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Posted on Wed Apr 2nd, 2014 @ 4:30pm by David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Green Thumb
Timeline: Back post

As much as it killed her to do it Mercia couldn't hide the tears of pain in her eyes as the transporter beam released her and David on the floor of the Medical bay. Her foot had been caught in the ladder rung when she fell backwards, at least she hadn't been alone. Swears were on her lips as she gripped Helaku tightly. Broken bones she'd had before, one just a few days ago in fact, but this was horrible. She'd been jerked hard, and her foot was in bad shape. It didn't help that the knife that Helaku had been using to pry the vines away from her foot had sliced her leg while she fell.

"I swear if I don't get something to kill this pain I'm going to start shooting people." she hissed.

"Oh shut up," David said as he lefted her up onto the nearest bio bed. "And I said I was sorry for cutting you. When will you get over that!" He joked grimly as he stepped back while a nurse started to scan Mercia.

"Likely never." she shot at him, despite the fact she was grateful he had been there. She glared at the nurse. "Wheres the one with the hot accent?" she snipped. This was beyond a nurse, and she knew it.

"Really?!?!" David turned and looked at her with an irritated but stern voice. "Geez... You and your damn masks."

Mercia was feeling shaky, and gripped her fists to try and stop the trembling, "You really think now is a good time to get on my case for my survival instincts?" she hissed at him. She looked up at the ceiling trying to stop the flow of tears in her eyes, her face was getting white from the shock starting to settle in. She shut her eyes hating how her voice trembled, "Don't worry..." she stammered as the nurse rushed off to find the doctor. "I think you're better looking." she said, gripping her own jacket to try and stop her trembling. She let out a swear, "When did I become such a wuss." she hissed.

"Oh shut up," Hawkins replied as he moved over to her side and held onto her cheek as a nurse shot her up with pain killers and called out to the Doctor.

"Ill shut up when I'm good and ready." She said looking up at him a bit baffled by his gesture, touching her cheek, she didn't expect it, but liked it, It was comforting. Coupled with the rush of dulling pain killers she was able to take a deep breath before she tipped her face deeper into his hand. "And you can show me again later how you're not the jealous type." She added.

"Yeah yeah," he smirked slightly as he combed a lock of hair out of her face. He looked up at the same time he watched the Doctor race in and chatting with his staff. David looked back down at her and shook his head. "Here comes your doctor boyfriend."

"Thank heavens." Mercia groaned, glad the Doctor was near at hand, ignoring Davids boyfriend comment.

Connor walked in and shook his head. "The 'ell ye do now? An ta' even get transported emergently 'ere." he said staring at the leg, seeing it bleeding.

"I wasnt fighting this time I promise!" Mercia said flatly before she flashed him a sweet smile, a mask, which quickly dissolved, the pain killers only dulled it a little. She turned her head towards David squeezing her traitorous tearing eyes shut. Her twisted and bleeding leg was excruciating. "As much as I wanna hear you talk Doc can you fix me quick?" Mercia hissed.

Shrugging, he said, "I dunno. Gotta see what yer damage be. You are bleedin pretty good." He walked with purpose over to the biobed and hit the scanner quickly and waited. "Well, ye got herself pretty good. Ye nicked one o' yer veins which is why ye be bleeding. Its gon take a few ta do though. An no, ye can't keep going without a repair. Ye'd bleed out."

Mercia let out a swear, "Well just hurry up, I've got a lot of thing to do, and I can't be laid up here all day!" she whined.

"Oh its not like we are busy," Hawkins replied as he sighed before he continued walking around. "I'll go myself."

She winced, And looked up at David, "If you have to go Commander..." she said, although her eyes about screamed with her desire for him to stay, Hawkins was a busy man, and there wasn't something fowl going on. "But I do want to go with you, to the science department..." she breathed as she felt McMannis cutting the leg of her pant away from her wound and breaks. "See why those plants tried to kill me."

"The plants were getting handy with you. What else do you want?" David smirked as he started for the door. "I'll leave ya here... I'll check it out ok?"

Mercia leaned up, "I'll catch up as soon as... OW!" she growled and instinctively shoved at McMannis, while letting out a few choice words.


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