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Stand Down (backpost)

Posted on Wed Apr 27th, 2016 @ 11:18am by David Hawkins

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Kelstar Marine Barracks

Lance Corporal Jameson had given the small team of marines their orders. The same orders he'd been given. They'd suited up to in preparation for the worst. The Lance Corporal had to steel his nerves as the six man team of privates, lance corporals and one medic made their way through the Kelstar's corridors to Marine country. The red headed marine had ordered the team to set their weapons to heavy stun. They weren't out to kill anyone, but they wouldn't let anyone get close enough to them to try.

These men, these marines, were criminals now. Didn't matter if they were marines, didn't matter that they would most likely be in uniform. Extreme prejudice was how Delvok put it.

Sure, there had been questions. Like are you out of your freakin' mind?! Had Jameson not gotten the orders from Delvok himself, he might have asked the same question. Enlisted men were like that, they spoke their mind most of the time. As they stopped just outside of the Kelstar's Marine barracks entrance Jameson checked his weapon and disengaged the safety. "Marines or not, these men and women broke the law." He reminded them. "A fart in our direct and you fire." Jameson took in a deep breath as they team prepared to enter.

"And marines or not, they follow my orders," the female Major spoke up as she walked around the corner from in front of them along with her own marines. "And we have followed all orders given by Commodore Hawkins, temporary commanding officer of this ship. So what are you doing here?"

Private Storm, a young marine human male from Melbourne Australia, handed the lance corporal the padd he had been carrying. Containing Delvok’s order’s his security clearance, authorization code, and thumb print signature.

Jameson met her eyes, he wasn't sure if he saw resentment there or not. "All due respect ma'am." He said as he took the padd from the private with a thank you. "We've been assigned to remove the weapons stock from the barracks." He explained out of courtesy. "That includes the weapons lockers, ma'am."

This made the Major cringe but she knew that deep down he was right. Though this was very threatening to her and her people, but she gritted her teeth before sighing and waved her hands. "As per Hawkins orders, you better hurry up and get it done, now shouldn't you?"

He gestured to the marines that were part of the team to head for the marine locker. 4 of the marines went for the weapons lockers, while Jameson and another man stayed behind but within sight. "It's locked." He heard, and Jameson looked at the Marine.

"Ma'am." He asked with respect.

Private Storm stood ready with his specialist encryption breaking Padd and small set of explosives, encase they had to hack the electronic lock or blow the thing open in a small controlled explosion. It boiled down to the Major would give them access….maybe they could just beam all the lockers off the ship?

"Unlock the damn thing," the Major ordered as she looked at her group of marines. She waved her hand in annoyance as she moved off to the side.

A marine gave Jameson a dirty look as he pushed past the enlisted man and moved to unlock the lockers. Then he stood there as the lance corporals team began to load the weapons into several weapons containers they'd brought along. All in all it was a tight. Jameson probably should have brought another small cargo container with them.

Jameson looked at Storm as the rest of the marines began to carry the containers out of Marine country. "I want to do a sweep of the area just to be safe." He glanced at the Major, it wasn't that he didn't trust her, but lets face facts, most Marines didn't go to bed without a weapon close by.

Jameson knew that the Major really didn't have much of a say, not true. She did, she could put up a fuss and she could tell her marines to resist, but she'd been cooperative thus far. He stood their with the now locked containers of weapons as he heard the marines in his team repeatedly call out clear. There was another clear, and another and then there wasn't one. "LC."

"What have you got?" Jameson asked.

There was silence from the berthing, the kind of silence that makes the skin crawl. Private Storm came forward and in a low voice explained that they had found a bomb in one of the racks. Jameson frowned. "Well, sh..." he murmured the inappropriate term under his breath. "Clear out, take the containers with you. Report, back to the safe zone and advise command verbally that we have a BFE. I mean it, no communications via coms, verbal communication only."

A small smile forced its way across Storms face at the acronym BFE (Big freakin' Explosive) He cleared his throat before nodding his head and pushing the smile away. "What about you? And what about them?"

Jameson looked at him. "Containers,team, safe zone. Those are your orders, private."

When Storm nodded and went to clear out the marines Jameson looked at the Major. "You wouldn't know about a bomb in your barracks, would you ma'am?"

The Major's eyes narrowed, for a fraction of a second Jameson could see the contemplation behind them. Did his people put that explosive there? Or was it someone trying to keep her and her people quiet. This Lance Corporal had been a gentleman the entire time, there was no reason to assume he was a wolf in sheeps clothing now.

When she lowered her eyes and shook her head, Jameson nodded. "All right, well. We've got two options, defuse it or die. Lady's preference."

The Major stood up, she knew asking Jameson to allow her people to be moved to a safer location was out of line, but if a bomb went off there was no safe location. So she ordered them to take their mattresses and move to the other side of the berthing and protect themselves just in case. Then she and Jameson went back to the BFE.

Jameson lifted the mattresses that the explosive was under and he heard the Major's breath catch in her throat. It was big. "This would have take out most of the barracks." He heard her say.

"Whose rack is this?" Jameson asked.

"Private Yuladish." She said softly, her eyes drifted to Jameson's and the big red headed Marine just looked back at her. "I'll deal with it."

The two marines worked quickly and quietly to defuse the rudimentary bomb, Jameson had suspected that the explosive was made from an old fashioned material so that it did not give itself away to sensor sweeps. Jameson had only had a few training sessions regarding WMCs (Weapons of Mass Casually) they weren't used in the Federation anymore, but that didn't mean other cultures didn't use them.

Finally after several long intense minutes the bomb was defused and harmless. Jameson removed the devise and would take it to be disposed of, while the Major would handle Private Yuladish.

"Thank you." The Major said to him.

Jameson only nodded his head. "We're Marines, Ma'am. Good Luck." And then he left the Major and her people to handle the problem in their midst.


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