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An Unexpected Surprise

Posted on Wed Apr 6th, 2016 @ 9:56pm by

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Intelligence Department
Timeline: April Fools Day Collection


It was a typical morning for Zera: in one hand he held a tablet that he was reading, and in the other he had a cup of coffee. He arrived on time and did his routine walk through the Intelligence department before heading for his office. This time, he took a high step, clearing the trip wire that had been put in place. The light had reflected off the silver wire, which he spotted in the corner of his eye.

Aaron and Rachel sighed with disappointment when they saw his superior walk by without tripping the wire. "Damn..." Rachel whispered.

Aaron winked at her. "Oh, it's not over yet... watch this." With that, he disappeared into the shadows, leaving the brunette behind at the console where they were observing.

Rachel raised an eyebrow before keeping her eye on the Bajoran. A moment later, she saw Aaron walk up behind him with something in his hands. It looked round, and she could barely pick out something white inside it.

"Lieutenant, I have a question," Aaron began, holding back a snicker. In his hand was a pie tray of whipped cream, and he was going to get Zera good with it.

The voice had stopped Zera right before he reached the doors to his office, and he turned around. "Yes..." He barely had time to react when he got a pie tray to the face, white substance coating his face. Tucking the tablet under his arms, he took both hands and wiped his face free of the sweet whipped cream, well aware of the snickers that were going around the department.

Rachel slapped a hand over her mouth, trying hard not to laugh.

Briefly looking down at his white-covered hands, he then lashed out and slapped Aaron's face with both hands, covering him with the whipped cream as well.

Aaron flailed when he got nailed with the cream, not expecting it to happen. Taking a couple steps back, he took a hand and wiped it off his face, leaving a smear of whipped cream.

Zera watched the man before giving a smirk. "Clean this up," he said, before turning to head into his office. The door opened, and Zera almost made it in when he felt something stick to his face, and in the next instant he felt himself lying on his back. The snickering grew into tentative laughter, and the Bajoran looked up at the saran wrap that had been secured face level across the entry to the office. How did he not notice that?

Rachel's jaw nearly hit the floor when she saw Zera hit the deck, standing a little to see if he was alright. "Um, sir," she asked between giggles, "... are you alright?"

Blinking, Zera sat up and rubbed the back of his head. "I will be..." he replied. Standing, he turned to Aaron. "Is there anything else?"

Aaron looked at Leyar's serious face, and his smile disappeared. "Uh, no sir," he replied, clearing his throat.

Blue eyes looked at the man for a moment before resting a hand on Aaron's shoulder. "Good. You're learning." He gave a pat on the back before turning to head for his office again, but paused. "Oh, Aaron?"

The other man turned to look at the Intel Officer. "Yes, sir?"

Zera swiped at the saran wrap before wadding it into a ball. As he did that, he added, "remember, payback is a cold dish to serve." He gave a knowing smirk before tossing the wad of plastic wrap at the man, hitting him in the chest. "That's your warning." With that, he disappeared into the office, the door shutting behind him.

Aaron swallowed, turning his head toward Rachel. He then grinned from ear to ear. "Three... two... one..."

A surprised yell was heard from the Intel Office, along with the sound of water splashing, followed by a loud, "AARON!!!!" that raised the heads of several other officers in the department.

The man snickered before adding to Rachel, "and that is my cue to leave."

Rachel giggled as she replied, "you better run while you still can." She watched Aaron exit hastily before shaking her head, and a moment later watched a very drenched Bajoran exit the office. "Oh man..." she murmured to herself. As the Bajoran left, she heard him mutter something colorful as he went off to search for Aaron, his shoes starting to squeak from the water.



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