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As it should be

Posted on Sat Apr 30th, 2016 @ 3:42pm by Emmah [Kavi]

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Gladiators computer

It took hours for the USS Kelstar to catch up to the Gladiator. When they got with in data transfer range the ship was dead in the water. That boded well, but the sheilds were up and they were not responding, so the plan continued.

Emmah was swept up and compressed and shot to the Gladiators comuter system. Zeti had time enough to program a bypass on the comms lock down so she could comunicate with the Kelstar.

"Is it always like this?" she asked at one point upon arrival.

Hawkins just asked "Hmmm?"

"Gladiator, is she always so much bigger on the inside?" she asked, It had been so long since she had wandered the ships computer from the computer side of things.

"Stay on task Emmah." Davids voice came through the line.

Emmah mentally nodded and started to try and talk to Gladiator computer. Interesting, they still had crew members onboard the ship, and they had a done a fanstatic job. Not only had they given them the trail that Kelstar could follow, but they'd stopped the ship dead in her tracks. THey'd caused damage to the deflector sheild. Zeti would freak, but it was smart. Iggy was a great engineer, and nothing less than debilitating would have slowed her.

Now Emmah needed to corner and lock down the rebelling crew. Emmah had to call over to Hawkins for him command codes, someone had been smart enough to lock the computer out to respond only to his command codes. "Very smart." she thought.

Selectivly unlocking parts of the system Emmah took her time and raised forcefields and gassed the rebels so they could not fight her any longer. Once she had them taken care of, she lowered the sheilds and began beaming over the Gladiator crew.

It was a relief when she returned to her mobile emitter, but at least now they were in control of the ship, and able to take the Kelstar, and her surviving crew back to Deep Space Seven. The crew that had been dropped off in the life boats and shuttles were already being picked up by the USS Banting and would return to Memphis Island to wait for them to return.

Emmah watched as the Gladiators command crew took their places on the bridge once again she breathed a sigh of relief. Every thing was as it should be.



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