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Why the Change

Posted on Sat Apr 2nd, 2016 @ 6:04pm by David Hawkins & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester

Mission: Anarchy among us
Timeline: Backpost

Paula had just left Delvok in Main Security after finding out that he had been put in charge of Security as well as the Marines and this hadn't sat well with her, After all they were different branches of Starfleet and Marines and Security did not get along very well at the best of times. Stillit had been done but she wanted some clarification that it was only for this mission and not permanent as she could see some friction between the two happening even now .

She tapped her combadge and spoke," Winchester to Commodore Hawkins, May I speak with you in Private?"

=^= I have a moment, come to my office, =^= Hawkins' voice spoke up over her comlink.

"Thank you Sir, and I'm on my way,Winchester Out,"

As she closed the Comlink, Paula wondered why he had put Devlok in charge for this mission and not let her and Hathaway deal with the Security issues and if they needed backup then they would ask Delvok for help. She headed towards the nearest turbolift to begin her ascent to the Commodore's office.

As David gathered a couple things, the chin in his quarters went off and he called out as he continued to pack a couple things. "Enter!"

As Paula entered the Commodore's office, she knew that being here was to gather information, but not to cause trouble between her and Delvok. she came to a halt and spoke in a calm voice.

"Sir, I have just been informed by Captain Delvok that he is to take over the Command of Security from Hathaway" She continued" and that I'm now just a Security officer,"

She kept her gaze upon the Commodore for a minute, she knew there had to be a reason for it and Delvok had just said for this mission, However; she also knew the rest of Security would look to her and Hathaway and not Delvok.

She finished,"And why is it That I have just found this out now?"

A long sigh of irritation flowed through Hawkins for a moment before taking a deep breath. He had been wrong not to tell them but during all that was going on with the Kelstar and now on Gladiator, he wasn't completely sure that this was the time. He looked at Paula for a moment as he thought of the ways that he could handle it before starting to speak. "Is there an issue with how Command staff quickly chose to have Captain Delvok take over during this mission?"

"Sir, I have no issue with Captain Delvok,However; I would have liked to have been informed of the change," she replied keeping her Voice still calm.

Paula could see that the Commodore was getting angry and that she had stepped on his toes, but she didn't want to end up like her brother Paul.

She continued,"I just feel sir that having started the investigation that my authority will be questioned,"

As she yet to go to sickbay and get the Autopsy done and wondered if now she had the authority to ask for it, but having upset the Commodore didn't help matters.

"It won't, but with issues arising with Kavi and Hathaway, Captain Delvok was fully capable of taking over for the time being," David explained as he zipped up the small backpack before leaning on the desk and gave her his full attention. "On top of that, I know that your focus between work and your personal life can easily be misplaced which it happens to the best, but we need time to choose Hathaway's replacement. At this time, we don't have time to do so with an investigation going on. So I made the choice to put a well trained senior staff from gladiator in charge of it for the time being. It doesn't change your capability to work on this investigation."

"I'm sorry Sir if I came across to brash about it," she replied, looking back at him.

"It happens to the best of us," David admitted as he shrugged it off as though it were nothing but a concern or worry as it were. Still, she had the right to question it for sure.

Now she knew that Hathaway was leaving and this was her chance to shine and prove herself capable to run the Department herself, But that meant gathering every bit of evidence she could.

"On another note Sir, Your Bodyguard," she stated knowing that this was going to be hard , but it had to be done, She chose her words carefully as she spoke them.

"Do you know where he was when you were shot whilst you were with Captain Delvok?" as she asked the Question.

A slight sigh escaped his lips before looking at her and shrugged. "I left him behind. He was assigned to be Captain Cooper's bodyguard." There was a slight pause before he finally continued. "Why do you think I need a body guard?"

"Sir, You are the most senior officer on this ship," replied Paula looking at him, She continued,"and there is no way as a Security officer would I leave a senior officer unprotected,"

She stood waiting for him to answer her response but she knew the Commodore was important and hell she didn't want Starfleet Security to discipline her for not protecting the Commodore.

"Well thank you for explaining to me about me being the senior officer... on this ship... or the other to be honest..." He shrugged as he leaned back in his chair. "I am not accustom to having a bodyguard. I had Captain Delvok with me. We had things under control."

"I understand Sir," replied Paula.

"That's it?" David countered as he cocked his head trying to understand her. It was only moments before before she had seemed to have serious doubts in it all. "Is there other things going on that I need to be aware of?"

"No Sir, I am willing to support Captain Delvok," replied Paula looking at the senior officer," But I do not trust Lieutenant Phelps at the moment,"

"I don't expect you to. But he came here to do a job, and as long as he does that job... Support him in any way possible," the commodore suggested as he looked her over. "But if he steps out of line, you make sure to deal with the man."

"So I am to watch him then?" asked Paula

As this seemed odd to her but as an order from the Commodore, She knew her place not to question it, but to clarify her position with him.

"If you don't mind doing that," David nodded as he looked at her. "I'm sorry once again."


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