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Dessert (2392)

Posted on Sat May 7th, 2016 @ 3:40pm by Lieutenant JG Geneviève Charmignon

Mission: Hemlock's Field 2391 [USS Resolute-A]
Location: Crew Lounge
Timeline: 2392, Monday, 18:30h

Iago sat at a table by himself, a coffee in front of him. His eyes were almost constantly on the door, wondering if Geneviève would even show. He checked the time. Still five minutes before 18:30.

And just that minute, precisely five minutes early, Gwen walked in through the door, holding hands with the children. She spotted Iago across the room, at a table near the windows. He had his back to them to give the children a view outside. Gwen noticed.

Gracie and Gustave were tentatively excited to see their father again. Now both six years old, they hadn't seen him in over a year, yet they still seemed to recognize him. Gustave broke into a small trot and ran over to hug his father around the waist. Gracie, being the shier of the two, followed suit after receiving an approving smile from her mother.

Iago spent a few minutes hugging and kissing them, then picking them up and resting them on his hips. He was clearly stronger than Gwen had last seen him, more evidence that he was trying to change himself and his habits. She approached regally and bowed her head sightly in greeting, he returned suit, and they went to sit at their table. Gwen sat just to Iago's right, Gracie across from him, and Gustave to his left. It was the way they'd always sat.

Iago began to ask the children questions about their school and friends, and Gwen let them catch up, comfortable since she knew the security officers were watching. She went to the replicator and ordered dessert for the children and a bowl of strawberries for herself. Mint ice cream for Gustave, chocolate for Gracie.

Gwen returned to the table, laden with treats, and the conversation died as the children ravenously attacked their ice creams. Gwen did not make eye contact with Iago, although she knew he was looking at her. She kept her eyes on the strawberries.

Iago noticed, so he started to tell a story. "Hey kids, do you remember that trip we took to Alpha Centuri II for your birthday?" They nodded. "Do you remember how we had that sunset picnic and you stayed up late with us, made s'mores..."

Gwen stopped listening as she remembered the moment. That was a few months before she'd left. They were happy. He had been drinking, but stopped for this vacation with his family. He could change, he had and he would. She was confident in that now. She had loved him then, and as she examined his face as he animatedly told the story again, she realized she loved him now. She was his wife, and if he was willing to make the change to be with his family, she would stick by his side. It was her duty, til death do us part.

The future could be rough, but hadn't she already seen the worst of it? They'd had their downs, and now it was time for things to get better.

Gwen watched as the kids giggled and told the story with him, and she smiled. She'd married him for a reason and she'd had these children for a reason. She wanted this kind of love in her life, the kind of love only a family can bring.

If she would ever be ready, it was now. She looked from her babies to their father, no longer in doubt. She smiled softly as she made eye contact with Iago, knowing that at long last there was hope for her family.


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