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Vulcan Science

Posted on Wed Mar 19th, 2014 @ 7:43pm by Lieutenant JG Joshua Hoss & Lieutenant JG L'Nivek

Mission: Green Thumb
Location: CIO's Office, Deck 5

The wonders of Science! Replicators, warp drive, ablative armour, phasers, transporters...the laundry list of scientific accomplishments of the past era is one that can stretch on for miles. However, even with the many fantastic pieces of good science has brought upon its' praticitioners, it has also wrought death and destruction...and sometimes, nuisances: like the new strain of plant that had been rampaging through the ship, curling up through tubes, along lines, spreading its' infestation throughout the Gladiator.

Hydroponic mishaps aside, L'Nivek had one other reason for hunting down the ships' CSO: she had yet to meet him, and his official dossier hadn't provided a source whereupon she could extrapolate his persona well. So, she straighted her already-impeccable uniform, brushed a speck of dust from the shoulder, and stood in the corner of her office, tapping her badge.

"L'Nivek to Lieutenant Hoss. You wouldn't happen to have a moment to talk, would you?"

Josh was in his office working on the plant situation when he heard the request. He frowned for a minute but then realized he probably could use a short break away from the problem. He remembered what one of his instructors in the academy had said about butting your head against a wall and needed to step back. Josh' head was pretty sore from head butting the wall figuratively.

=/\=Hoss to L'Nivek, I'll be right there.

While on his way Josh took the time to look up Ensign L'Nivek's information on his pad. He hadn't ever really been comfortable with Vulcans, which put him at odds with most of the scientific community. Josh believed that true science needed a touch of humanity, and that while most Vulcans were great researchers they had lost the drive that made exploration and creativity human nature. He also wasn't fond of intelligence officers, although his contact with them had been limited.

Josh reached the office door and took a deep breath before pushing the door chime. "Hoss here to see Ensign L'Nivek."

L'Nivek hadn't yet looked up from her work: she'd been doing some last-minute reading on various extermination methods, and some fluff on the side. If it was anyone else, her desk would have been cluttered: she had four seperate PaDDs, and the built-in console. She slid them to the side in a neat stack, clearing the surface. She stood, and moved over to the door, opening it with the typical pneumatic 'whoosh'.

"Lieutenant Hoss. Punctual, as I was hoping. Quite frankly, I had expected you to simply come in: though, perhaps, my perceptions are somewhat skewed, due to the few folks I've had the opportunity to speak with."

She gestured towards the singular chair in front of her desk.

"Please, have a seat. Unless, of course, you'd rather stand?"

Josh entered the office, taking note at its contents and the fact that it appeared to be very clean. "Thank you Ensign. I'm still not far removed from the academy, I think because of that I tend to be a bit more formal than the rest of the crew." Josh walked over to the chair and sat down. He did prefer to stand, but knew from experience that first meetings tended to go a bit better if both sides attempted to at least look relaxed. "What can I do for you Ensign?" Josh said with a smile.

Moving behind her desk, she ships CIO followed suit: the thought process about first impressions was much the same. "Just L'Nivek will do fine, Lieutenant Hoss. As for your query, I find that I could be asking you the same thing: I've gotten both confirmed and unconfirmed reports of a 'super-plant' making its way throughout the ship. Add to it the incredible difficulty in killing it..." She spread her hands in the universal 'what now' gesture. She eyed him for a minute: he was having very similar reactions to the XO.

"I apologize if I've done something to offend you, Lieutenant..."

Josh had opened his mouth in a bit of shock when he had seen L'Nivek gesture. He closed it quickly. "No offense taken L'Nivek. I'm just not used to seeing a Vulcan gesture like that. Also please just call me Hoss". Josh though for a couple of second before continuing. He wasn't sure how to solve the plant problem yet and didn't want to come off as clueless.

"The plant was a cross between two other plants. Somehow it has been modified to reproduce at an alarming rate. It is proving difficult to kill and it is spreading rapidly. We are working on a plan to remove the plant, but our first priority is containment."

"Quarantine is only the first step, Lieut...Mr. Hoss." She forcibly corrected herself, pausing midsentence to 'code-switch'. "Have you given thought to using the ships anti-boarding measures?" She slid a PaDD across to him. "Worst comes to worst, Mr. Hoss, we flood the area with ionizing radiation. Combine that with hard vacumn, and it should at -least- clear out the spores of the plant. Not much will survive the combination: I can only hope this is not one of them." The PaDD, unfortunately, was -not- the details to the plan she'd come up with. Instead, it was a rather steamy romance novella. Crap.

Josh grabbed the padd, excited to read about the idea that may get rid of the scarlet flower. Instead he read the first few lines of a romance novel. Josh smiled, trying not to laugh, and handed the padd back to L'Nivek. "I think you gave me the wrong padd. I didn't realize Vulcan's read that sort of stuff." Josh couldn't help himself and let out a short laugh.

Confusion was the first reaction: then a slow sense of mortificaiton. With only the lightest tinge of green on her face, L'Nivek took the PaDD back, and placed it onto a different portion of her desk. Picking up a second PaDD, she examined the first few lines, and gently placed it down, sliding it towards him. "My sincerest apologies, Mr. Hoss. I should have reviewed the item I was giving out before handing it over. As for its' contents, it is an excellent resource for examining the oddities in the human mating pattern." The fact that it was a novella, instead of a textbook, spoke volumes in and of itself.

Josh again smiled, but decided to leave the point alone. He picked up the second padd and looked it over for a few minutes, before handing it back. "This might work, but I'm going to need more time to look at the spores of the scarlet flower before we implement this. It won't do us any good to douse the ship in radiation if it won't kill the spores anyway. I'm also not sure the vacuum will help much. It may clear out the spores floating in the air right now, but the plants themselves are extremely durable. If the radiation doesn't kill them they will just make more spores as soon as we seal the ship up again."

"I've thought about that, myself. Except for releasing specially modified microbes, or something along those lines, which is way out of my purview..." L'Nivek made a circle in the air with her fingertip, extending into a pointing gesture. "That is outside of my operational purview. You and your department are far more suited to that kind of judgement." She sighed, placing her elbows onto the desk, steepling her fingers, pointing them at him. "However, these does leave the next option: Gladiator, as a Sovereign-class battlecrusier, is armed with the latest in boarding supression technology: up to, and including sector-by-sector and deck-by-deck 'force field' systems. Do you think these systems could be used to contain the plant? What methods have you tried to destroy the plant?"

"I think it might be too late for the force fields. I fear the spores have already gotten to pretty much all parts of the ship, so it wouldn't do us any good to activate them. As for destroying the scarlet flower, we have tried just about everything. Burning, freezing, herbicide, flooding, drought, radiation, nothing seems to work. At least so far. We jut need time to analyze it some more." Josh didn't feel very good about what he had said. So far it looked like the scarlet flower was winning. "It has to have a weakness" he said softly.

"A virtually unkillable plant. A remarkable invention indeed." She sighed, leaning back, but then looks at him. "I have noticed, however, Mr. Hoss, that I haven't had any instances of this plant in either my quaters, or my office, yet...and the Science lab is only a deck away. Could it be the massive temperature difference? I keep my quarters, for example, at a steady forty-three degress centigrade." Could this be it? Probably not, but -anything- was worth checking out.

Josh pondered for a moment. "Honestly I'm not sure at this point. You have given me some things to think about, but I really just need some time to study the plant."

"Then I'd best leave you to it, Mr. Hoss. I hope this meeting has been helpful...regardless, let me know if something that I can assist you with comes up." She stares hard at him. "There are certain methods of exterminating troublesome material that Starfleet doesn't exactly advertise in its' mission of peace...if this infestation continues to spread, employing them might be needed. I should not detain you further." She stood.

Josh smiled and stood up. "I appreciate the help L'Nivek. Please stop by the department and lend a hand if you get some free time. I got a feeling we are going to need it."

"Anything to erdicate this pest before it becomes a meance...and you can expect to see me down there in fairly short order. Oh, and one more thing." She placed a hand on one, specific PaDD. "I would far prefer it if we kept this little...mix-up to ourselves." She turned, her arms at the small of her back, facing him in profile: half to him, half to the window. "You seem like someone I should seek to cultivate a friendship with. I would hate for that to be tainted with any...potential difficulties."

Josh smiled as he exited the office, thinking of the padd and L'Nivek's face when she had realized her mistake. If nothing else the scarlet flower may have potentially made him a new friend. He thought that the universe was funny in that he had to go through this disaster far from Earth in order to befriend a Vulcan. Like his grandfather used to say, you never know what twists and curves life would throw at you.


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