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Temporary Personal space

Posted on Mon Apr 25th, 2016 @ 3:56pm by 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Hemlock's lair

Taylor had found his personal quarters without too much of a challenge. Stepping in through the doors, Taylor let out a sound that reflected exactly how he felt about the place. He missed home already. It was strange to think that he considered the Gladiator home, maybe it was because Julian was there that. Or that he felt a need to protect the crew of the Gladiator, but he did and so it was.

This little hole in the wall space wasn't much better than his barracks on Mars. Although Mars had been cleaner. "three hots and a cot." Taylor murmured. The quarters were dimly lit, which was probably a good think, it hid the horrid gunmetal grey of the walls. A tiny, tight little space with every intention of making it's occupant feel uncomfortable, Taylor was pretty sure that was Hemlock's point. The more faithful to him, the better the accommodation. Taylor pulled his jacket off and tossed it onto a chair and had a little walk around the meager space.

A bed to sleep on, a work station, which he thought was funny. There were storage spaces and odds and ends, a replicator for a meal or two. But it wasn't all that grand a place. There was a space for a small shower, the mirror against the wall told him his five o'clock shadow was starting to look like it was pushing midnight.

The mirror hinted at all the inner demon's Taylor was still facing, Jason's death. The man he'd killed trying to protect Julian. The possibility of court martial. Taylor pulled a grey hair out of his stumble, the hell with that.

He had to go meet Zera in a bit. He also wanted to make sure that anyone who saw him in public, figured him incapable of being nosey or snooping around later on. So he had it in his mind to hit a few bars first before meeting up with the JG. But before that happened he wanted to check the room for bugs. Hemlock, wasn't the trusting sort and he was sure there were bugs in the room, so he went through his room looking for the nasty little listening devices, computer recorders and programs. If Hemlock gave him any flack about it, Taylor would just remind them he liked his privacy and that Hemlocks men needed to learn to hide their toys a little better.

All in all he found four of them in the room. Taylor crushed each one under his boot before he went to find a bar to pretend to drink in.


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