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Crawling around

Posted on Mon Apr 25th, 2016 @ 6:16am by Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & Lieutenant JG Wakeham Paul Alasia PhD
Edited on on Mon Apr 25th, 2016 @ 6:18am

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Various places

[Deck 9]

About three decks below, Miko was running down the corridor. He knew whatever was happening wasn't good. He lost M'Gann. Everyone else vanished. New faces took their place. Instinct told him that they weren't good people, so he hid under the console until they were gone. He saw a figure with green hair, and the sight of her made his fur stand on end. Perking his ears, Miko heard what sounded like footsteps coming his way.

Rounding a corner to hide himself, he skidded to a halt before he ran into the figure standing there. He felt the handle on his back jostle around when he stopped, and he looked at the figure with beady eyes while trying to determine if they were a good person or not.

"Hey!" Strem yelped, startled by the creature's presence. Recognizing it as M'Gann's service animal, he relaxed. "Oh, it's you." It then occurred to him that the blue-skinned science officer wasn't with him. "Where's M'Gann?"

Miko relaxed when he saw it was the sandy-haired man, and merely blinked at him in response. His head the turned, perking up when the sound of footsteps started thumping their way. He pushed past Strem and stopped in front of the Jefferies tube entrance, scratching at it with his paw.

Strem heard the footsteps and followed Miko, opening the hatch to the tubes. He watched the creature climb inside before crawling in himself and shutting the hatch. He followed Miko to a junction, with tubes heading in all directions. Noticing that the handle had been scratching against the top of the tube, he undid the buckles and set the handle to the side of the junction. "What do you think," Strem asked the creature, his voice slightly distorted by the closed space, "which way?"

Miko raised his head and sniffed the air. He detected a scent, but he didn't know who it belonged to and didn't know if he should trust it. There was also a scent of something he had smelled before... something that was familiar. It smelled like... the plastic of a tricorder. But not just any tricorder. The Bajoran man in the grey uniform had a trace of that same scent on him when he took M'Gann to the holodeck. The one he had barely smelled different, but it was a distinction he could detect nonetheless.

Turning, Miko began sniffing every entrance, walking around the perimeter of the junction before stopping at the ladder and looking up. He then gave a whine and looked at Strem.

"Up?" he asked. "Isn't that where the bad guys are?" Strem then had a second thought and added, "can you even climb?" The response was a growl, and Strem held up his hands. "Alright, alright! Up it is." Moving to the nearby control panel, he found the switch to open the hatch up above. He turned to help Miko, only to find him making it up on his own. Shrugging, Strem followed the creature, hoping it knew where they were going.

A Jefferies tube hatch wiggled before it popped open, and Strem poked his head out before climbing out of the tube, Miko following shortly behind. "Alright," he began, replacing the hatch, "now where to?"

[Elsewhere, on Deck 6]

Phelps had been sensing those from the Gladiator, there was an impression from a body just below them in an office; That would be the Diplomatic Offices and the person in there was known to Phelps, they could get to him and another unknown person in the corridor without any of the enemy being about.

Phelps had suggested they go down and intercept the people, gathering as many of the Gladiator Crew as they can , safety in numbers and all of that.

Julian had agreed with the other man. It did seem like the best option for them.

"One person that way." Phelps pointed down the corridor. "With an animal and one Diplomatic Officer in his office." Phelps said calmly. "Winterstorm, you go and deal with that one; I have met our Diplomatic Officer and think we have at least a working rapport if I am not mistaken?" Phelps nod and started towards the office. "Time is not on our side." He reminded the Yeoman.

Julian gave the others a quick nod, before he headed off down the corridor. an ever so small smile playing at the corner's of his mouth. He as in his element now and confident. Woe be unto anyone that got in his way.

Miko paused in his tracks, his ears up and alert while his nose twitched. There was that scent again... the funky tricorder. This time, it smelled stronger, as if the owner were nearby. He also picked up an unfamiliar smell, and he hesitated before looking up at Strem.

"What is it?" the sandy-haired man asked. He looked down the corridor, craning his neck to see if anyone was coming while his whole body tensed. He was prepared to run if needed.

Strem jumped a little when Julian came into view, then once he recognized the man as one of their own he relaxed a little. "You're the first one I've seen who hasn't tried to kill me or throw me in the brig..." He noticed Miko, who cautiously approached the Akadian and gave his leg a sniff before his tail gave a little wag.

Julian gave the other man a quick nod, "I'm sorry, I don't really have a chance to chat. I need to go check things out."

Phlps touched his comm badge. =^= Phelps to Alasia, It is me; I was not included in the transport and I hope the information I gave you about the navigational points worked for you? =^=It seemed good to give information identifying him as the real Phelps and no one else other than Paula was present so it would not be common knowledge. -^- Time is not on our side so would you mind allowing me and the merry band in so we can take stock of the situation and figure out what to do?"=^=

Sadie glanced down the hall, "Yeah how about you let us in, before we get cornered again hmm?"

Phelps glanced down at his watch, seventeen minutes since he started the operation; he did not have a lot of time to dally.

"We do have a time table here." Phelps announced. "I need to be heading off to find a shuttle; there is one in question that I think would be perfect for this operation." He said as he was going to start towards the Yeoman. "Mr. Winterstorm, do you think you could do me a favor and destroy the main connector from the ship to the Deflector Dish. If you destroy the main junction connector it would be half a day to repair and they would have to run with shields that would slow their progress as the power could not be put into the engines?"

"I think I can make those arrangements. I am rather good at blowing things up." Julian responded.

"I'm always up for an explosion... Lets do it!" Sadie said suddenly having a bit of excitement in her voice.



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