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Posted on Wed Mar 23rd, 2016 @ 10:32am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Anarchy among us

Mercia strolled down the hall way tablet in hand, she paused in front of the new CO's quarters. Cooper. She really didn't know him very well, and he was still so new. She was certainly not very comfortable, with him as of yet.

Once he called for her to enter his quarters she glanced around, "Captain." she said blandly. "Here is the report about Jarland you asked for, you mentioned having some questions about him?" she asked.

He simply nodded as he walked back to his desk from the door way. He stood tall and strong built without his outer uniform top on. He was relaxed when he had his uniform on. Ian was the type to be an honorable and proud man, but being in the position he was, he seemed to hide more then be in the spotlight to which was ad for a Captain from what he head heard. That was how he was trained and he saw better from the side lines.

"Yes, I need to know your personal opinion of Commander Jarland? I know you have been put in charge of the investigations but as the lead Intelligence agent aboard, I need to compile a good report for Starfleet Intelligence."

"I think he's still an asshole." She shrugged. "He was an arrogant prick when he was assigned to Gladiator, and he seems to still be one now." She said. "No one is a true fan of his, except that ensign who asked to be interviewed regarding Jarlands whereabouts when his captain died... It certainly dosent remove him from.suspicions though." She grunted. "Why?"

"The Kelstar is out here far from its assigned position," Ian answered as he looked up at her. "Did you get an answer from him of the reasoning for Kelstar being off course?"

"No one knows for sure." She commented. "We have heard rumor that he had a reason, but we are still trying to get in to his data. He had it very heavily encrypted." She sighed. "Not even Jarland knows." Mercia knew more than she was telling, but she was working an angle that may pan out to nothing, and Cooper may not like her methods, so she was keeping that close the chest.

"Commander Kavi, I'll be blunt, I don't trust or believe you. From day one, you have been childish and not professional, but I listened to Commodore Hawkins because he spoke very highly of you," Ian started off as he stood up with a tablet in his hand. "So I'll ask you again. Did you get an answer from him of the reasoning for Kelstar being off course?"

Mercia narrowed her eyes seeing how this was going to go. She licked her lips and took a deep breath. "I did not get an answer from Jarland about why the the ship was off course. He did not know why." she demanded.

As he handed her the Padd, Ian simply glared at her and questioned it. "Then explain why for fourteen minutes, you and he were in a restricted dampener?"

Mercia handed it back to him with out even looking at the pad. "Considering the difficulties commander jarland has faced he requested our interview be held with in a dampening field. The mutineers have majority control of systems and he worries, and I agreed, that they may be listening in to our interview." She said with clear annoyance in her voice.

"Then why did you not record with your tablet?" He countered as he crossed his arms ignoring the Padd.

Mercia set the padd down on the nearest surface, "because I don't need to use a recording to remember what Jarland told me, I expressed the information in my report. I don't care that you don't trust me. Hawkins does, and I'm not going anywhere so you are going to have to get used to my methods. Maybe they're not strict military like you want but I get the damn job done." She snipped.

"And another thing, I told you to leave your attitude and subordination elsewhere if you wanted to continue to be my Executive Officer," Ian's voice became like thunder as he reminded her.

"If I was giving you attitude you would know it! I would be way more obvious!" Mercia shouted back, "I will defend my actions against attack, I do the same with David, and will do the same with you. I did nothing wrong. There is no regulation saying I had to record the interview!"

"No but it does put yourself under question as obstruction of judgement," he countered as he looked at her emotionless. "For this, I have no other choice but to suspend you of your duties and your place as lead investigator of this infestigation. I will note it in the case file and inform Commodore Hawkins of this."

Mercies eyes went wide. "You are a fool Captain Cooper. I have done nothing wrong and you are going to punish me for it? That is bull shit." She glowered at him "you're doing this out of a personal need to get rid of me as Gladiators XO." She stated. "You will find any reason to get rid of me!"

Ian shook his head with no emotions behind it. "I look into stuff like this all the time. By you doing that, you put yourself under investigation. You are off the investigation, but if you continue this, I will be suspended of your duties."

Mercia laughed ironically, "I'm going to Hawkins about this." she said. Not that he felt it would scare him, but she'd done nothing wrong, and she was not going to stand Idly by while Cooper ruined her, not when she had worked so hard to get to where she was. "What the hell am I under suspicion of?" she growled. "I was no where around when Kelstars CO was murdered, or do you think I some how jumped a shuttle to get here kill the man with my assasin skills, and got back in time to launch out with Gladiator?" she demanded "Just what are you accusing me of?"

"By you not having a recorded conversation to hand in, you have place yourself under suspicion of obstruction of justice. I am following this all by regulations, Commander. Now stand down, that is an order!" Ian counter with a slight deep command voice. He wasn't blaming her, but trying to prevent her from getting in more suspicion.

Mercia glared at the man, she was not intimidated by him. "What precedent do you have to accuse me of obstruction of justice for not recording and interview? It was by the suspects request and for reasonable concerns!" She folded her arms. She would have to have eventually but she wasn't going down with out a right. "What law says I have to record it? Ill stand down If you can prove I broke regulation."

"Commander Kavi, you have been given a direct order from a superior officer to which is grounds enough to follow it, or find yourself confined to the brig for disobeying or superior officer," the Captain explained as he gave her another chance. "I will not say it again. Do as you were told or find yourself in the brig."

Mercia lowered her chin, but kept her intense gaze on him. "Very well SIR." she said with deep sarcasm. "But expect an official complaint. I know what you're up to, and I will not go out with out a fight. I hope you're ready for whats coming." she growled.

"You are dismissed, Commander," Ian shook his head as he tried to hold back his irritation. He had enough proof to have her in question. But he wasn't going to admit that she was truly doing such a thing. Still, following his instincts, something was fishy for sure. But what it was, he didn't know as of yet. Only time will tell.


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