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Asking for an autopsy

Posted on Sun Mar 20th, 2016 @ 12:51am by Major Delvok & Lieutenant Lor Lorix & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: USS Gladiator Sick-bay
Timeline: After: The morning after

Paula had left her Office after her conversation with Captain Delvok and had headed down to Sickbay to speak to Lieutenant Lorix about doing an autopsy for the investigation, Still she didn't take kindly to be being ordered around by a Marine and as far as she was concerned her superior was Lieutenant Hathaway.

She strode into sickbay to start her investigation into the death of the CO of the Kelvin and what the cause of it was, She glanced around the white walled room that had rows of bio-beds on each side of the room.

"Is anyone here?" Paula called out.

"Yes, of course, there are always medics here. What can I do to help?" Lorix replied coming out from a cubicle at the end near the offices.

" I have been put in charge of the investigation into the Captain's death aboard the Kelstar," replied Paula

As she looked back at the Medical officer in front of her and wondered if she had been informed of it before Paula had arrived down here.

She Continued,"I have been asked if you have done an Autopsy on the body yet?"

"Yes we have, just now." Lorix replied, indicating towards the Main Theatre unit where the procedure had taken place that afternoon.

"I can get you a copy of the report if you need it. Do you have authorisation? I've sent the original up to the CO but I don't know if he's had time to read it yet as it only went off a short time ago" she explained.

"I am the lead investigator in this and have the authorization from Captain Delvok" replied Paula.

She glanced over at the nearest terminal and knew that the Medical officer might need to call Delvok, but he was busy with other things.

She stated,"I need this information for my investigation"

"I understand that Lieutenant but I have my own duty of care and I cannot release confidential reports without proper authorisation. You know how badly things could go for me if the release 'paperwork' isn't signed off." she looked apologetic.

"It only needs his signature or thumbprint, or even a message on the records?" she offered trying to be more helpful.

Paula looked back at Lorix for a moment and knew that this was going to be something that either Delvok or the Commodore would have to sort out, so why the hell not.

She tapped her Comm Badge and spoke," Captain Delvok, This is Winchester,"

"Delvok here" came the familiar monotone emotionless voice.

"I am here in sickbay asking for the reports of the Autopsy and I am being denied by Lieutenant Lorix," replied Paula who still was not happy.

"I just need authorization to release it to an alternative recipient." Lorix sighed and shook her head.

You could almost hear Delvok stroking his beard thoughtfully over the communication link. "Authorization Granted. I will send over the security clearance now to the CMO's console"

"Thank you" Lorix breathed and returned to the monitor to download it.

"Thank you Sir and could you notify Intel and Engineering for me that I will be passing by," replied Paula

As she watched Lorix start to download the report on to a Data PADD, Paula hoped that by giving prior warning that she would not have this problem, this she also hoped would speed up the evidence for the investigation quicker.

Delvok pressed his comm badge again before responding "certainly Lieutenant JG Winchester"

When the PADD was loaded, which only took seconds, Lorix handed it to Paula.

"All yours" she said.

Paula Asked,"Could you tell me how did the Captain Die?"

"Well, on first look, it appears that his skull was staved in, but that's where an observer is probably meant to stop looking. The head injury is, in my opinion, post mortem." Lorix stated. "I've observed that the spinal chord has been severed and there's a nasty deep wound at the Axilla.

I'm not sure how these all tie in on a time line but an artery bleed that high, a severe spinal injury and a great deal of other signs of violence, all tell me this poor man put up quite a fight.

I think it's possible he may have bleed out during the fight, depending on when exactly he took the hit to his spine but he was definitely brutally murdered and his body was then interfered with in an attempt to confuse the picture.

I've sending off some tiny traces of DNA I found on his chin where his three day shadow has seemingly taken some flakes of skin off someone and I tried to sample underneath his fingernails but they've all been scraped clean. Surgically scraped, not accidentally. Someone was covering their tracks.

I still haven't worked out why they would feel the need to crush in his eye though.... what they wanted to hide if it wasn't just to throw us off the scent which would have been silly given the fact that whoever cleaned under his nails knew far too much to think a blow to the skull would be enough to throw us off..... I'd like to work out what was going on in the killer's..... (or killerS') mind(s) to think they needed to do that.

Anyway, this was not a small man. Whoever did this was unlikely to have been successful alone, in my humble opinion." Lorix finished her summary.

Paula replied,"Thank you Lieutenant for your help,"taking the PADD from Lorix, She finished," If I need your help, May I call on you?"

"Of course, please feel free." Lorix replied.


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