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The Great Escape

Posted on Wed Apr 27th, 2016 @ 6:27pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price & Lieutenant JG Geneviève Charmignon

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Kelstar :: Gladiator


The green-haired woman checked the time on a nearby console before continuing her walk around main engineering. She noted the couple of marines lurking in the upper rafters, as well as the handful of Gladiator crew moving about, but inside she wasn't worried. She knew that Marty and Jordan would do their jobs; she would only have to deal with the marines and Jarland for a little longer. She had told Lana when she was going to initiate the plan, so she had time to get ready. At least one of her private group was reliable. She spotted Marty across the room and narrowed her eyes for a moment. He was definitely going to be trouble for her, and a part of her debated leaving him on the Kelstar to get rid of him.

No. She needed someone to take over down below when she went up to the bridge. Catching his look, she gave him a simple nod before walking off. She knew that Jordan would detect the massive transport from where he was.

Marty grinned, "bout damn time." he growled.

Rolling her eyes, Iggy exited Engineering before tapping her comm badge. "Lark to Command Group Beta: we are a go. Report to your positions and prepare for transport."

"What about Jarland?" One asked.

"What about him? He's taken care of," Iggy replied with a growl. "Positions. Now. Lark out." Closing the link, the green haired woman came to a stop. Tapping her badge again, she said, "Marty, Jordan, Lark. Now!"

A moment later, people started appearing in the corridors, many confused and a couple not happy. As the Kelstar started filling, she was engulfed in a blue light before appearing in an empty corridor. "Computer, where am I?"

"Deck 8."

"Figures," she grumbled. As she headed for the turbolift, she tapped her comm badge, "Command Group Beta, report to the Bridge immediately. We got work to do." Whens she got to the turbolift she told it to go to deck one. As the lift ascended, a couple more entered, a couple of which were some she recruited to help run stations on the Bridge. A part of her was nervous; she knew that this was basically the end of her career, but it was technically the Captain's last wish that she continue with the mission in his absence. She would be damned if she didn't follow through. Taking a deep breath, Iggy exited the turbolift with a look of confidence as she made her way down to the big chair. In the corner of her eye, she saw the people who were in the lift with her take various positions across the bridge.

"Show me the Kelstar," she said, turning toward the viewscreen. When the ship appeared on the screen, outlined by the darkness of space, the green haired woman paused for a moment. She had lots of memories on that ship. "Ready phasors..."

Marty took over weapons control, while another in their group jumped on the helm. "Phasers ready," he reported.

"Target their weapons, and fire to disable."

Marty grinned, and tapped a few more buttons, the ship fired and the shot took off from the Gladiator and fired upon the unsuspecting Kelstar. Oh to be a fly on the wall when Hawkins realized what was happening.

"Ready to go to warp 8 on your mark," Jordan said, keying in the commands from the helm. He was excited; the adrenaline coursed through his body. This was by far the most exhilarating adventure he'd ever been in. His hand was poised over the engage button to send them to warp.


Mercia had been resting on her couch when a transporter beam suddenly formed around her. She dropped her drink and started to swear. Her voice came out on the other side when she dropped to the floor, having been transported from a sitting position off the floor. She grumbled as she scrambled to recover herself. Transporter beams began to fly in from everywhere around her. "What the hell?" she demanded. Looking up, along the side of the wall she saw words which made her blood chill. "USS Kelstar." she muttered. "How the hell did this happen." she slapped her comm badge as the transports stopped but a huge amount of people were crowded in around her. "Kavi to Bridge..." she grumbled.

Communications were blocked, which caused Mercia to swear again.

The moment she felt the tingling sensation of the transporter, M'Gann knew she wasn’t where she was a moment ago. She also felt Miko's handle disappear from the palm of her hand, which made her feel completely lost. She felt bodies appear around her, which added to her confusion. Out of the crowd she heard Mercia's voice, as well as Becca's. At least it wasn't just her. "Willows," she called Becca over.

Becca turned and saw the blonde science officer and made her way over, squeezing through some people. As she got closer, she noticed that Miko wasn't there. "I'm here," she stated, touching her shoulder.

"Do you see Miko anywhere?" The blonde asked.

Becca looked around, even kneeling to see if he was stuck somewhere. "I don’t see him, ma'am," she reported. She moved back to her superior and linked arms with her, that way she had someone to help her out. Was he left on the ship??

Lixor had been working in the lab, not an unusual place to find the dedicated scientist. He furrowed his brow as he gazed at the responses on screen, "that's not right, or at least..."

Suddenly he found himself engulfed in the familiar blue light of a transporter beam. The feeling was odd though it shouldn't have been seeing he had used the form of transportation many times.

When he reformed his eyes widened as he looked around trying to figure out where he had gone, "Nabohn to transporter room, I think there's been a mistake," he said as he tapped his COM badge.

"Nope," came the response. The voice belonged to a female, but it wasn't one that any of the Gladiator crew would recognize. Lana stifled a giggle, sitting in front of a console in the main computer room of the Gladiator. The message popped up on her console, and for fun the redhead decided to answer the call. "You're right where we want you!" A chuckle could be heard over the comm before it cut out.


Once she saw that there was some damage to the overcrowded Kelstar, she nodded to Jordan at the helm. "Take us out, bearing 177 mark 29. Engage at warp 8." When she finished, she took a seat in the Captain’s chair, a feeling of exhilaration flooding through her. It was the first time sitting there without Jarland or the Captain lurking over her, watching her every move. It was rather liberating.

"Yes, Ma'am," Jordan replied, then punched the ignition. He braced himself for the initial jump to warp, then relaxed as the inertial dampeners kicked in.

"Uh, Commander," an Ensign sitting at the science console began, "might I ask why we're headed back to the Doraf system?"

Lark set her features before turning her head to look at the young man. "Because we're going to finish what the Captain had started. When we get closer you'll be briefed."


Zeti had just stepped out of the shower, had brushed out and put her hair up and had dressed in a pair of underwear and tank top when the transporter beam grabbed her. When it let her go in the engineering department of the Kelstar she could only stand there and blink as it registered where she was.

As more people started beaming in from the Gladiator and it clicked into place that someone was sending them here, the rage took over and the string of expletives that came from Zeti's mouth would have made the most salty of sailors blush. A few tools flew into some bulkheads, leaving behind a few more unnoticeable dents and scratches when the ship shook under what felt like a phaser hit and a console exploded near by.

When she finally got it out of her system she turned to the officers that were there, it was clear she hadn't been the only one in her quarters trying to wind down. She didn't even have her comm badge.

"All right, if you're not in uniform you need to get in one. We need to get organized quickly, we don't know who or why we were sent here," Zeti took a deep breath. "As far as I know, I'm the ranking officer, so I need to get to the bridge and figure out what's going on. Tuks, you just made Chief Engineer until you're dead or I find someone better."

The Vulcan raised his brow, "I do not believe there is a better candidate in this room Commander."

"Except for me," Zeti replied before she turned and headed towards the doo to wander the ship in her underwear, hoping to find what she'd need as she went.

"Where you want me," Lixor questioned with a puzzled look as he turned and saw the commander.

Realizing who it was and her current sate he quickly turned back around, "Commander, sorry," he muttered then pulled off his tunic to offer to the woman, "seems this is where they wanted you too."

"Put your tunic back on, do I look like I'm a girl who's shy?" Zeti asked him after stopping to turn to look at him. "I'll find a replicator and get a uniform replicated. As for where I want you, I need to know what you're good at."

"What I'm good at," Lixor said as he held onto the tunic. He was a bit puzzled, no so much by her refusal to take him up on his gentlemanly offer but in her question. "I'm the assistant chief scientist," the man offered. The blue man tilted his head and offered a knowing smile, "though I'm pretty sure that's not what you're hinting at."

When Lizzy and T'Madh had been beamed off the ship, they had been lounging around and as she reappeared in an unknown location with others, she was glad that she had been dressed - and that her wife was. Although, she mused that a thin purple silk spaghetti-strap babydoll dress wasn't the best atire for kidnap off ship.

From over to the side, she heard Zeti and grinned with amusement. Even so, she decided not to say anything stupid and be a good officer, so Lizzy walked over, "Is anyone hurt? I doubt we need counselling much, but I am trained as a medical officer too."

She noticed that T'Madh was sticking to her like glue, and Lizzy was at least pleased that she couldn't be blamed for getting beamed off the ship by herself again - otherwise her wife might go around assaulting people rather then equipment.

Zeti was about to chew on Lixor for flirting with her while she was in her underwear when Lizzy walked over in something that could hardly be called sleepwear and she liked it far more than she was willing to let on. When she found out who did this to them, she was going to flog them.

"Counselor, T'Madh and science man who's name I can't remember. If you have engineering experience, see if you can help. If you don't, I suggest heading into the chief's office and waiting there patiently," Zeti took a deep measured breath. "I really need to get to the bridge, so unless one of you wants to come with me..."

Beeming in just as Zeti stopped talking, Daniel looked around a little confused. A few moments ago, he was in his quarters doing maintainance on his mechanical arm, now he was standing in the middle of a group of other crewmen in varying levels of being undressed. A far cry from him who was still in his duty uniform from his earlier shift, "um, ok. What's going on?" He asked, his hand still on a piece of metal sticking out if his forearm.

Zeti threw her hands up and let out a growl. "Ask them! I'm leaving now, come with me if you want."

With that, she turned on her heal and exited engineering as she started making her way through the corridor like a woman on a mission. She was going to get this ship running, chase Iggy down and crack her head open like an egg.

The blue man shook his head as he listened to the banter. He straightened out his tunic and then began to follow hoping there would be some answers on the bridge, somehow he doubted that. He had some tricks flipping around in his mind if the opportunity arose that actually caught up with the Hijacked Gladiator. The thought was more of a when, not if knowing the determination of this motley crew.


Meanwhile, Doctor Lydia Whitlock had been in mid conference with the rest of the medical staff on board the Gladiator when she felt the familiar tingle of a transporter beam come over her. Too shocked and confused to react at the time, she was literally in mid syllable when the rest of her confused question emerged. "-- The hell?" She was relieved to find some familiar faces nearby, but she was also surrounded by a wall of sound filled with confusion and anger. Not for the first time, Whitlock found herself grateful she didn't possess any emphatic or telepathic powers, as the wall of sound was quite enough. She approached the blue man nearby, who appeared to be following another group, in an attempt to ascertain what was going on. "Excuse me. Who's in charge here?" She was aware enough to know she was aboard the Kelstar, but given how crazy things had been, she knew she couldn't afford to assume anything.

Gwen coughed to get the peoples' attention. Nobody noticed. She cleared her throat again. A few people glared and then went back to panicking. She finally shouted, loudly and clearly, "EXCUSE ME!" That got everyone's attention. A few looked confused, as Gwen had almost never raised her voice throughout her year on the Gladiator. She then said, in a more reasonable voice, "The good doctor would like to know who is in charge here."

Mercia stepped out in to the hall way from the cargo bay she'd been stuck in. She almost smacked the control panel, since she didn't have her comm unit, "Kavi to bridge."

Jarland heard the little twits voice over the comm system. He tapped his comm badge. "Guess they didn't want you either Kavi, nice of you to join us."

"Cut the crap Jarland, what the hell is going on?" Mercia growled.

"Why don't you come to the bridge and find out, I don't have time to play twenty questions." he growled then cut the line.

Mercia almost hissed, she was worried he had something to do with this, and they were all dead. She turned and pushed through the crowd trying to get to a turbolift, "Every body find corresponding stations! Move move!"


The bridge crew on the Kelstar were like bees buzzing to figure something out. All around, people were frantic lyrics trying to get things going as they tried to find some way to answer their Commanding Officer'stood questions. What was more important was why the Gladiator was still moving away but only at warp. They had the upper hand, but David's ship wasn't fleeing away like it was expected.

The hissing of the turbolift doors irritated him even more as he glared at Jarland. "I thought I said..." he pointed at the new Comer and noticed it was Mercia. "...oh... nice, two XOs. Nice. How is the down sizing coming?"

"Yeah real funny." she said. "Whats the situation?" Mercia demanded as she stopped next to the command station, annoyed by Jarland still sitting in her spot.

A moment later, M'Gann appeared on the bridge, her arm linked with Rebecca's. After the other woman quietly told her who was there, the blonde asked, "where do you want me?"

Moran turned to see the blonde science officer he had worked with earlier before turning his head in the direction of the commanding officers.

Lixor stood by the science station and smiled hearing M'Gann's voice. Her question wasn't addressed to him and with superior officers aboard he felt he better not answer her question.

"Who set this station up," he said in a low tone as he studied it's layout.

He shook his head and raised his eyebrows letting his hands follow the controls. "Ok they left a warp trail and you can guess where it is headed."

Mercia grabbed Jarland by the tunic and tossed him out of his seat. "Take ops." she growled before she dropped down in the seat next to David. She was still pissed about her and Jarlands conversation, and she wasn't about to be bullied by the man.

Jarland suttered. "You take ops."

"Shut the hell up, and go!" David snapped as he pointed to the Ops station at Jarland. He then glared at Mercia and wanted to chew her a new one, but he was really not in the mood. "Sit, and stop the damn fighting."

Jarland muttered and stalked over to the station before he tapped a few controls logging in to it. "Tracking Gladiator, shes running fast."

Mercia licked her lips, "Sir I recommend we fill the shuttles and escape pods and drop them here. The Task force ships can reach this region before their life support runs out. It will lighten out load, and give us a shot to try and catch up to Gladiator." she said.

Emmah appeared on the bridge again, having passed the orders as needed, and found many of the Gladiator crew already on top of the task. An Idea had occured to her. "Can we get with range to send packets of data to the Gladiator crew?" she asked.

"Why?" Jarland growled.

"I am assuming the program you used to kill your CO, is the same program used to Murder Ian Cooper?" Emmah asked.

Jarland's eyes went wide. "What are you talking about?" he demanded.

Emmah ignored him, "Sir I have reason to believe that if the program had been transferred to the Gladiator the base coding would still be there. If we can also transfer me to the Gladiators computer, I should be able to set reset its behavior protocols to be unable to murder the living, but also set it lose upon the ship to wreak havoc, and give me enough to speak to Gladiators computer and lock them out of it." she said. "THey would have to be exceptionally fast programmers to keep up with me if I am with in the system." she reasoned.

"Hey Light balls had an idea." Mercia said. "We still have to get close enough to the ship and get a thick data transmission trunk to pull that off." she said then looked at David.

"Dump as many crew that were transported in shuttles, runabout, hell tanks if they have life support to handle space. Do it now," Commodore ordered as he looked at Jarland wanting to pound him in the head. This was about the end of the straw. "Where is the Gladiator now... We need to get up there and transmit onto it."

Mercia logged in to the ships system and made the order to start dumping personnel, while setting up a distress beacon and for the task force ships to show up at max warp for rescue.

"Shes moving away at warp 5." Jarland reported. He looked over at Engineering, "How fast can we push to get with in transmission range?" he growled.

Emmah moved to a computer station and pulled a connector from her mobile emitter and placed it on a receiver on the console. It would take a little time to get her program in to the Kelstars computer and set herself up for transmission. She was nervous this wouldn't work. The risk was she'd be lost in this, but it was the best chance at stopping the Gladiator.

Zeti, still without her uniform, placed her hands on her hips and looked at the bridge crew. She'd trudged through the ship, only to find she wasn't the senior officer on board. Her team had gotten comms operation shortly after that but replicators and a new uniform were out of the question and she didn't feel like spending hours searching crew quarters for a matching size.

"You want this ship to go to warp? How daft are all of you?" Zeti asked. "Damn it Hawkins I'm an engineer not a goddess who can snap her fingers and make the ship go. Even trying to go to warp could blow the ship to pieces."

"Then get down to Engineering now and prevent this starship from blowing up," David growled as he glared at her.

"Even at this ships best, the Gladiator is faster, more powerful and superior in almost every way. We just managed to seal the breaches," Zeti wanted to tell him to blow it out his ass, but she didn't. Instead she moved to the engineering console that was on the right side of the Captain's chair. "I can give you warp three. I might be able to push that to warp five in a few hours."

"Get it done Zeti!" Mercia called.



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