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Snooping Around

Posted on Tue Mar 22nd, 2016 @ 7:48am by Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Kelstar- Engineering


Iggy rested her arms on the rail as she overlooked Engineering from the upper levels. A part of her wanted to go to other parts of the ship, but the sight of the wounded being treated made her stay. Along with Delvok’s... not-so-subtle warning, she wanted to lie low. It was really all she could do at this point. Perhaps something would come along and convince her to take a walk.

Talk about timing. Her eyes flicked over to the door, where she saw a familiar figure enter. She knew that face. Catching his gaze, Lark tilted her head to the left before straightening and moving to the lift. It only took a moment for her to get to the lower half of Engineering, and she stepped off the lift and waited for him.

Phelps had entered the engineering section; a territory he had been in before but after his departure did not expect to be here so quickly. His emotions had to be quelled as he saw the upper level; the figure against the Warp Core that gave the illusion of a glow about her. He met her gaze and the sly grin threatened to come onto his face but he had to keep the professional expression.

His respiration and heart rate did go out of his generally controlled parameters as she closed the distance from the left to his halted position within her domain. She came to a halt outside the Personal Space.

"What are you doing here, Phelps?" She simply asked.

"I came with the USS Gladiator." Phelps said calmly. "It is good to see you are not wounded." He offered and looked into her eyes. "I went for help and found it apparently already on the way in. They found my shuttle and here I am." He answered in what he thought a defined explanation. "I hope I did not worry you?"

"Worry, me?" Iggy cracked a smile. She knew she was in a public area, so kept herself professional. "You'd have to be bleeding out on the ground for me to be worried. I'm more curious as to why you're siding with them." At the mention of 'them,' she lightly jerked her head in the direction of the marines in the room and the Gladiator personnel. "I can tell that their commanding officer doesn't like either of us, but would probably pick Jarland over me if he had to pick sides." She paused before adding, "you've established contact with them already, righ'? From your own perspective, can they be trusted?"

"You are asking me if they are trustworthy?" Phelps chuckled. "Let's say they will be fair; Jarland was their Xo at a point so they are at least understanding of some of the situation." He leaned slightly closer. "I trust they will get to the bottom of this and make things right in the end." He look in her eyes. "I aam glad you are alright you know?"

Iggy caught his look, her own eyes softening. "I'm glad you're alright too." She raised her hand to caress his cheek, but stopped herself before it reached shoulder height, instead opting for an awkward pat on the shoulder. Whatever they had was in the past. "So why are you really here? I honestly wasn't expecting you to come back so soon."

"Would you believe I wanted to verify a few things?" He gave a grin. "You know me, I cannot leave things... inconclusive..." He put his hand on hers. "I could never have really lived with myself if I left certain things ... without possibility or closure?"

Iggy gave him a lopsided grin in response, forgoing some professionalism. "You're right, I do know you... and you never granted me said closure... walk with me?" she replied, gesturing with her hand. She could already feel some eyes on her, and she didn't want to come off as going soft. The face of the mutiny held an air of seriousness and confidence in her beliefs, not some mushy emotional girl with a crush. There was rumor that Intel had sided with Jarland, but it's yet to be proven. In any case, she wasn't taking any chances, so she led the way out of Engineering (where the plethora of people happened to be). "You realize that people will assume things if we're seen together, right? Especially if you're neutral or on Jarland's side. And if you're helping the Gladiator, then our standing may be seen as picking favorites," she cautioned.

"I am helping the Gladiator but you are presuming that I am being trusted." Phelps gesture to the two Marine 'detail' that was escorting him. "I at least kept it down from a full fire team though." He actually joked. Being picked as my favorite would do more harm that good in that regard, I am as suspect as you and No One takes Jarland's side. He was their XO before ours." He explained. "They would rather he be behind this so they can get even with him."

The green haired woman glanced at his escorts, involuntarily tensing a little before turning her attention back to Phelps. After the incident with the booby traps, she felt more alert whenever Marines were around. Not being armed only made the feeling worse. "That's news... it seems the other way around from this end. They may not like Jarland, but they've known him longer than they've known me. And it seems like they're making the assumption that I'm the bad guy because I disagree with what he says."

Thinking of the short meeting he had attended Phelps laughed a little. "Jarland has not read the book 'how to win friends and influence people' from the impressions I have of the Gladiator crew. If there were a yardarm I think he would be swinging from it." He told her. "But what do you really know about the Captain, it was started by him and I like your angle upon it?" He glanced to the Marines and nod. "You know my code; only what will help will be passed along?"

"Yeah, I know your code. First, though, the Captain didn't start it," she clarified, sparing another glance at the Marines. "It's between me and Jarland, and people began to side with one of us based on their opinions and feelings toward the other party. The Cap'n never wanted it to go this far, so he tried intervening to resolve the matter before people got killed. A couple days later he was found dead in his quarters. It caused an uproar, with both sides blaming each other for his death, and it's been like that since. You were here in the beginning, you know that."

"Do you think the Captain brought us out into the middle of nowhere to resolve this or was there another reason?" Phelps asked. "I was not in the Command Crew briefings, I know he was not following Fleet orders; I used the Gladiator Secure network to get some verification on that." Phelps was a clever sort. "The XO Jarland is the odd piece; his reputation before he came to us must have played into someone's hands. After talking to the Gladiator Crew he was no better to them than us. An easy mark to get a fight started, put in one bully and fights will break out. You were brought into this because people respected you." He winked. "

That made Iggy laugh out loud. "Ha! Jarland thought that I didn't know how to run Engineering, and consistently came down here to berate me in front of my department. Some people may respect me, but that ass certainly doesn't, and neither do any of his followers. I was probably brought into this because I decked him." Pausing to think back, she added in a more professional tone, "the change in course was after the crew started dividing, so whatever the Cap'n and Jarland discussed up there" she pointed at the ceiling to indicate the Bridge, "I know nothing about. But I agreed with the Cap'n when he suggested that we move the ship, probably so external forces couldn't interfere. He mentioned something along the lines of 'helping the crew fix itself.' Jarland, on the other hand, wanted to stay on the current heading. I ended up shutting down the warp core once Jarland had control over the majority of the ship and tried to turn her back around. Last thing I said to him was, 'we are solving this out here or we are not going anywhere.' We haven't spoken since."

Phelps had to think on that for a few seconds; the crew had rumors flying at that time and as he placed the parts into an orderhe had a few things come through his mind.

"Could the Captain have really thought it could be worked out?" Phelps supposed. "If he did why take the ship so far out. If he expected this much conflict he should have returned to a base..." Phelps said aloud. "Why did he risk lives to come all the way out here?" His head turned to the Chief Engineer. "Jarland could have wanted to make this about him as a victim; you on one side and the Captain not doing the regulations, if you had turned around he would be on another ship and the two of you under inquery. Who would have profit from you and the Captain being out and Jarland in control?" He asked her. "WHo needed you out of the way is another good question if you think of it?"

"I don't know all his reasoning behind taking us out here," Lark began, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. "I understood it as an opportunity to see how the crew got along together, but maybe he had something to prove. And what are you implying, with the 'who needed you out of the way' thing? Clearly Jarland would benefit from it, he hates me and I could see him wanting a command position." She knew she was jumping to conclusions, but every time she heard of these things she imagined Jarland's dirty hands behind them. He gave off that kind of attitude, which was one of the many things that they didn't agree on.

"That does not line up with the impressions I have gotten from the Gladiator crew and they had him before this ship." Phelps stated. "That also is an interesting point that you brought up as well?" He glanced to her. "You said that Jarland wanted to stay on the mission and the Captain did not let him; then you profess not knowing why the Captain turned him down." He had a sly grin. To know he wanted to return to the mission and yet not knowing why the ship is out here?"

Iggy thought back on her words and mentally cursed at herself. "I said I don't know all of it, doesn't mean I don't know any of it," she replied calmly, despite her mental backtracking. She then stopped in her tracks to look at Phelps and asked, "wait, what impression does the Gladiator crew have?" She knew just from watching Delvok and that Bajoran engineer that they didn't like her, probably because she was supposedly on the wrong side.

"That has not been fully explored." Phelps said. "Though the fact a Coomodore was successfully shot at wiht no one caught does not bode well in your favor." He said sure to get her initial reaction, as this was not going to be an easy thing to get around. "I know how well you are trained to protect the Engineering Section and yet at the worst time there was an attempt not at you but the third party." He said calmly. "That is the impression they have of you." He had to keep a calm and objective manner here?

Ugh. Not this again. "They think I set it up because it happened in Engineering," she muttered. "If I knew who shot at the Commodore I would've beat their ass by now. I know this ship pretty damn well and would find 'em. Hawkins is only trying to help, however effective or not that may be, and I'm not stupid enough to attack someone like him."

"I am just telling you the answer to your question." Phelps added. "There are still the records in the database, once those are recovered we can start to put better pieces together." Phelps said casually. "I was trying to keep a few tabs on things and my notes will also be able verify facts that are now being uncovered and the mystery will be uncovered." He smiled. "I know that I sound like some detective in a cheap novel yet the facts are coming together like some final chapters. I look forward to getting the ending into the light."

Iggy's lips curled up into a small smile. "Honestly, you look like you could be some detective in a cheap novel. The only thing missing is the pipe and the long coat that billows in the wind. I'm pretty sure those can be easily replicated though, it would definitely add some flair." She paused in her words before asking, "who all is under suspicion for killing off the Cap'n? I know Rose and Cap's boy are the two in the spotlight right now, but any other suspicions?"

"If you ask the Gladiator I am among the suspects." Phelps told her; it seemed the thing to do. "You think I would have Marines if I were out of suspicion?" He joked. "I think I am more the Brimmed fedora and a long duster type, smoking is a habit I never took up." He chuckled. "You know there are investigagtions into the transporter records?" He asked. "Seems there are a few erased transports and the Database has the comparisons, if anyone knew that the Cipher is safe and cane be used easily enough to hack once active, there might be a problem." He shrugged. "I put some safeguiards and witout me they will not get far, but the Main core has the information as well and it is not so well protected so I am concerned for the safety of Core Data like course changes and Transporter logs doctored."

"Well, you never know, they might be your posse," she joked in response. At the mention of the transporter records the green haired woman blinked, a light frown crossing her features. "Huh... I wonder why whoever is guilty would do that? Clearly someone has something important to hide if they ended up erasing it from the database."

Phelps glanced her way. "You okay My dear, you look like something disagreed with you?" He showed concern ; he wanted to express it, in his voice."There are other data to support the fact there were transports as well asfalse readings that did not make sense until recently when I starte dputting it together." He glanced at Iggy. "I have an idea who I should start placing the data to their observed behavior and especially the ability to change the logs in a way not easily found of course." He did not mention the Navigational Logs of course. "I tell you Iggy with just a little more information I will have the answers they tried to stop me from getting and then I will get those that tried to harm me?"

"I'm fine," she replied. She was sure that several people had been changing things under her nose, and she silently admitted that she poked around herself. Some of her personal logs were heavily encrypted, and a couple of them masked by a simple overlap message that she recorded (she distinctly remembered venting about Jarland in one of them). But she didn’t alter any transport records. She then glanced at him with a mix of concern and confusion. "I'm still processing why someone would go to such lengths to hide their tracks, especially if you’re the one trying to find them." She gave a small smile at the end of her sentence to try and lighten the mood a little. "Well, I should probably head back before my Vulcan shadow panics. You’re not the only one with eyes fixed on you. Is there anything I can clear up for you, or will I just sit and wait for closure?"

"Access to the detailed power distribution logs from the main engineering console over the past few months would be a great help; the Drive maintiance logs..." He knew that the engine output would be with those logs. "The computer core maintinace logs would be of great help?" He said with a smile. "That should be a good night's reading or two?" He winked to her in a way he was sure his escorts did not notice.

Iggy smirked at the wink. "Sure, I'll see what I can do. It'll give me something to do. Don't work yourself too hard, Wonder Boy." She winked back and started to head off, but paused and turned her head to add, "by the way, you should join me for dinner sometime. You still owe me."

"You know that I always pay back what I owe?" Phelps nod to her. "Looking forward to it Iggy." He managed not to flush. "Just make sure to keep your head down..." He left the statement open.

Iggy merely nodded before continuing on her way.


Lt Samuel Phelps
Chief Intel Officer
USS Gladiator


LtCmdr Egeus Lark (Iggy)
Cheng - USS Kelstar

Played by
LtCmdr M'Gann Sverch'tel
CSO - USS Gladiator


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