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The Gladiator Rocks

Posted on Mon Apr 25th, 2016 @ 6:16am by Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & Lieutenant JG Wakeham Paul Alasia PhD

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Brig


Diplomatic Offices - Deck 6, Diplomatic Offices

Things had taken a confusing turn in recent hours. There was a palpable tension aboard the Gladiator, which seemed to Paul Alasia inappropriate given what he knew about present geometry of the mission. Whatever danger was present from the mission should have been relegated entirely to the Kelstar. It was an internal matter to their crew and they were too disabled to represent a threat to the Gladiator, even if their intent was malicious.

However, the crew's demeanor didn't reflect that. Everywhere Paul was looking he saw dour faces. Crewmembers possibly more in the know than Paul were clearly expecting. Paul's conversation with Julian rang in his ears: why would Paul need a security detail? What steps was the command staff taking?

As if sensing, Paul's misgivings, the lights in his office gradually but perceptibly dimmed until suddenly Paul was slid sideways in his chair at jolt to the ship. He scrambled forward making his way toward the door, stopping short and tapping his commbadge.

=/\= Alasia to bridge. =/\=


=/\= Alasia to Commander Kavi =/\=

Nothing. Hit badge was not even chirping in response. Something was wrong. Paul went to exit but thought better of it and doubled back to his still-unfamiliar desk. He searched with frantic movements through each drawer looking for a phaser - a weapon of any kind - but found nothing useful.

The ship jolted a second time. Vulnerable and unclear what was happening, Paul locked the door and programmed in a passcode to the keypad. He headed over to his computer to see if he could find a report.

Brig, Deck 5

'Shorty wondered why he got the first shift with the 'left overs' that were not beamed out. This is a way nicer ship and the replicators had to be of better quality and cabins with real booze in them? But here he is at the guard duty.

"Watch them Shorty... keep a sharp eye on them Shorty..." The little Operations man said to himself aloud.

Ensign Sadie Turner paced in front of the forcefield, her dark eyes glaring with killer rage. She might be a wild card, but these guys took over her ship and got the drop on her. She glanced at the civilian she was sharing a cell with, "So are you the low man on the totem pole?" she asked calling out to the man.

Julian looked over at the woman, "I'm not a civilian, "he replied, "I changed when I saw the shit hitting the fan. I couldn't use force, there were too many of them, so I decided on subtly. I'm Julian Winterstorm. currently the ship's yeoman, but I've got an Intel background and we are going to regain control of our ship. We just may have to get bloody doing it."

The doors to the Brig section opened and Shorty heard it, he took his hint and started out towards the main area. "Don't go anywhere..." Shorty joked as he walked away out of sight. "About time someone came to give me a break..."

"Hey, I know you..."

The Phaser fired.

The next second a figure entered the Brig area in the uniform of an Intel Officer wearing glasses. Phelps came into the Brig with the disruptor held very loosely and an expression like he carried a dead rat in his hands. .

"Hello lady," He looked to the Yeoman he had met upon arrival. "Mr. Winterstorm, nice to see you again." He greeted. "I figure one more phaser expenditure in the Brig area will not cause much alarm, the rather unkempt guy out there looked like the type to shoot first so I took the chance."

"So you here to let me and the Doc out or what?" Sadie muttered as she looked at Phelps. "You're alone" she narrowed her eyes, having been part of his security detail earlier, she knew he wasn't supposed to be. The forcefield dropped and she stepped out, and motioned for LeBlanc to follow her.

Unsure what to do, Katrina decided to willingly followed the woman.

Phelps moved over to the Controls and looked at them, choosing the one to turn off the controls of the young woman. "You are Security, you might know how to use this better than me?" He offered Turner the weapon. "You are not going to quote some regulation about my not having an escort are you?" Phelps asked. "I mean they all were transported off."

"Consider me your new security detail then." Sadie said as she looked the controls over. The ship was fairly locked down, and was getting increasingly so moment by moment. "You can still access the local cells, but others.. I don't think so. LeBlanc, there is a med kit over there." she said pointing towards a wall panel. The phaser burn on Sadies leg needed some help, and having a real doctor on hand was useful, not to mention others may need to be healed up. "What the hell is really going on any way?"

Letting her training take over, Kat quickly grabbed the med kit and started assessing Sadie's burns. The burns were quite severe and would take awhile for her to heal them. Knowing that time was of an essence, Kat strategically started working on the worst of the areas first.

He then pressed the switch panel to open Winterstorm's cell. "They were taking the armory I believe but if we are in Security maybe the Security Officer might know of a stash you could raid?" Phelps suggested. "I do not think loitering about would do us well?"

"No loitering wouldn't be good, "Julian agreed, if we can make it back to my cabin I have enough weapons stashed there for three or four. If not, well as long as we're close enough, I don't need a weapon."

"You are quite Spooky for a yeoman." Phelps raised an eyebrow. "I suppose that the whole term stashed' means Security and such are not aware of what you have?" Phelps shook his head. "Regularly I do not suggest violence; covert seems to keep people alive." He motioned. "Don't you think it would be a good use of our time to put that fellow in a cell and leave him to the retribution of his comrades instead of chasing after us?"He suggested.

"I'm not just a yeoman, I used to do what you do, so yes, I'm rather spooky. But we don't have time to give you the details. I'll take care of Shorty, then we can go get those weapons. As to whether Security knows about them, uh, no, they don't. Which means the other side doesn't either. They're not on anyone's list."

"Security knows about them now." Sadie smirked.

"Former Intel as a yeoman." Phelps took the information given him. "I can see why they were reluctant to accept any others on the ship. I am only an analyst, I leave the covert and really violent things to the ones who enjoy the work." Phelps told. "I-I read and make calculated Analysis of all information for others to use." He nodded. "I never wanted to be one the double Oh type guy actually, might get hurt that way."

"If it weren't for analyst like you, there would more of people like me dead."

"Thank you." Phelps replied. "I think that information is what will get us the victory so long as we control the flow of information and instructions. We bind their access to the information they need we can slow their progress and allow time for the Kelstar to catch up and they could take back the Gladiator." He suggested.

'Okay, where do you need to get to, to do that?" Julian asked.

"I am thinking that the main power junctions between the Main computer and the ship connections should be severed and forcing them to rely upon the Secondary Computer Core for operations, that will take Astrometrics off line and be like using Manual controls. It will run the ship but not all that well." Phelps explained. "On the way to the Hangar deck that would be a nice side stop I think.

Sadie looked between the two men as she let Katrina work on her wound. "Alright girl-scouts, sounds like a good plan, but we shouldn't be sitting here any longer. Can you finish this up once we're in a secure place?" Sadie asked.

"I believe that the turbolift is a mere ten meters to the right is clear and not locked down." Phelps looked around. "There is no one around so we can us it to get down a deck or two onto a deck less frequented nor one with vital areas." Phelps suggested and adjusted his glasses. "Is there any weapons we have access to here before we go?" Phelps asked.

"Yes ma'am," Katrina replied to Sadie in haste as she gathered the tools in the med kit back up, moving as quickly as possible.

"I'll risk it." Sadie said. She was tough, or at least she acted tough. Right now she had two officers and a civilian to keep safe, and no clue what was really going on.

"Wait...., did you just ma'am me?" Sadie glared at the other woman. "I ain't that old! I'm sure as hell younger than you Old Maid" She stated as she looked Katrina over, her voice full of attitude.

Katrina was used to belligerent individuals. Being a doctor, she had seen plenty of that working in emergency medical situations. "I'm sorry you feel being called ma'am is indicative of being an older woman. It's a term of respect and that is all I meant it out of. So, if you will allow me, I'm going to finish up my work. I really don't see you having any other options for doctors right now, and you sure as hell need one of those." Kat said, coping a bit of attitude back towards Sadie.

Sadie just scoffed and held still, needing as best work done on her leg, but she didn't have to like it.

"The turbolifts would be good for one maybe two deck jumps before they are noticed, and with your leg I do not think that going into Jefferies Tubes would do you any good til the doc has a chance to patch you up, if we can get to a place I can adjust a tricorder to to resonate only the Gladiator Comm badges and maybe get a head count, but that might take a moment or two while we are secure?" He moved towards the door and looked both ways. "Do you require help Miss Turner, I am not really better in a support capacity?"

"I'm fine, I'm no pansy, leg can take it!" Sadie shot back. "turbolifts are really not safe, we'd be better off crawling, my leg will just have to be amputated later, but the Old Maid here can do that later." Sadie smirked. "Of course I'm just a YOUNG ensign, and a bum leg, so its up to you guys... Maybe we need to defer to the doctors orders?" Sadie said with a mean look in her eye as she looked at the civilian, putting her on the spot.

Phelps looked at Turner and adjusted his glasses slightly. "Pansey is a classic term used for provoking males into a feeling of inferiority." He explained. "So as a female by definition just shut up and do as you are told 'Ensign." Phelps said as he shook his head. "I have checked our position, we need to get some weapons and if that leg slows you down too much I will leave youto your own means." He could be bluffing were it not for the cold in his eyes. "We need to get going so we used the turbo lift as they will not monitor it if they think you are secured."

Sadie rolled her eyes, "Whatever...."



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