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Slowing her down

Posted on Sat Apr 30th, 2016 @ 1:50pm by Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & Lieutenant JG Wakeham Paul Alasia PhD

Mission: Anarchy among us

"We do have a time table here." Phelps announced. "I need to be heading off to find a shuttle; there is one in question that I think would be perfect for this operation." He said as he was going to start towards the Yeoman. "Mr. Winterstorm, do you think you could do me a favor and destroy the main connector from the ship to the Deflector Dish. If you destroy the main junction connector it would be half a day to repair and they would have to run with shields that would slow their progress as the power could not be put into the engines?"

"I think I can make those arrangements. I am rather good at blowing things up." Julian responded.

"I'm always up for an explosion... Lets do it!" Sadie said suddenly having a bit of excitement in her voice.

And now...

Phelps noted the slight perking up of the Security Officer at the mention of doing some damage, but decisions in the heat of Commando Tactics are the downfall of so many.

"I cannot emphasize enough that holding back is of the essence. Touch only the junction connection; that will be like chopping the power line in essence, and leaving the Deflector Dish itself intact. We are on the Gladiator, we want minimal damage so the Captain does not come down upon us." Phelps explained. "Once the true personnel of the Gladiator are taking the ship we can be ready in short order , this is only to slow down the ship and give Kelstar a chance to follow." Phelps smiled. "I will be heading to the Shuttle Bay for a task I think will help us all along the way." He had that sly grin. "Then if we have the time, we can disconnect the Computer Core in similar fashion on the four decks she occupies like the Deflector. Thus, the Emergency Core will be needed and the ship will be little more than manual operation..." He smiled. "Including sensors and targeting of the weapon systems." He looked around. "Find a buddy as it is the lone person that gets caught. If anyone wants to remain locked away no one will look upon you differently, this is dangerous and I can tell you Iggy the Kelstar Engineer in charge will not take damage to 'Her' ship lightly."

"What about Alasia?" Sadie asked nodding towards the still locked door.

Paul, hearing, the commotion from outside figured his clever strategy had come to a logical conclusion.

"Well, he can hide in here, or come with us. You got a few seconds to figure that out there..." she called over the closed loop intercom to the hiding officer.

"I'm coming." Paul responded. "I'd rather die surrounded by people than alone." Paul unlocked the office door and joined the rest of the crew. "Am I meant to have a weapon?"

Sadie pulled one of the extra pistols from her belt and handed it over. "I assume you know how to use it." she said.

"I think they will notice Mr. Winterstorm and what he will be doing and those two objectives must be done above all else to make time for the Gladiator to be slowed down enough for the Kelstar to catch us." He winked to her. "As much as you would be fine company I am okay being by myself, being a spook and all." He said casually. "I am counting on you to watch his back since he is doing the majority of the damage that will hurt them." He shrugged. "I was the bad buy when I came aboard, now I can prove I am on your side and I am really nervous in having others in danger because of what I am doing." He gave her a smile and a salute before he started to jog away.

"Fantastic, alright lets move people." she grumbled.

[Shuttle Deck]

Phelps was just coming out of the turbo Lift, he had taken the tricorder he wore and manipulated the controls to continue towards the deck with the Armory once this car was empty. It was not hard process and he closed the tricorder as the display still routed through the glasses and he saw no one following, he walked towards the Hangar Deck as that would be among the first places to search and had long since been left aside.

Justice and fate were smiling upon him as he entered the Shuttle Bay and towards the lone Shuttle that he sought. The fact the Engineers had gone over it with a fine tooth comb but they did not have the time to really break her apart. He climbed in through the open door and sat in the co-pilot chair and keyed only the Communications Array; which had been larger than most; it would not do having an Intel Shuttle not able to communicate. The crammed space that the communications Array of the Sidney Reilly was more comparable to one of a runabout.

The simple instructions were to create a Burst transmission; half a second in a unilateral direction. The data would be a simple transmission like a 'tone' that the Kelstar could lock onto and accept the flight Data from the shuttle. He activated the Data Update Download; all that was really updated came from the Navigational Array as to the location of the ship at that time. Then he would pass that single update containing location, course and speed also in the data.

Going back to the Comm Array he set the timing; the down load is a routine thing that will not set off any flags, his Transmissions would be in a loop of transmitting but not a real predictable routine. He would set the transmissions intervals at 2 hours from beginning program, then at four hours and thirty-eight minutes and the last at the seven hours fifty two mark before staring the cycle again. It would appear random and the great things about a burst transmission is the 94.671% chance of going undetected.

"That should about do it." Phelps hit the command Key to get the routine started, the amount of power used for download then burst is so small the shuttle would hide the reading. The random factor of the times would be easy to tally from Kelstar but from the ship not so much so as it was not through the ship's communications array.

He moved along the wall to the exit leaving the shuttle as he had found it best to take care, glancing at his watch, he had taken nearly five minutes to do this, luck does love him as the Sidney Reilly was already set up for such operations so no adapting cut off so much time. The operation was moving along well as far as he could tell? The next stop for him and his trusted PADD is the Secondary Computer Core.

"Time to make a deposit." He commented and went to the Jeffery Tubes, no need to push the luck of a turbo Lift.

[Deflector Dish Level]

Sadie was moving forward with the weapon in her hand, Alasia behind her, followed by LeBlanc, and then Jameson. "Alright, we're almost there..." she tipped her head hearing a strange sound. She brought her weapon to bear as she leaned around the corner. Some strange dog looking creature, and a man in science blue were moving slowly down the hall towards them.

Jameson was following Ensign Turner, he was bring up the rear covering her and the doctor. He had his rifle in hand and he was watching for anything that didn't look familiar.

Strem tensed when he saw the group, Miko coming to a stop beside him. "Which s-side are y-you guys on?" He asked, looking as if he were about to either wet himself or turn and run.

Julian smiled at the other man, as he motioned with one hand to the others to stand down. "We're on the side of the angels, So I guess the real question, is whose side are you on?"

"He's on our side, I've met him before." Sadie grumbled. "lets move. We have a job to do."

[5 minutes later]

Five minutes to get the transmission going and then another five min to get down to the Secondary Computer Core. HE had given the task s of teh Deflector Dish and the severing of the power cables to the Main computer to the group. He was not like Sadie and Winterstorm; he did not actually like going commando and blowing things up. He had a good head on his shoulders and having those that like to do the job given the task insures a success.

Taking the Cipher from his boot heel and inserting it into the access of the Secondary Computer Core he could download the Cipher program and then upload it to the main computer before the lines are severed he hoped. The main thing was to get a type of Virus into this core as it is a passive system and not under any real observation by those who stole the ship. Plus the people would be looking for larger groups moving about the ship. Phelps fed a small command protocol into the core; to not take note of his presence with internal scans. It would be while the scans go through the filters for analysis his 'image' would just be past over as white noise and not of consequence.

While he wait for the programming of teh cipher top load he knew that in this version he adapted it so that the Commanding Officer and the The XO are at levels he could not hinder their protocols. Now Iggy and her band of misfits were not even in eh computer to start with and so this cipher would be able to easily cover for him.

Two potential dangers to this; the ship will be hindered to the use of manual controls if both cores are corrupted so in combat the Gladiator will not have her tactical advantage and the worst danger is that in all probability Iggy might realize the Cipher Protocols and know who made them? It was a risk that Phelps had to take; he just had to make sure he stayed one step ahead of the enemy and remain 'lost' as they will have to use manual tricorders to search for him.

The computer program loaded; he smiled and sent it to upload into the Gladiator Main Computer; this would really make for a damn headache for Iggy and those trying to steal the ship. Internal sensors will not register Phelps at this time so he had a head start. The other Gladiator Crew would be making more noise than Phelps so he could do his silent attacks and use shadows to keep hidden. He hated violence; he had a detailed understanding of Sabotage; he had written a few papers on it with the combined data of Star FLeet Marines and other commando units information he had collected from databases and reports.

[Command Confirmed.] The Main Computer displayed. [Commanders Codes Only.] Flashed in red letters.

"Now time to hide in a place they would not look." Phelps said as he took to the Jeffery Tubes again; his tricorder showing the scans through the glasses.




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