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Unexpected guests

Posted on Sat Apr 30th, 2016 @ 3:43pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins
Edited on on Sat Apr 30th, 2016 @ 3:43pm

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Deep Space Seven

Mercia shook her head, marveled again at how the massive station could swollow a ship like the Gladiator whole. The stardock was huge. She stood just on the Gladiator side of the umbellacle that connected the ship and the station. When she heard steps behind her she turned and nodded to the Commodore and his hologram.

"David." she said using his first name, although it felt more foreign on her tongue than she expected. She glanced at the hologram but ignored it.

Emmah smiled, "It is a pleasure to see you commande. I am looking forward seeing this starbase." she said. "I thought Memphis Island was impressive with the ship dock in the base, but this..." she said with awe.

"With the what?" Mercia frowned. "What are you babbling on about light balls?" she asked.

"Emmah." Emmah corrected the commander with more of a chipper voice than the woman deserved. She tipped her head not certain why the commander was confused about a reference.

"Light balls... That's a new one," Hawkins walked up behind them. He sighed as he looked around the hatch to the starbase. This wasn't where he wanted to be but at least it was a new place. "You two need to chill and relax."

"I am relaxed Sir, but I do not understand why I should reduce my temperature." Emmah said with confusion.

Mercia smirked, "Oh the light ball is bright." she mocked. "You ready to head over?" she asked David with a grin. "I'm eager to go cause some mischief."

"Unlike you, the Commodore has official business..."

"All work and no play makes a man dull and gray. Lighten up..." Mercia started to giggle at her own mocking puns.

Emmah looked at David, "That one was humorous...?" she said cocking her head to the side a bit, as if asking permission to laugh, she did not want to validate Kavi's teasing if it was beyond the line.

A chuckle escaped his lips as he needed slightly at Emmah before he lead the two across bridge to the starbase. He had been on this model of star base and he knew that there were thousands of personal and things going on. He wasn't the most interested in being on a star base because no matter how big it was, it was always crawdad.

The three walked through security with no issues and were well on their way into the population of the star base before David finally spoke up. "Ok, here are some ground rules. Are you two ready?"

"Awww David don't be a spoil sport!" Mercia whines.."I won't get caught doing anything slightly less than legal, you know I'm good." She winked.

Emmah looked at the Gladiators XO with a quizzical look, the way she said that gave her pause. While the words were true to Mercia something about the cadence or tone seemed wrong. She made a note to look in to again later. "I on the other hand, am grateful to be shared the rules." The hologram said..

"With the death of Ian," David paused as he stopped for a moment thinking about loosing a comrade had worked with. They weren't close, but he was a good man. "I just don't want to deal with more paper work just yet."

"Paper work never ends." Mercia grumbled, "Alright so what are these so called rules that I'm likely to break?"

"One, don't go breaking into people's stuff. Two, don't shot anybody, and three, don't get arrested," the commodore explained as he looked at her for a moment.

Mercia laughed, "One, I have no interest in thieving, two, I don't get shot, I shoot others, three, I never get caught." she teased him. "Don't worry Davvy." she grinned, "I'm just going to go shopping, and listen in to the skuttlebutt on the station." she grinned.

"What about your boy toy?"

Mercia smirked, "Why do you think I'm going shopping." she winked.

Emmah cocked her head rather confused.

"We'll meet later, and I'll keep him in line. He might be a bounty hunter, but he's got honor." she pointed out. "Which I find strange..." she said then started to chew on her thumb in thought.

"Right... Well act your age while you are here and be profe..." David paused and smirked as she shook his head. "I'm sorry I tried saying that with a straight face."

Mercia smirked, "Yeah Don't try that again, you'll never succeed." she smirked "What about your girl? You gonna bring her over for a data later. Hey maybe we should make it a double." she winked. "Could get interesting." she said.

"Interesting?" Emmah asked.

The commodore looked at his xo and with a vulcan eye brow raise, he questioned her. "In what way?"

"Well, your girl seems to be spirited, but shes.... Classy. There is nothing classy about me or Kanoa." She laughed. "I'd make it a bet on how many times I can get her to blush." Mercia said.

"Katrina may surprise you Commander." Emmah said with a bit of a sniff feeling put out that Kavi wanted to tease her friend. "She is strong."

"She'd have to be, or else David wouldn't be interested." Mercia countered.

Emmah looked at Hawkins tipping her head considering that statement. "Is internal strength something men find attractive?" She asked.

"What are you thinking about trying to find a date light balls? Didn't you have a boyfriend... Ya know, intelligent hologram..., went crazy and tried to kill us?" Mercia folded her arms.

"If you are referring to Elian, he was my brother." Emmah snipped. "You know this...." emmah frowned at Kavi again wondering why she would mix up that detail. Something was off...

"That's enough," David stopped the group as he glared at his XO. "Honestly, you have got to be kidding me. I thought we had this discussion already."

Mercia blinked, "yeah maybe, dosent mean I have to like the walking computer here." She said jerking her thumb at Emmah.

"Commander, are you alright? I am.bothered by this, we have grown beyond this and have been able to work with each other. Have I offended you?" Emmah asked.

Mercia looked at her and then laughed, "Wow, I am just teasing you two, don't take things so seriously." She shrugged, "Have some fun and joke with me." She rolled her eyes. "So you headed up to find out what this co is up to?" She asked. "Anything you need me to while I shop for fun things?"

"No..." David said simply as he watched her start walking off as though it was nothing. He then looked at Emmah questionably before he followed in her foot steps. "That will be all, Commander. I will see you later."

After there was a bit of distance Emmah looked at Hawkins, "somethings wrong with her." She said. "Am I the only one who has noticed subtle sudden chages?"

David simply shook his head as he watched Mercia in the distance. "I need you to pull up Captain Cooper's entries and decode his information he sent to Starfleet Intelligence on our investigations and what not. He mas not have noticed anything different do to him being part of us for a short time. But I suspect he reported to Intel with all his thoughts on all of us. Including Mercia. Get help from our new chief engineer and ops officer as well."

Emmah tipped her head, "yes sir." She said observing the concern on the Commodores face. "I'll send word to begin on that now, and will dig in to it deeper when we return to the Gladiator. Is there anything in particular you are expecting to find?" She asked.

"Hopefully nothing..." He muttered as his thoughts trailed off to the possibilities.



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