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Kelstar Medical Staff Inquiry (Backpost)

Posted on Mon Apr 18th, 2016 @ 8:12am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D.

Mission: Anarchy among us

"Hello. I'm Lieutenant Lydia Whitlock here to see the Chief Medical Officer, please." Whitlock offered her most polite smile to the nurse on duty as she waited to be introduced to the CMO of the Kelstar so Lydia could begin her interview. As a physician and a lawyer, Lydia wasn't exactly unfamiliar with criminal investigations, even criminal investigations of Starfleet crews, but she had to admit, she never expected to participate in one as a member of the USS Gladiator's crew. In the past, her participation in investigations was completely publicized. People knew who she was and exactly why she was in an there, and while Lydia wasn't exactly hiding any of those details now, she wasn't aboard the Kelstar as a representative of JAG or the criminal investigative service, so it was almost like she was undercover, using her position as a therapist and physician to get the medical staff's trust.

Dr Kam LeRox came out of his office, the half Betazoid, half Bajoran man with dark eyes strolled up to the new person. "I take it you are from the Gladiator wanting to view the captains body?" he grunted, displeasure radiating off of him. The stress of the situation on this ship was having an effect of every one.

"I would appreciate that, but I actually came here to talk to the medical staff about the captain's death and the mutiny in general. As a member of the healthcare team myself from the Gladiator, I can appreciate the medical staff often know a lot more about what's going on with the crew than most," Lydia offered sincerely.

"I would prefer if you speak with me, Unless they request to speak with you." Kam said firmly. "These few loyal staff members are all I have left." he motioned to a few nurses. "Not choosing a side has been difficult and all we need to do is get people healed." he said.

Lydia nodded. "I understand and will take your preferences under consideration," she offered sincerely. "That said, I've been authorized to speak to whomever I'd like in order to get to the bottom of the situation, so I can't promise I will just speak to you. Now then, I'd appreciate any information you can give me concerning the discovery of the Captain's body as well as autopsy findings."

Kam nodded and led her into his office. Opening a desk drawer, Kam informed Lydia, "We altered one of our pads, unincorporating it from the Kelstar's network and building several firewalls around it's programs, attempting to ensure these photos are only seen by approved personnel. You might want to sit down for this. The captain's death was rather gruesome and bloody." Kam motioned to a chair next to his own as he placed the pad on the desk.

Lydia nodded and sat as directed, bracing herself emotionally for what she was about to see. Just because she was a doctor, it didn't mean she could look at graphic photos and be unaffected by them.

Kam opened the picture files, "As I'm sure you already know, the captain was found in his quarters. We have been unable to find any evidence that anyone, other than the captain himself, entered his quarters within the 24 hours preceding his death. We also have not been able to expose any DNA evidence that would suggest that an unknown, or otherwise uninvited, individual entered his cabin. This is why we mustn't allow any individuals without the proper security clearance view these graphic images, and those that do aren't to view them alone."

Kam shifted in his large, leather chair as the photo exposing what was left of the Captain's face appeared on the screen. "As you can see, the captain suffered a hard blow to his right temple, causing the occipital bone to cave inward and, subsequently, proptosis of that eye."

Lydia nodded silently as she took in the facts the doctor was offering as clinically as possible. She had to mentally divorce herself from the person the photos represented and focus squarely on the anatomy. "Whomever delivered such a blow was clearly enraged and quite strong. Given the state of the crew, I imagine there are several people angry enough to do this to him, but only a few that would be strong enough to do this much damage in a single blow. Have you been able to rule out certain members of the crew based on strength alone?"

"Considering there is no DNA evidence I feel it would be unwise to do so... even someone with weakness can portray strength given the right tools." Kam pointed out.

"That's a fair point," Lydia acknowledged. "Still, the killer or killers chose this particular cause of death over something far less personal, which tells me whomever did this wanted to be present when the Captain met his end. Do we know if there's anything in his quarters that could create this kind of injury? Could this have been a straight crime of passion using the weapon of opportunity?"

"We feel this crime was definitely premeditated and presume that the object utilized to carry out the murder was more than likely brought into the cabin and taken with the killer. We are taking any of the reasonable theories into consideration and processing all the items in the cabin for their possible use though. In addition, we took swabs of all the captain's injuries to look for trace elements in attempt to track down any objects utilized in the brutal crime." Kam responded as he flipped to the next picture.

"Great," Lydia nodded in approval. "Was there anything else of note you observed?"

"Unfortunately, there isn't much information we have been able to gather from the crime scene, except for the blatantly obvious, like the injuries the captain incurred." Kam replied.

Whitlock nodded. "I know everyone is working as fast as they can and will share information when it becomes available." The doctor paused, then offered, "Has anyone notified the Captain's next of kin?" She knew it was a bit of an odd question given where they were and what they were discussing, but it occurred to Lydia and all the chaos of the murder and the mutiny, there was still family and friends somewhere who deserved to know the truth, free from the politics and the complications.

Kam looked up at Whitlock, "Unfortunately, due to the nature of the investigation, we have not notified anyone outside of the personnel working to solve this case. All information, including the death of the captain, is strictly on a need to know basis." Thinking for a brief moment, Kam went on, "However, protocol dictates that we can only keep this from the next of kin so long. That deadline is approaching quickly. As to not breech protocol, if you feel comfortable looking in to notifying them, that would be a great help to us in the midst of all this turmoil."

Lydia nodded. It certainly wasn't a task she relished, but she knew it had to be done, and under the circumstances, she felt she was as qualified as anyone. "The family has a right to know, though if you feel someone here knew him better and should be the one to deliver the news, I don't wish to step on anyone's toes."

Kam looked at Lt. Whitlock, "Many people knew and respected the Captain, but no one here has a personal relationship with the family. I feel it would best served by someone who maybe isn't so emotionally entwined in the case. That being said, if you would feel comfortable relaying the news, I'd be greatly appreciative. I'm busy enough keeping whatever evidence we do have from being compromised."

With that, Kam finished showing Whitlock the pictures of the crime scene and body, hoping that she would be able to come up with some sort of theory while she prepared herself to tell the family of the captain's brutal death.



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