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Posted on Mon Apr 4th, 2016 @ 5:25pm by Lieutenant JG Wakeham Paul Alasia PhD & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Astrometrics Lab
Timeline: Current


Despite the somewhat fraught interpersonal politics of his first few encounters with the Gladiator crew, Paul was generally satisfied with his early progress. However, securing the data regarding the Kelstar's ongoing mission was one thing. Actually analyzing it was another matter entirely.

Following his terse goodbyes with Lieutenants Phelps and Winchester, Paul marched to the turbolift which opened immediately, as if waiting for him.

"Deck 8." He informed the computer. The turbolift whirred into motion. When the doors reopened a minute later something seemed wrong, he saw signs for medical and the weapons locker but not Stellar Cartography or the CSO's office.

"Crap." Paul said under his breath. "Not Deck 8." He said out loud, as if the computer would understand his correction.

*Please restate...* The computer replied.

"No, Yeah, I know." Paul interrupted the disembodied voice. "Computer, Deck 7, please."

Again the turbolift returned to action, depositing the human near Stellar Cartography. He slipped into the room, trying not to draw too much attention to himself. He wasn't sure exactly what he planned on saying if anyone asked why he was there. Fishing, he'd probably reply.

Luckily, the Stellar Cartography lab was empty for the moment - probably not much call for mapmaking when the present mission involves two stationary ships., Paul thought to himself.

Approaching a console, Paul brought up the display. "Computer, establish a connection to Starfleet Command."

"Authorization." The computer demanded.

"Authorization: 'Alasia 9090.' Serial Number 'QN-728-5268.'"

"Working." The computer stated flatly as Paul stood waiting. "Connection established."

"Display task force operation logs for the USS Kelstar dating back 120 cycles."

"Authorization." The computer demanded a second time.

"Seriously?!" He appealed.

"Query not recognized. Please restate command."

"I just told you the Goddamn..."

"Query not recognized. Please restate command."

Paul sighed and reminded himself he'd never won an argument with the computer on a single occasion.

"Please display the task force operation logs for the USS Kelstar dating back 120 cycles. Authorization: 'Alasia 9090.' Serial Number 'QN-728-5268.'"

With that, the logs of Kelstar's comings and goings dating back four months appeared on the screen. Three supply runs to Delta. They lent their deflector array to an Astrophysical study of shifting magnetic activity at the core of a white dwarf star in the Beth Sygna system. A brief stopover at Utopia Planetia for a sensor refit, almost certainly undone - at least in part - by the explosion to the hull. Not a single thing looked amiss, detailed and very convincing-looking reports filed right up until one week prior wherein the log delineated a "Diplomatic Fact-finding" mission nearly 10 lightyears away from the Kelstar's present position.

Were the Kelstar not literally sitting where she was, a big gash in her hull, her Captain lying dead on a dormant biobed, there'd be not a single reason to suspect any foul play at all.

Paul searched for the Telemetry data from Phelps' data core, and there it was just as he promised. Paul tapped the console to display the data, but it was just as Paul feared: the data might as well have been gibberish, he hadn't the slightest clue what he was looking at. Briefly, Paul considered muddling through a set of queries for the computer, but given this information was to be the foundation on which he built all of his activities moving forward, he figured it best to get the opinion of someone who knew what they were looking at.

Paul sidled back out to the hall and made his way to the office of the CSO. He had been sure to note the woman's name, anticipating that one way or another he would likely need her help. Lieutenant Commander Sverch'tel. He approached her door and sounded the chime.

"Enter," M'Gann replied. She had been talking to Lixor, who was still in the office, when the door chimed.

"Good afternoon, Ma'am. I'm Wakeham Alasia. I'm currently detailed to the Gladiator to assist with the Kelstar investigation."

Once she heard the footsteps enter she lifted her head towards the door and asked, "alright, what can I help you with?"

"I have some cartographic data that traces the Kelstar's whereabouts going back these last several cycles but, I don't have any background in cartography at all. I was wondering if someone in your department could lend me their brain."

M'Gann thought for a moment. "I know Rebecca Willows has experience in cartography... Lixor, you've been more active with the department lately, who else knows about cartography?" The blonde herself had a little experience, but she needed to see what she was working with, something she didn't have at the moment.

"Willows would be the one best one to handle it," the blue man said, "I'll have her assemble a team to assist." Lixor smirked, "this might actually be useful in figuring out some other things regard this."

M'Gann nodded before tapping her comm badge. "Willows, can you come to my office please?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Turning her attention to the newcomer, she replied, "Willows will be here momentarily." Turning her head to Lixor, she nodded to him, dismissing him to go to his analyses.

"Thank you." Paul gestured towards the seat on the far side of the room and seeing no reaction to the negative, sat down.

About a minute later, a woman with brown hair pulled back into a ponytail rapped her knuckles on the door. "Crewman Willows, ma'am, reporting as requested."

"Becca, this is Mister Wakeham Alasia. He needs assistance with some cartographic data. Can you give him a hand?" She asked.

Willows turned toward the man she assumed was Alasia, only because he was the only one she didn't recognize in the room. Nodding to him, she replied, "yes'm. If you'll follow me, sir, we can take a look at that data."

"Thank you very much." The two headed back to the Astrometrics lab. Paul indicated his earlier workstation with his hand. "So, up on this console I have both the Kelstar's official records and cartographic and navigation data that I have retrieved from their - I guess now former - Intel officer. It's all gibberish to me. I was hoping you could see if there are any discrepancies between the regular telemetry sent from the Kelstar to Starfleet Command and what their cartographic readings show."

Rebecca looked at the data and frowned. Some of it was as gibberish as he had described. "I can understand why it seems nonsensical... I barely know where to start. What else do you know about the Kelstar and her mission?"

"To be honest, it's a bit of a fishing expedition. The Kelstar was supposed to have been engaged in a 'diplomatic support mission' when everything went to hell. That's pretty much all the detail they bothered to file with StarCom. Anyway, we're dead in the middle of Federation space, so if they're engaged in a 'diplomatic mission,' my question is: "with whom?' Anyway, my guess is they were doing something else and without access to the Kelstar's on-board logs, I don't really have much to go on. I'm hoping that literally knowing where they were might be provide some clues as to what they were doing."

The brunette nodded before starting to type on the console. A 3d map appeared in the middle of the room, zooming in on the Alpha Quadrant. "So, according to the data here," she explained after a moment, "the Kelstar's last locations were claimed to be here." A handful of blue dots appeared on the map, and despite being in the same general area they were pretty spread out. "And chronologically, this is their recorded flight pattern." She pressed another button, and the dots were connected by a line, zigzagging around the space. Her frown deepened, "'with whom' is correct... there isn't anything within a couple light years of us; the closest system is 9 light years away. And by predicting their future flight pattern, they would end up here," a green dot appeared, "which is still near nothing that a diplomatic support mission would be used for. Unless two nebulae were having a battle over territory," she added in an attempt to lighten the mood.

Paul indicated to a small cluster of the blue dots. "I have no idea if I'm reading this correctly but do those dots over there mean there were multiple stops at the same system?"

Becca zoomed in on the area, revealing several blue dots within a planetary system. She checked the console, "that’s interesting... according to the records, they were multiple stops to the same system. They occur between every 1-3 months over the past year. That system is called..." she checked the console again, "the Doraf system. It consists of six planets and several dozen moons. The first and second planet are M-class, though the first has heavy volcanic activity, and two moons orbiting the third planet can sustain life on its surfaces."

"Doraf." Paul thought out loud. "I know that system." He milled around the projection looking up, lost in silent thought for a moment. "And these trips to Doraf, do they appear in the official records the Kelstar filed with Starfleet Command?"

Rebecca chewed on her cheek as she went back to the console. "Do you know if I can get to those records with a generic access code, sir?"

"I have the publicly available record as filed with Starfleet Command here." Paul switched the display to bring up the second set of information. He scanned the screen. "Obviously, it's pretty light on details, but it does seem to mention re-supply trips to Doraf I. There's a very small Federation colony there. But, nothing diplomatic in nature..."

Becca looked at the display of information, her expression getting more and more quizzical. "If there's no record of any diplomatic missions... is it possible that they were mentioned to Starfleet Command as supply runs instead of diplomatic missions?" She dove into the new file and looked at the timestamps. "No, that wouldn’t add up. These supply runs are legitimate. But it looks like the Kelstar hasn't reported anything regarding the Doraf system. Their reports simply state that they’re on a diplomatic mission."

"That doesn't... I guess they satisfy the minimum StarCom reporting requirements. But what the hell were they up to?" Paul mumbled under his breath. He turned his attention back to the woman. "I really appreciate you taking the time. I'll include all this in my report, it shouldn't be necessary for you to file anything on your own unless your CO wants something. Really. Thank you. You've been a huge help."

Becca smiled at the man, knowing that she'd have to write one anyways for the Science Chief. Since what happened in the labs several months ago, the blonde wanted to be more aware of what was going on in the department. "You're welcome, sir. If there is anything else I can assist with, you are more than welcome to give me a call." She then proceeded to shut down the data, and piece by piece each image that had been projected onto the screen vanished.


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