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Even Chief Engineers need to take time off, okay?

Posted on Tue Aug 9th, 2016 @ 9:06pm by Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti

Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: Counsellor's Office

Zeti was now considered a senior staff member and had been moved from the counselor she'd talked too once in her entire time on the Gladiator, to Lizzy, who wanted to see her. It was dreadfully inconvenient as she was putting in a lot of extra time on the Kelstar and she wanted to stay focused on that. Of course the engineering team they'd built was a damn good one and they didn't need her micromanaging them.

When she finally arrive at the counselor's office, Zeti brushed off her uniform and made sure everything was straight before she rang the chime. She'd opted to do this as early as she could, as she wanted to get this over with.

The sound of the door chime caused Lizzy to let out a loud squeak and she accidentally fell off the chair where she had been standing trying to stick some stuff up under a roof panel.

Laying on the floor in a heap with the chair fallen over, she sighed, "Come in."

Looking up at the engineer, Lizzy added, "It isn't as suspicious as this looks.. Sorta.."

Quickly, Lizzy swept the bath spheres back into the baggie that they had rolled out of, "It's just bath gel. Mercia won't let me do trade the good stuff anymore."

Getting up, Lizzy stuck a hand out, "Hi, Commander. Sorry I lost track of time."

Zeti took Lizzy's hand and smiled at her as she firmly shook her hand, "Oh, I'm not going to report you. Matter of fact, you ever want a partner I'll help you hide things better so she doesn't know you're dealing anything."

Lizzy grinned, "Thank you. I do pretty good, but well, I sort of kept too much stock and it showed up as unusual. I just keep less aboard now. Anyway, I've been looking through the records and noticed you have only been to see Counselling once. How are you doing?"

Zeti looked at the counselor, she wasn't exactly sure how to respond to that question or the fact she'd not been around much. After playing with her uniform a little, she sat down on the counselor's couch and took a deep breath. "I'm over worked, but that's the life of an engineer when things break. I find ways to relive stress, sparing, drinking, sex, sometimes just staying in my quarters and trying to read a book."

Lizzy tilted her head as she thought then asked, "Sounds true. I can also understand how you could do most of those things in your quarters but isn't it a bit hard to spar with yourself? Unless it is a bit like the Three Stooges."

"For sparing I do manage to get out of my quarters and get to the gym to spar and exercise, I have to stay small to fit in all of those tight spaces," Zeti replied with a half smirk. "And I tend to let loose when we're in port and the station engineers can work on the ship."

Lizzy grinned, "Oh, okay. You do a good job, and so do your staff. One of them helped me fixing some problems with my tiger when he got his tail stuck in the power point. Letting loose is a good idea, although just remember not to take it too far. I've been in trouble for that in the past."

"Sometimes you just need to get into trouble, it can be refreshing," Zeti flashed Lizzy a coy grin. "As long as no one ends up permanently hurt and everyone is alive by the end..."

Lizzy grinned, "Or you get put into the drunk tank on a starbase & have to get picked up by the security chief because you were dancing naked on a table and felt up some Bajoran monks.. Or you come back hungover and have to wear sunglasses & wince during a senior staff meeting. Don't do either of those with Mercia."

She smiled, "Oh, and don't start a prank war with your boss, who has a rather sadistic habit of return pranks. I still have an involuntary shudder when I sit on my ball couch."

"Oh, I don't have the time to start pulling pranks on my CO," Zeti laughed softly, it was an interesting idea but she didn't want to make her boss mad. "What did she do to your ball couch?"

Lizzy grinned, "I can't remember why it started, but we quit when it became dangerous. Mercia set it up so that it would give a low level electric shock on saying keywords. So I brought David around to sit on it and then explained to him about it, making sure I read out all of the keywords. It was kind of funny, and the couch got replaced. "

"Sounds a little kinky, I bet she's a fun one," Zeti laughed softly. "At least it doesn't do that anymore, if you ever experience such things in the future I'm sure I could take a look for you."

Lizzy grinned a little and reached out to tap a concealed button. A small panel slid open in the roof before a brass pole began lowering down in the open area, connecting up with a ring on the floor with a click.

"Well, I already helped Ensign Johnson with some.. issues.. so he installed my stripper pole for me in return."

Jumping up, Lizzy sprang forwards, catching it with her hand and leaning out so she spun around it, one leg wrapping around it.

Zeti arched one of her brows, this took a turn she hadn't been expecting but considering the counselor's reputation she probably should have been. "I feel like I should hit the replicator and get some form of paper currency to slip into your underwear..."

Lizzy laughed, "What underwear? You are just lucky you didn't come along an hour ago or you would have got a lot more of a view. I am half Betazoid, hon."

Zeti laughed out loud at that, before leaning back in her chair and watching the counselor. "Oh I've been on this ship longer than you have, I know all about your antics. And am I lucky or unlucky?"

Lizzy grinned, "I'm just.. quirky.. and since you brought it up. Computer, you can deactivate the hologram uniform now."

A few moments later, the counselling uniform shimmered and disappeared, leaving her without a stitch on. Lizzy shrugged, "I believe in the spirit of 'put some damn clothes on' rather than the actual wording."

Zeti opened her mouth slightly, the counselor goofing around was one thing but now she was naked and was probably going to dance. "Do all of your counseling session go this way? Should I get naked?"

Lizzy tilted her head and then blushed, "Sorry. I go too far too much. Hmm.. Sometimes they start that way.. I don't mind either way. Didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

"Oh, Lizzy, I grew up on a tropical island, we didn't wear much and I'm not shy," Zeti giggled softly as she looked her over. "I think I was expecting something more traditional and that didn't happen and we're here, I'm an engineer it's how I think."

Lizzy grinned, "Okay. Its a cultural thing for my mum's people and I just got so used to it as a kid."

Lizzy mused, "Hmm.. I don't think that anyone has ever thought of me as traditional or conventional.. But I try. Just goes wacky eventually. Getting back to things, do you feel like you are okay with spending time alone in your quarters relaxing after shift?"

"Yes I feel like I'm ok, sometimes I drop by Lieutenant Zera's quarters when I feel like having dinner with a friend," Zeti replied softly. "And when we're in port I try and get out to blow off some steam."

"That's good. I know that you are a busy person, but it is important to remeber that sometimes, everyone needs to mentally switch off. I have enough trouble with our commanding officers about that."

"Don't worry about me, I learned how to relax from a former college of ours and he knew how to party," Zeti smiled. "Although I'd like to get back to work, if there's nothing else counselor?"

Lizzy smiled, "That's good. Nothing else unless you have anything."

Zeti stood up from the couch and smiled at Lizzy, "Next time we've got leave to Memphis Island, we should plan to hit the town together. I think it would be good for us both to let loose. Have a good rest of your day counselor."

Without waiting for an answer, Zeti left the counselors office so she could get back down to engineering and get to work keeping the Gladiator afloat.



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