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Reporting in (backpost)

Posted on Mon Apr 11th, 2016 @ 9:05am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Ready Room


Standing in a turbolift onroute to the bridge Daniel checked over his uniform. It was a nervous habit he had picked up from his Marine training, to always have a clean, unwrinkled uniform. Although this wasn't his first transfer, he always felt a little nervous when reporting in to his new command officers. Hopefully the meeting will go well and he can get to the next officer on his list of people to report into.

Stepping onto the bridge, Daniel used his cybernetic eye to scan for the CO's face or body structure. Not finding a match, he figured that the CO might be in his Ready room. Giving a sigh, he made his way down to the ready room door and tapped the door chime.

"Enter!" David called out as he leaned back in his backpack

Mercia glanced up from the place she was sitting on the couch, reading a padd, trying to review some much needed information. David had some things to work on before the meeting they had planned so Mercia was putting her time to good use until he was done. She turned her head to the door curious who would be coming up.

Walking in, Daniel stood at attention, "Sir, Ma'am, Chief Petty Officer Daniel Alenko reporting for duty" he said while he quickly scanned both of them, confirming thier body types, height and weight to make sure they were the people he was looking for and not just a couple of officers within for the CO. He had made a habit of this ever since he had figured out what his artificial eye was capable of. It wasn't that he suspected anything, it was just something he did when meeting new people.

Mercia narrowed her eyes at the man. "What department are you assigned to?" she asked him setting the padd aside. She glanced at the man observing his strange stance and the way he looked at her then Hawkins. Something was strange about it.

"I've been assigned to the security department. I was told you're a man down since the old security chief retired"

Mercia grunted, "Thats right..." she commented, "Have you spoken to Delvok yet?" she asked.

"No Ma'am. I prefer to start at the top and work my way down. Captain Delvok is next on my list, followed by medbay and engineering"

"Unconventional." Mercia grunted. She glanced at Hawkins who just shrugged. She resisted rolling her eyes. "Is there anything you need from us?"

"Just my room and shift assignments. I can sort everything else out on my own time"

"You'll need to see ops for that. We are not the ones who give such assignments" Mercia chuckled wondering if it was his first time reporting in to a new set of commanders. "If you have any questions, feel free to contact your cheif." she said.

"I'm sorry, I'm just used to department heads having crew assignments approved by the XO. I'll add the Operations Chief to my list"

"Department head being the operable words here." Mercia chuckled. "Its not a big deal, but that is information we do not handle at this point, for enlisted men." she said. "Is there any thing else?"

Daniel shook his head, "no ma'am. Nothing else"

Mercia glanced at Hawkins, who again nodded to her and looked back down at his paper work. Mercia shrugged, "Dismissed." she stated.



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