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Security log

Posted on Thu Apr 7th, 2016 @ 3:33pm by Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Security Office

Paula sat in her office with Phelps sitting across from her as she started to tap in commands bringing up the Autopsy report for him to glance over, She turned the screen to face him as she to glanced at the screen.

"This seems rather fishy to me, one thing why smash his eye in," Paula stated as she turned to face Phelps, She continued," And even Lieutenant Lorix seems to think the same,"

"she also seems to think that the removal from under the nails was done surgically," Paula stated as she pointed to the screen, She asked,"So What do you Think?"

Phelps read the report and glanced over the harm done to the Captain. "My experience is limited. I have read a few reports of similar damage upon post mortem." Phelps mentioned. "Several assailants had attacked the victim and injuries ensued from the struggle and one of the assailants 'want to get that one last shot' in and kicked the victim in the head thus damaging the eye and socket. This could be a similar damage; a strike of frustration or anger?" Phelps looked at it. "To do that damage would have to have been an Intel shot at the Captain's surprise which would be most difficult so I would think the damage came after the assailant; or more likely assailants, had victory and it was a 'freebie' to vent anger towards the Captain."

"I agree," replied Paula, she continued,"but an attack like this could be done by a Marine, could it not?"

Hoping that the Marines were not involved in this and having to break the news to Delvok would not be good, but she knew that the CMO was not telling the truth.

"They would have the combat skills." Phelps said. "The COmmanding Officer of the Marines was a little too passive as the Xo was able to get them to relinquish their major weapons. There was motivation if you count not living up to the honor of the Corps in most people's eyes." He continued. "But what do they gain by the attacks?" Phelps asked. "Most crimes like this are by necessity, especially a brutal one like this; the Captain did something that got him killed and to get into range to do it he had to know or trust the attackers?"

"We better start interviewing the three main suspects," replied Paula

as things stood as she saw it, the three she wanted to talk to was the Kelstar's CMO,XO and CEO in that order. she would then ask Major Delvok to accompany her to talk to the Marine commander.

"You are lead investigator Paula; I will follow your lead." Phelps said with a kind expression. " Do not worry I have your back." Phelps offered. "I am quite good in a support role I assure you, plus with me in the background there will be someone there to ..." He grinned. "know if they are lying. Having a witness to the events leading up watching them will make them uneasy I think."

"Very well," replied Paula

As she made a list of whom to talk to, She decided to add one more person to her list and that being the head of the kelstar Marines, Just then an alarm sounded.

"I think our plans have just changed." Phelps mentioned.

"Yeah they just have," replied Paula looking back at Phelps

This was the point where she had to trust Phelps, and trust him she had, She stood up from the desk and looked directly at him and knew that they had to part company with him.

"I need you to find out what you can over there and I'll deal with matters here?" she stated looking at Phelps.

She tapped her Comlink "Winchester to all Security and Marines," she continued,"Security plan Alpha is in effect, I say again Security plan Alpha is in effect."

as she continued to head towards the door she finished," teams 1 & 2 Protect fox and hound,"

She heard down her comlink, +"Aye Ma'am,"+

as she closed the Channel she knew that it was going to add more work for her and her team, but after she had secured the crime scene she had to visit the CMO to redo the autopsy herself.

"You will find out why they call us Spooks." Phelps said as he head for the door. "You can keep the marine escort I think you need them more than me."

Phelps was out the door.


Lt. JG Samuel Phelps
Chief Intel Officer

Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester
Security Officer

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