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Where Did All These Socks Come From???

Posted on Fri Apr 29th, 2016 @ 10:05am by David Hawkins

Mission: Anarchy among us
Timeline: April Fools Day Collection


M'Gann snickered as the doors to the Ready Room shut behind her, and quietly walked back to her post on the Bridge before the shift change. She woke up early to leave quite a surprise for Hawkins, programming the computer to replicate 3'000 pairs of socks after he entered his ready room, which would fill the space pretty well. She asked the computer for the time as she pretended to look busy.

"Time is 07:59."

"T- minus one minute," the blonde murmured. She kept an ear out for Hawkins' telltale footstep as she had the computer read out sensor data.

The turbolift doors opened and David walked onto the bridge as he tried to wake up as he sipped on his life blood, coffee. He nodded at the couple faces as he made his way down the back of the bridge and off to the side to his office. He wanted to finish one more report before he went to the meeting for later. As he made walked into the office, several beam brightened up in the room making him cover his eyes as he tried not to being blinded. As he felt that it was over, he felt pressure around him now.

"WHAT THE HELL?!?!" David growled in confusion as he tried to figure out what the hell was going on. He looked at behind him and heard chuckling as he looked back behind him at the bridge crew. "Honestly people! Who did this?!?!"

M'Gann heard the chuckling and was stifling laughter herself, and she bit her lip to prevent herself from laughing or smiling. "Who did what, sir?" she asked innocently. Even Miko, who had been sitting beside the blonde, seemed to be chuckling himself by wagging his tail.

David raised his arms and shrugged as he looked at her. "Well obviously its me, who else would ever do that," He glared at her. "But I'm pretty sure I'm starting to see a pattern for sure."

"With all due respect, Commodore," the blonde countered, "unlike the rest of the crew on the Bridge, I cannot witness with my own eyes that over which you are so distraught. Perhaps I can help you find this pattern if you provided me with a little context." She then gave a knowing smile and added, "... if you wouldn't mind. After all, I would like to know what the rest of the crew finds so funny." To her right, she could hear one of the other crewmembers on the Bridge stifling a chuckle, as if to prove her point.

As he rubbed his face, David tried to figure out out who had done this. "Socks..."

It was so hard for her to keep a straight face, and M'Gann shifted from one foot to the other. "Socks? What about them?"

"There or several socks that transported into my office!" He counted before he started to sniff the are. "Oh God, they are used socks!"

M'Gann's shoulders were shaking from trying to hold back her laughter, and she covered her mouth with one hand as he complained about the smell. "Socks in your office? Well, that... stinks," she replied, a huge grin on her face.

Without another word, David looked at M'Gann and saw the grin and so he grabbed a handful of socks and started balling them up. With a slight grin as people around the bridge started to whisper, he pointed to two of his officers. "Oh what shall I ever do..." he started talking in irritation as he handed out a couple rolled up socks. "If only I knew a way to figure out who did this."

M'Gann tilted her head at his tone. "And how are you going to do that?"

He smirked as he nodded and the three started moving around and throwing the stinky socks at M'Gann.

The blonde flinched when a rather smelly sock hit her in the face, and she held up her hands as more started hitting her from all directions. "Hey!" She laughed. Feeling a sock get pushed into her hand, M'Gann threw it back, Miko grimacing at the taste of socks.



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