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A Holodeck Adventure, Part 3

Posted on Sat Apr 9th, 2016 @ 2:56pm by Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: :: Backpost ::


"That doesn't sound good," Julian commented moving forward at a little quicker pace. He felt almost as if someone was walking over his grave, "we better hurry."

"Agreed," Zera replied, matching his partner's pace. He didn't know what the sound was, but it was something he didn't want to find out.

They walked for about a mile, the sound behind them getting closer and closer until they came to a door. It took the two of them to force it open, but they managed. The snow had stopped as had the wind,but they stepped out into the bitter cold.

And now, the conclusion...

Zera clenched his jaw at the cold blast of air that hit him in the face, and once he was out he quickly turned and shut the door, pressing his weight into it.

Once it was shut, the Bajoran pulled out the map and activated it. "Alright, so a bit of a hike, yeah?" He asked Julian.

"Yes," Julian admitted, "at least ten kilometers. But it should be mostly downhill."

"Alright, let's head out." Zera took one last look at the map before putting it away. He looked out over the snowy terrain, his eyes squinting against the reflection. It was dead silent, as if everything was holding its breath. "You know," he began as they walked, "if we weren't facing potential death or maiming by whatever was back there I might enjoy this view."

Julian glanced over at the other man trying, unsuccessfully, to hide a smile, before turning back ahead of him, trying to discern a trail. "You've got that right, " he commented as he found what could pass for a way down and they began their descent.

As they made their slow yet steady descent the Bajoran asked, "I don't believe I asked you what you do here. On the Gladiator, I mean."

Julian didn't like lying to a potential friend, but it was his job to do so. Though technically he wasn't lying, "I'm the Captain's yeoman," he replied.

Zera gave a sideways glance at the Akadian before giving a small knowing smirk. Based off their first conversation the Bajoran knew that he was more than simply a Captain's yeoman. He then remembered that he did ask... it must've slipped his mind. "That's right," he replied, that little smirk lingering on his features.

"Would you smack me upside my head, if I said you were cute when you did that little smirking thing?" Julian queried.

"Probably," he replied. Zera looked out over the land, mentally planning a route down, before starting the descent. "Or toss you into a snow bank, either one."

"I will keep my mouth shut then," Julian said with a mischievous smile. as he continued to walk, "its too damn cold to be tossed in the snow."

The Bajoran let a small chuckle escape him as he continued forward. He squinted and put a hand over his forehead as he looked into the distance. "Looks like we're almost there..." Hearing the faintest crunch of a third pair of feet, he slowed before saying, "duck."

Julian did as he was told, pitching forward and rolling into a somersault.

When he did, Zera turned to quickly grab one of the spears and, using his momentum, threw it at the newcomer. It hit the creature in the shoulder, making it howl and stumble back. "I suggest we run," he said, quickly backing up.

By the time the other man had spoken, Julian was already on his feet again and running forward.

Zera turned and was right beside Julian, his arms slightly extended to keep his balance. "I knew a walk down would be too easy," he commented.

"Yeah," Julian agreed, thing never go as planed.

The ground seemed to shake as the creature thundered after them, snow flying in all directions as the chase down the hill sped up. It ran with the spear still in its shoulder, and the piece of wood bobbed up and down as the creature ran.

"Are you sure you don't have a randomizer setting on the program?" The Bajoran asked. It seemed interesting that even the Akadian was surprised at the turnout of events.

"I'm sure. Well I'm sure I didn't program one into it. " Julian managed as they ran, "but this, this whatever it is, isn't supposed to be here."

Zera furrowed his brow as he ran, sparing a glance at the creature behind them. "Then the program might have a glitch," he added, his breath starting to shorten as they continued. "It looks like we're almost there... once we finish, I would recommend doing a... diagnostic on the program to see if there are corrupted files or anything. The last thing you need... is to be stuck in a holodeck with a faulty program."

"Do you just stop...things now...abort?" Julian called out breathlessly as they ran.

Zera thought for a moment before nodding. "Computer... end-!" The Bajoran tripped over a tree root that had been hidden by the snow, getting a face full of snow as he hit the ground. Shaking his head free of the snow, he started to get up, but his foot was stuck. Leyar turned around to try and free his foot, only to go wide eyed as the creature loomed over him.

"Command not recognized, please try again."

Julian looked around dependently for a weapon, The only thing even close to usable was a large splinter of ice, which he picked up as he leaped towards the monster. The game was no longer a game. It was a matter of real survival.

The creature raised an arm to swipe down, only to be caught off guard by the ice splinter being jabbed at it. This gave Zera the time he needed, and he wiggled his foot free before scrambling out of the way. As soon as he got his footing he rose into a low stance and moved behind the creature. "Keep it distracted!" he told Julian as he looked around for something to leap off of. Not seeing anything with sufficient traction, he took a couple steps back and tensed his muscles.

Julian's best asset in a fight was his Akadian reflexes. So he danced around the creature jabbing at it when he could.

With a burst of speed the Bajoran ran towards the creature, taking a leap at the last second and landing on the creature's back. It screeched and reared up, trying to buck him off, but Zera grabbed onto the fur and held on for dear life. He managed to climb to the creature's shoulders and pull the spear from its arm before jabbing it into its back, using all his weight to push the spear as far as it would go into its flesh. In one last attempt to rid itself of the man on its back, the creature swung around wildly.

Julian had been expecting something the second Zera had jumped on the monster's back. But the sheer randomness of the thing's attack had caught him off guard. He was struck in the face one of the creature's claws raking his cheek. Had the program been running properly, this would not have been a big deal, but it wasn't. So, a deep gash was opened up from his chin to his ear and green blood gushed out.

The creature then slumped onto the ground with a thud, the Bajoran rolling off and into the snow. Pushing himself up, he saw Julian clutching his face and stumbled to his feet, starting to go over there bit wincing as his ankle protested. It didn't feel broken, just strained, but he still limped over to where the Akadian was. "How bad?" he asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Bad enough," Julian responded, as held his hand up to his cheek, "but I think I'll survive. What about you?"

"Thankful for the cold," he admitted, putting his weight on the foot that wasn't hurt. "I think it's strained, but it's hard to tell with the weather. Computer, end program."

"Command not recognized. Please try again."

Grumbling something under his breath, Zera repeated. "Computer, override holodeck controls and manually shut down the holodeck, authorization Zera-Gamma-six."

"Command not recognized. Please try again."

"Go figure," Zera mumbled. Turning to Julian, he added, "perhaps if we get to the end it will shut down the program. You ok to finish?" Once they got out of this, they would head to sickbay.

"Do we have any other choice?" Julian answered, "I may be small, but I'm tough. I can do this."


Ens. Julian Winterstorm
USS Gladiator

Lt. JG Zera Leyar
USS Gladiator


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