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Stinky Winky (April Fools!)

Posted on Tue Apr 12th, 2016 @ 5:49pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Mercia's Office

It had been a fair while ago since Lizzy had been involved with a prank war with Mercia, and over time, she had gotten to know the Executive Officer.

There had been an unofficial truce eventually, but well, Lizzy couldn't remember who had the last turn.

Anyway, after what Mercia had been through, Lizzy decided that she needed to help with morale.

So that was why she had waited until Mercia would be asleep before making her way down the corridor. Using the probe that she had borrowed from an engineer who had been rather easy to charm, Lizzy used it on the door to Mercia's office and slid inside carrying the large plastic garbage bag.

Opening it up, she began pulling out a stack of eight grey hippo stuffed toys, piling them on the desk and some around the office.

Taking one, she knew she had to test it and then turned the switch. The little hippo toy wriggled its legs and then stopped before letting out a very rude sound. A few moments later, Lizzy began dry-retching as a stink so foul that it was like Satan ripped one himself found her nostrils, clawing its way in.

When the gagging was manageable, Lizzy shut off the lights and slipped on the IR goggles. Using them, she began turning little switches on their tummies so that they were activated and wouldn't set off in the dark.

Collecting all her stuff, she went to the door and stepped out, letting the light cast across one and then close.


Mercia lifted her coffee cup to her lips, as she paused in front of her office door. She tapped in her code and stepped through the door. THe lights turned on and suddenly a bunch of hippos began to walk about. "What the hell?" she asked. Suddenly one of the hippos farted in her general direction. Then another. THen another. The stench that hit her made her drop her coffee on the floor as she let out a swear word and covered her nose.

She ran for the door so fast she collided with it before it opened up as she tumbled out in to the hall way and the doors snapped shut behind her. "LIZZZZYYYY!!"


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