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Anarchy reigns

Posted on Tue Apr 12th, 2016 @ 5:46pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Emmah [Kavi]

Mission: Anarchy among us

Emmah glanced up from the temporary desk she had been provided with a console plugged in to the Kelstars computer. She and Hawkins were hold up in the Ready room aboard the ship. Hawkins was bound and determined to get to the bottom of this, and so they were pouring over records, what they could access at least. The computer was still giving them trouble with accessing it, having been locked out when the mutiny happened, then both sides tried to break in to it, preventing each other from getting into it. Now Gladiators engineers were making progress, but it was slow going. Keeping Kelstar crew out of anything more than basic functions was complicated but it was coming along.

“Sir….?” she questioned as she looked over at where Hawkins was brooding, constantly rubbing his temples, as he did when he was exasperated and tired. “I recently gained access to the power flow data the day of the Captain’s murder, there was a spike of energy about the time of the murder, and then instantly dropping.” She reported, finding it strange.

“What do you mean?” David ask as he raised his head from the lying position on his arms. It was draining him greatly and yet it seemed like nothing was getting them anywhere. So the only thing that seemed to be the best choice was to hand over the investigation to Starfleet JAG office. But the only place that held the department was on Deep Space 7. .

Emmah rose from her place and walked over to his desk, her medical programing feeling a bit alarmed at his state. She was constantly trying to manage his stress level, and keep an eye on his vitals. He needed to go back to Memphis Island, the beach did good for the Commodore.

She tapped the controls on the desk next to him, sending the data to the large wall screen. She ordered it to lay out showing a map of the quarters, then began to run the timeline. Near the time of the man's death the energy readings around his quarters spiked and maintained for several minutes before cutting off and returning to normal levels. She squinted her eyes as she looked at the power levels running through reasons for spikes like that, what could have happened to cause them. “Maybe it was some sort of cloak to hide who ever was in the room?” She asked, internal sensor data was missing, so following the man's life signs was impossible. It was fully erased, that meant following other life signs in the quarters at the time of the murder was also impossible.

“It doesn't match a transporter, and its not high enough to be force fields…” Emmah reasoned, thinking out loud as her program started to run with as many scenarios as she could fathom. She tapped the controls again, trying to track where the order for more energy came from, she was finding it easier to access the main computer core now, and she was looking at the raw data codes running across half the screen, although she wasn’t giving it much attention as the scenarios were running through her mind.

The information rushed over the screen as command codes to retrieve the data cleared them for what they were looking at. “Stop!” he ordered as he slowly rose from the desk and walked up to the large monitor. “No… this can't be right…”

Emmah blinked a few times, and tipped her head as she questioned what he was looking at. “What is it sir?” She asked. “What do you see?”

He pointed at the monitor and highlighted a command coding which lined up with the increase of power. “That isn't a normal code. As a matter of fact… It's only ran by a special program, to which only has been decommissioned as far as I knew.”

She tapped the control again and her eyes grew wide. She knew that code. “How is this even possible…” she said. “How can he be here?” She asked. Quickly she tapped the control panels, ordering the computer to dig out and isolate the codes. She frowned, “Sir the computer is not allowing me to track and isolate the code, it keeps deviating me to replicator systems and holodeck controls, which have a similar coding.”

At that moment, David felt the internal flames rise and his blood start to rush as his teeth started to grind just slightly. Without a warning, his fist flew like lightning and slammed into the monitor. The monitor sparked and spidered out from the cracked glass. He growled deeply as he turned and started for the door of the office.

As the his to the door slid open, the security detail snap to attention, but David ignored them as he found who he was looking for. Tunnel vision took over anD he came in arms length as he glared at the man for a moment. There seemed to be a build up of redness in his vision just seconds before Jarland opened his mouth as he looked up at the Commodore to ask him what he needed. Pain rushed through his fists as he came into contact with Jarland’s face.

David wasn't sure how many times he had landed a punch before he felt arms wrapped his arms and pulled him away. The tunnel vision disappeared from his sight as he heard his own voice. “You son of a bitch!”

Jarland scrambled to his feet as the security detail held the Commodore back. “What the hell is wrong with you!?” He hissed. Neville's ice blue eyes glared at the man. “How dare you! I will be filing charges for assault, Commodore .” He spit blood on to the floor trying to clear it from his mouth. His norse hurt bad enough he was seeing stars

Emmah pressed her hand to Hawkins arm, hoping to help him calm down. “Sir!” She said with alarm. She looked at Jarland, “Why are Elian’s base codes in your computer core?” She demanded.

“What the hell is Elian?” Jarland said as he wiped blood from his nose, “Someone get me a damn medkit!” He shouted at the stunned bridge crew, watching this fiasco.

“Let go of me!” David yelled before he pulled his arms away. He walked up and pointed at him. “You killed several people and now are prime suspect to two Captains’ murders. File your charge. I don't care, you are so done for! You just screwed yourself.””

Jarland shook his head, “I did not kill anyone, and you have no proof! How dare you attack me and accuse me. You have lost your mind!” He looked at the man’s assistant, “You should report this to Kavi, not that, that little girl can control herself any more than this bastard.” He said. “He should be removed from command!” He yanked the med kit from a nervous crewman who handed it over and popped it open. “I don’t know how you think any of you Gladiator rejects can get anywhere in life, but I’ll see you all ruined for the muddled mess you have made of this crisis.”

“I do not follow your orders.” Emmah retorted. “Sir?” She looked at Hawkins.

As soon as man before him stopped talking and was babying his busted lip and nose, David rolled his neck and turned to look at the security personnel. “I’m still in charge, arrest him and take him to the…” As his words left his lips, explosions rocked the ship and around the bridge as he looked up. “What the?!?!”

“Gladiator fired on us!”

“Shields damn it!” David yelled as he caught himself on a chair. He looked up behind the command chairs and saw the facial expression of the tactical officer scrambling to catch up to the things going on. But as the shields lifted around the starship, the klaxon red lights flashed throughout the ship and rocked again in the depths of space. Hall damage was obvious with the debris floating away from the starship.

“What the hell is going on?!” He snapped again as he gripped Jarland out of the Command chair and took his place. The security guards quickly grabbed the commander but David waved them off. “Go worry about other matters, leave him here. I’ll handle him.” As the guards finally stumbled off, David glared at Nevilles before he pointed to the XO chair. “Sit and do your damn job. We will talk about this later.”

Jarland was roughly tossed into the XO chair as he felt the ship rocking. “Our power reserves are not going to last.” He commented.

“Sir we have more passengers than we did before!” Ops called out. The screen showed the Gladiator moving away from the ship, “They’re running!”

“Are the repairs complete enough to follow them?” David asked as he pulled up his own information on the chair’s command read out before looking up at the view screen.

“We have warp engines again. But no promise if or when the outer hall will be torn apart from the stress,” an engineer.

David looked at Jarland and started giving orders. “Evacuate the outer hall and have all personal fall back to the door decks. Prepare for multiple breaches.”

“You’re going to tear the ship apart and kill us all!” Jarland protested, “I can't give that order, someone else is going to have to chase Gladiator!” Jarland said trying to be logical despite the fact he was angry.

“Noted, but whoever just took the Gladiator framed your ass, so follow my orders or you are relieved,” David countered as he looked back at the helm. “Follow that ship, and prepare the main deflector for warp. Have weapons on standby.”

Jarland sighed heavily, “Fine.” he gritted his teeth. “All hands fall back to interior sections, prepare for hull breach, stand by weapons.” He called over the comm system.

“We barely have room for the Gladiator crew, they were transported over. We have…. Well more than Kelstars life support can handle” Ops warned.

“Order them to the Shuttlebay and start getting them on shuttles and runabouts,” the commodore scrambled to think it all through before he looked up at Emmah. “Get your holographic butt down there and make sure people get on shuttles and runabouts. Prepare the hanger bays for multiple launches. Tell them all to head for Memphis Island.”

“Yes, of course sir.” She said turning around and heading off the bridge via turbolift to follow his orders.

“Weapons ready.” Jarland reported. “We can go to warp, but not for long.” He said.

“Then pray that we don’t need to be at warp long,” David responded to him as he looked at the man. “Just like good ol’ days huh?”

Jarland grunted, “We never had good ol’ days.” He grumbled, hating that he was stuck taking this man orders again.

“Well that stings,” David remarked as he leaned back in the chair, trying to get slightly comfortable to have his thoughts clear for future orders. “Really stings… Helm, pursuit course. Engage.”

Jarland rolled his eyes, “This isn’t a popularity contest, and you’ve assaulted me two times. It stings… ha!” He looked at the read outs, “The Gladiator is preparing rear weapons, targeting our engines.”



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