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Exit stage Transporter

Posted on Fri Apr 8th, 2016 @ 11:13pm by Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & David Hawkins

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Transpoirter Room 1


Phelps started towards the Transporter room, he found a phaser within the Intel Offices, he had been carrying it more discreetly as he did not want to pass along the wrong impression. He made his way to Transporter Room one.

Paula had given him enough rope to reach out as a safety line or hang himself? It was the choices that he makes that will dictate how the crew views him? He could not do much at the moment but the few things that he could do is enough to be a foundation of what he can do for them given a small chance with a mustard seed's worth of trust.

Walking through the door Phelps headed for the transporter pad and stepped up ready for transport.

"I have to be on the Kelstar" Phelps said. "I needed you along when going over and it is time to be going." Phelps kept walking.

"There is an Alert..." The Operator pointed out. "The system is on lock-down and I-I cannot use it."

"I was ordered as needed over on the Kelstar, you know where I came from and that I am the one to help them secure the Kelstar. "Call the bridge and cause a hindered to the alert or you can transport me across." Phelps said calmly. "Transport, you will not get in trouble I assure you. Lieutenant Winchester can confirm my permissions."

The transporter Operator was setting the controls, but the system did not activate. "This is strange..." He said. "I am reading multiple locks being used... I cannot get past the lock down..."

"Never mind." Phelps was off the pad in a bound and across the room and slid to a hesitated step for the doors to open before darting out, just noting the vanishing Transporter Chief. "Not good..." Phelps cursed, he had only ten to twenty seconds to get where he needed to be.

[Intel Offices]

Phelps came into the Intel Offices and the doors automatically sealed behind him as he had the safe haven of the Intel Offices. Now if this were going to get nasty then the crew were making a 'bait and Switch' as a transporter Technician vanishing is a sure sign that things are getting damn hairy.

He had a little bit of time to get a few ducks in a row. Using his 'Identity' within the Intel community he was able to get a good access to the Gladiator's computer network. Just as he had on the Kelstar; the first thing was to lock down the Intel files and protocols. Locking down the data in the Computer Core was a priority; he would not have the time to make it phaser proof but enough to scramble the data encryption. Taking out the Cipher stick from his boot he inserted it and loaded the Cipher program to all Intel files and if he could buy himself about five minutes he could run a tapeworm Cipher into the command Codes. It would take time but like any virus it would eventually eat enough of the Computer Program to lock it down, the bad thing is his lack of knowledge of the Gladiator Computer.

He took off his Comm badge and tossed it away from him closer to the door; no need to take a risk, and then he would be sure that it was re-calibrated in a bit.

Touching a small button on his watch the hands all went to the 1200 position and a second touch started the stop watch motion, he had to calculate the time a well practiced mutiny took over a known ship; the time it would take to beam in mass the crew by using comm badges as the catalyst for transport. The size of the Gladiator; complected by the chaos of the impending attacks, the surprise factors and then he could conclude he had about seventeen minutes for a total exchange of crew; the manning of the Gladiator enough to get her under way and with a smaller than a skeleton crew to do it.

Transporters would be pushed on the Kelstar; every one of them would be pressed to the major power grid to complete the process. The change in control is the key; manning the bridge and the Engineering would allow them to remotely use the Kelstar as well as Gladiator in 'site to site' type locks and transport to the Kelstar. That process is seven minutes at tops; in that time Phelps could hinder the computer and get the Intel data secured. The manual controls would get the Gladiator away in short order; another six minutes for them to convert and accelerate away from the Kelstar after arranging what traps they had for the Gladiator and undesirable crew of the Kelstar to handle?

So it that time Phelps could have Intel empty without a sign that he was here; the door seals are in play to keep the others out for a time until they get a chance to break in and ravage the place. But that will be a lower priority as the getting the Gladiator under control is their major charge. The control of the computer and ship[ will take hours with a limited crew. Phelps had ; at most, eight to ten hours to move about and do small bits in his favor, then Iggy might get an idea there is an 'extra' crew man on the ship and then how can she do a sweep with internal sensors as she really cannot afford many crew to search manually for him?

He was working against a clock and he had to get three things done before they started to realize Phelps is around. Iggy will know the style right off, only Phelps would be so devious and subtle about his actions.

Damn, he had a signature style. "I am Spooky I guess." He said to himself.

He was just planting the Code eating Cipher Tapeworm into the Computer matrix; it would eventually eat the major command codes and replace them with the Cipher program. He would be pushing his bet as the program would take literally hours to work through the computer if not a day or two? This was a slow motion attack meant to throw them off as it being a more aggressive attack upon the computer and perhaps cause a scramble to fight it and trace it?

He was just completing what could be done from here and he went to the center of the floor to the secured hatch that would allow him to shimmy to the Jeffery Tubes. He had an appointment on a couple of decks, he went at the last moment to get a tricorder and a pair of glasses; the glasses the heads up display and remote for the unit; less noise and able to keep his hands clear while using it. It is a simple device that was standardized and he had replicated it not long after the special PADD.

While there he took a type II phaser as well before securing the safe and heading to the Jeffery Tubes. Unlocking the access he lowered himself into the access way and secured the Hatch behind him.

It was time to start leaving a trail for the Kelstar to Follow.


Lt JG Samuel Phelps.
Chief Intel Officer


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