his talk of processes." She took a deep breath, "listen, i have information... I don't know if it will help at all."

"Why doesn't that surprise me?"

Adira smiled, "I am a reporter!"

"You do know that if you are witholding information on an active investigation, that charges can be brought against you for obstruction of the investigation and excessary to the crime?"

Her smile faded, "That is not my intent sir. I had been attempting to speak to Commander Jarland. He was frustrated by my lack of accepting his... Advances, I ended up storming out of his office. We both forgot about the microphone left clipped to his uniform. I have a file of what happened in the following three hours. Jarland I believe is responsible for the hope on the ship." She said. She pulled a chip out of her pocket and slid it across the desk.

David looked at Emmah before looking back at their guest before nodding. "Alright... I'll bite cause I'm interested to see how you got Jarland to sit down and actually have a conversation with you without sexually harassing you."

Adrias eyes darkened, "he did. Believe me, I already have sent a scathing article to my editor regarding the mans unexcused behaviour. I have a source that claims he lost his last posting due to sexual harassment. I can it stand him. The point it, on this recording I enters a lab, which was in that section of the ship. I can not make heads or tails of what I heard but maybe you will. He communicated with people off the ship, but very hush hush, cloak and dagger. He spoke about some project that I believe had to do with computers, and how some people were getting suspicious, and he received orders to dispose of his lab if it was discovered.... That is all that was clear. But it stands to reason... He may have done it?" She questioned.

"Miss, the ships schematics show no labs were in that section, nor work spaces assigned to Commander Jarland." Emmah said.

"I see," David rubbed his temple as he tried to take it all in mind before looking at the two. "We will take the information and look into this."

"I see your point and this goes against my better judgement, but I will send you over to the Gladiator. But this doesn't get to anyone else until all this is over, do I make myself clear?" David explained as he rested his arm on his cheek and rubbed the stubble.

Adira looked a bit surprised. "Over tired Commodore?" She asked, jotting down a note.


"If more innocent civilians get caught in the cross fire, I hope that is a weight you are prepared to carry, not bringing them to safety when you had the chance." Adira commented. "Is leaving such people here normal star fleet practice?" She asked hoping her questions did not cause the man to refuse her movement to his ship, but she could not just stand silently feeling like more was coming and there were parties who did not deserve to be stuck in the middle. Her sense of justice was riling inside of her.

"If it weren't safe, I would have acted on it already. My staff from Gladiator are hand picked and they are the ones in charge of the protection and transfer of the Kelstar crew," David countered before he rubbed his neck and looked back at her. "Anything else I should know?"

"Just that I have good instincts, Sir, and I feel like something bad is about to happen." Adira said shifting in her seat.

"Got it, your spider senses are tingling..." he sighed as he rubbed his temple once again before he looked at the Padd again. "... But I feel it as well."

"If I hear anything, I will let you know." She said before leaving the room. To quickly get off this boat.

Emmah looked at Hawkins, "Do you think she knows about Caption Cooper yet?" She whispered.

"I suspect not, nor does she need to," he countered as he looked at the female. David scanned her facial expression as before he nodded. "Can you make sure she makes it over there again."

"Yes sir." Emmah nodded. She turned from the the place behind the desk and took off quickly off after the reporter.



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