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What went wrong?

Posted on Thu Mar 20th, 2014 @ 5:42am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant JG Joshua Hoss

Mission: Green Thumb

Mercia was limping a little, the soreness would likely last for hours. She couldn't believe what happened in the turbolift shaft. She walked close to David's side as they approached the sciences. The vines which caused her injury were all over the place, and dozens of people were tugging at, scanning, cutting, and spraying them as they passed by. They finally spotted Hoss, "Lieutenant Hoss!" Mercia called. "What the hell happened?" she demanded.

Josh saw the two approach and could see the look of anger on the XO's face. He was sure his own face probably matched it. "Well Lt., that is somewhat of a long story. Short version is we have a very hardy plant that breeds rapidly spreading across the ship."

"Yeah no kidding it almost killed me in the turbolift!" she said. "How did it happen?" she demanded. "And what are you doing to stop its spreading, a quarantine field?" she asked looking around.

"We are still a bit fuzzy on the details of how. Petty Officer Meru was working with one of the holograms alone with the plant. According to her nothing abnormal happened outside of the hologram not working correctly" Josh said, hiding the contempt directed at the hologram. "The hologram had flooded the plant a bit, so Meru took measures to dry it. Nothing abnormal. Then they started to notice the scarlet flower had grown in several different locations." Josh looked towards Meru, who was busy working with the hologram Finagle in trying to remove the scarlet flower. "Honestly sirs, the plant shouldn't be doing this. It is a slowly reproducing hybrid plant. The spores for the scarlet flower are pretty much all over the ship already, even though that should be impossible."

Mercia arched her brows, "Well once enough of it gets in to one area, it grows pretty damn fast, I was already injured because of it." Mercia said. Her sore leg wasn't happy with her walking around. "We need quarantine fields... How do we stop it? We couldn't cut the stupid thing when It was trying to eat me." she complained.

Josh raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Are you sure we are talking about the same thing? The diomedian-keela scarlet flower isn't sentient, and it certainly isn't carnivorous. At least not how we would define a carnivore. It can get its required nutrients from any scource - air, soil, water. But outside of its new found ability to produce spores at a crazy rate it is still just a plant." Josh pointed to the original diomedian-keela scarlet flower. "The weird thing is that it was originally sterile and shouldn't have reproduced at all."

"Tell that to the vine that wrapped around my leg when I stood still too long." Mercia snipped. "I just got out of the Medical bay because of a broken leg, we tried to cut it free, but it wouldn't cut, we had to cut my boot, and then I fell. From a ladder, in the turbo lift shaft, the pod is wrapped up in it." Mercia said glaring at the offending flower. She might think it was pretty if it hadn't tried to kill her not half an hour ago. "Maybe it didn't try to eat me, but at this point, I wouldn't put it past it." she added.

"Not to sound like a Vulcan, but fascinating." Josh grabbed his nearby padd and typed the notes into it. "Honestly, it shouldn't be doing any of this. Other places have the same diomedian-keela scarlet flower as what we brought on board and haven't had any issues with it." Josh thought for a couple of seconds before continuing. "Something had to have changed it from the time we brought it on board."

David took a moment to walk over to the plant that were in question as he listened to Mercia questioning their science officer. Even though it wasn't fully his way of handling the situation, he needed to give her the chance to handle it on her own as her new position as the executive officer.

Mercia folded her arms, "So what plants mated to make this monster?" she demanded.

Josh forced a smile. "The diomedian-keela scarlet flower is a crossbreed between two plants, the diomedian scarlet moss and the keela flower. The scarlet moss is really tough to grow, but the keela flower has almost impossible to break stems, making it very easy to grow. The scarlet moss is difficult to grow because it requires nutrients to be gathered from the air, not water or soil as is the case with most plants. The keela can get nutrients from almost any surface.”

"I'm going to play stupid for now and say... What?" David spoke up at the Science officer and noticed he shouldn't have said anything. "... Nevermind..."

"We need quarantine fields around this crap and we need to know how to get rid of it. I'm not going to be the only one who is going to get injured from these stupid things." Mercia said looking around.

"Agreed, Activate Level 9 force fields in all areas with this plant life. If needed activate emergency bulk heads. Also get your staff on mapping out the full layout of this plant and any way of getting rid of it," David ordered as he walked up to the two officers before him.

Josh nodded. "We will get right on it. I promise we will come up with something." Josh said the last bit in anger, but it was not directed at anyone but himself. He had been in charge of a department for such a short time and already faced a disaster. Not a great start to a career at all.

"I believe ya," Hawkins nodded as he patted the Science officer on the shoulder. "You got this, Josh. If you need anything please let us know."


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