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Bad decisions

Posted on Thu Apr 7th, 2016 @ 2:32pm by Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: Hemlock's Field 2391 [USS Resolute-A]
Timeline: Slight back post

Khelev was sitting near a window, at one of the smaller tables that over looked the main entrance. He likes being able to watch the people who came in and, on a more subconscious level, it was the best seat if things were to go to hell. It was a starfleet ship, but an Andorian didn't stop thinking like an Andorian. When he noticed the security chief enter the lounge, he stood up from his seat and caught her attention. They hadn't met off duty yet and he wanted to get to know the officer a bit better as they'd be working together quite a bit.

When she approached he nodded to her, "Would you like to join me? I've got a bottle of rot gut and the rest of the evening..."

Tayla arched her brows, "Were you waiting for me?" she asked him wondering if she had become too predictable for her normal evening drink, or tea, depending on her mood before she went to her tiny room and rested for the night.

"Not at all," Khelev's antenna moved inward toward each other in an Andorian shrug. "But you walked in and we haven't met off duty yet. You don't have to join me, if you had plans and I'm interrupting."

Tayla chuckled, "Its as good a time as any to get to know you, I was just a bit surprised and hoping I hadn't become too predictable. A predictable woman is never a good thing." she winked. "And I can say that because I've been a man. Twice." she laughed. She motioned towards the tables indicating for him to lead the way.

"Right, you're joined," Khelev nodded, before he turned towards the table and lead her back. They both took their seats and he turned over one of the other glasses at the table and poured some into the glass. "I must admit, that would be very unnerving for me. I don't know that I would do well having memories of another life floating around in my head but then the Trill have been doing it for so long it's not so unusual."

"Oh all the hosts have such doubts. Its exciting, and yet the honest reality of it is while there are parts of Tayla still a part of me, together we really made a whole new person." she admitted as she picked the drink up looked at the glass before sniffing the contents. "Tayla as I was before d'Jax, was nervous about that as well. It doesn't really come as a direct thoughts though. Its more memories and instincts, habits even..."

"So what caused you to turn to security? I thought most of you had to be well educated and go through a lot of rigorous testing," Khelev took a drink from his glass, he was already a couple of drinks in. "I'd think they wouldn't want to go with someone doing the dangerous kind of work."

"To be fair typical Starfleet security officers are not in the line of danger that much. I educated myself in tactics and strategy more than fighting. Once I was joined of course I found the d'Jax enjoyed the experiences of Ledrixa, she was a galactic lawyer, and she had no issues standing up to Klingon and Andorians alike. Her firm partner was Andorian in fact. d'jax picked up a taste for fight. Not always in the physical sense. They hoped, I believe that with Taylas potential career tract it would be enough to satisfy that desire and yet give d'Jax a very different experience. I doubt they will allow the next host to be a member of Starfleet though. Carreb was, the last host. He was a quieter older family man though." she sighed with fondness. She liked Carreb. It wasn't really done, but she had intentions of eventually trying to meet his family. Tayla didn't always play by the rules.

"Right, because the symbiont's experiences become so valuable," Khelev replied. "Well I'm pretty good in a fight, I'll make sure I watch your ass. Maybe even when we're not in a fight if you're lucky."

"Oh if I am lucky?" she laughed. "Riiight." she said. "And Andorians typically are good in a fight. I've been close to a few." she winked. "If a symbiont needs experience, hang around an Andorian. They tend to make their own way in the 'verse." she said as if she were quoting.

"We do have a way about us," Khelev admitted, before taking another drink. "And I'm even more removed, I was only on Andoria for the first few years of my life before my parents got work running cargo. I had a lot of decent skills when I applied to the academy, they were happy to take me."

Tayla leaned back and sipped at the strong drink before she smiled at it. "Not bad." she commented. "And so what now? You pretend to be all offended with Starfleet so you can fit in with this mission, or is there truth to your offence?" she wondered.

"The best cover to have is one that's true," Khelev replied evenly, before he drained what was left in his glass. "I'm not angry with Starfleet per say, but I'm angry and that blame could be spread around a little bit."

"Won't cause you to put the mission or crew in danger will it?" she asked him. "You won't lose control and I'll have to take you down as we get closer to these COIL idiots?"

"Watch it," Khelev had a slight growl to his tone. "Being angry with an organization and not having the back of each and every member of this crew are two very different things. And there isn't a chance you could stop me even if I did go rouge."

Tayla tipped her glass back, draining it before she put her feet up on the table and set the glass down for a refill. "I don't say what I don't mean Khelev ch'Koro. If you went rogue I would be able to take you in if I had to." she said almost sounding bored. "And its a valid question. Stele wanted you on this mission, convincing me that your story will be believable to COIL, and that you aren't going to lose control when he come face to face with those bastards is no easy task." she said. "While we're having a -friendly- conversation there is no harm in poking the bear to see if my very valid concerns hold any weight." she smirked giving him a challenging grin. Oh she enjoyed Andorians.

"You poke the bear, you might get bitten," Khelev grabbed the bottle and poured them both another round as a smile crossed his lips and his antenna arched towards her. "I think you'd like that though. As far as your question goes, it may be valid but if that moment comes I'll make my choice and you'll make yours and we'll see where we end up."

"I think I can agree to that." Tayla grinned. She drank a bit more and glanced over the man. "Just know... you don't scare me. I'm not frightened easily." she licked her lips.

"If you were afraid of me I don't think I'd have asked you to have a drink with me," The Andorian took another drink from his glass. "How long have you been joined?"

"Eleven years." she said. "It's really been an interesting decade. I like being joined. d'Jax has been good for me."

"That's so unspecific," Khelev laughed softly. "You know I could just go look at your file, I have access being the XO."

"Your question was precisely answered." Tayla laughed as she bounced her foot on the table. "If you have other specific questions feel free to ask. I'm an open book, until you hit you a closed chapter." she said darkly.

"No, the answer was unspecific. You said enough to make it sound like a good answer but didn't really say anything," Khelev chuckled. "You seen a lot of combat?"

Tayla shrugged, "A fair enough amount. d'Jax even more so." she commented. "But I've actually fought off two different boarding parties, pirates who decided to take a swing at the ships I was on. I tend to join fighting tournaments when I'm on leave, or when I can find one with a good rule set up so I don't get caught." she smirked. "What about you? You join any Andorian fight tourneys?"

"I've competed in quite a few on earth, I'm an engineer first so I don't have the time to put into being in any of the professional tournaments," Khelev replied with a half smile. "But I won an amateur one or two. You like to spar?"

"When I get the chance. These days its really more me punching the crap out of bags or holograms." she grunted. "Picturing Hayters face in the middle of it." she sighed. "I've been working with him for months, he's got a mouth on him. Honestly I'm more worried about him than you."

"You should be worried about this entire move. It's stupid and risky and it's going to take a big set of balls and a hell of a lot of luck," Khelev shook his head before taking another drink. "But it's also a way in we ain't had before."

Tayla laughed, "That should excite you." she downed her drink and grinned, "Not scare you. Come now I expected to see you showing off and boasting about you have those big balls, and you thrive of off the daring!" she challenged.

"I'm also not a bragger," Khelev replied with a raised brow. "I'm excited, I get to take on a mission few would ever even be offered and take down the organization that destroyed my life's work."

"Good. I couldn't pass it up that's for sure. It hasn't been easy to set up a believable pack of people. Honestly I can't wait to get to the top and take these bastards out. I hate the fact we have to dance with the devil until we got there."

"Sometimes dancing with the devil is the only way to get the prize at the end. I'd do whatever it took to get my shot at Ice and some of the other upper level people. We cut off the heads, the rest of the organization will crumble."

"Unless they're built like a hydra, in which case we're about to screw ourselves over in a bad way and COIL will continue to rise and gain power. We'll be headed for an all out war." she told him meeting his eyes.

"There's no way they're big enough or powerful enough to do what you're suggesting. Besides, that would mean training up the people below them. From what I've seen they're not very interested in that."

Tayla drew in a big breath and took another drink. "I don't know Khelev... they keep surprising me." she said. "I hardly know what to expect any more, and I'm the one that has been in contact and working the angles for months."

"That's true, you do have the most up to date intel," Khelev replied with a nod. "And considering they managed to succeed in taking down the phantom core they can put that as a feather in their cap."

She nodded. "And now they're going after other large targets." she said. "But enough shop talk..." Tayla said as she looked him over then arched her brows at him. "Do you plan on trying the phantom project again?" she asked. "The commodores assistant seems to have worked out well enough..."

"The silver lining," Khelev replied, shaking his head. "She's my Data. The one that succeeded, the rest were the equivalent to Lore... I don't think I have the heart to try again, I put so much of myself into that. Lewis Zimmerman was one of my idols, guess it makes sense that I'd follow in his failures."

"It doesn't mean you cannot improve on it." she said. "You're a genius, not that I need to boost your ego. I wish the project had worked to its fullest. Every one would know your name." she grinned, "And you'd have every babe on your arm you ever wanted."

"Maybe," Khelev drained his glass, not really enjoying the current subject. "I might get the drive to try again, just not right now."

Tayla dropped her feet and leaned against the table, shifting the glass between her fingers. She was not winning here. She chewed on her lower lip for a moment. "It is rather boring work... this is a lot more exciting." she chuckled.

Khelev glanced up at her before grabbing the bottle and pouring himself another glass and took a drink. "Danger is usually more exciting than sitting at a work bench and trying to program some very complex AI systems."

"Programming makes me fall asleep." She grinned. "Give me a fight any day, or some one to mess with. A good drink with new friends is the best way to end a day in the end." She said.

"There are other ways that are better," Khelev flashed her a charming grin. "It's like fighting, hell of a lot of fun too."

Tayla laughed, "Oh really?" she asked coyly. "And just what are you referring to?" she asked him with a smirk. "I'm so clueless." she chuckled playing dumb.

"You seem clueless," Khelev replied with a bit of sarcasm. "If you really are curious, maybe you should come back with me to my quarters for some show and tell?"

Tayla downed her drink and grinned at Khelev. "I like to investigate things." she dropped the glass on the table, "Curiosity killed the cat... or made her have a lot more fun than she'd planned on." Tayla said. "Show and tell is nothing to pass up, I'd be a fool." Tayla could feel the alcohol starting to addle her brain, and right now, she was very much content with that.

"I agree," Khelev put the cap back on the bottle and grabbed it by the neck while draining the rest of the glass. "Come on, we can work on finishing this bottle and spending the rest of the evening locked together."



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