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Blood of the Enemy

Posted on Sun Jun 19th, 2016 @ 10:34am by Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: Divided and Conquered
Location: NFO Headquarters :: Science Labs
Timeline: August 2392


"Sir," the redheaded female began. She watched her lab partner as final touches were added to the sample. They had been working on uncovering the mysteries behind the blue alien's corrosive blood, and there was a recent breakthrough. One of the scientists had discovered that it was a genetic trait that determined the acidity of the alien's blood. She double checked her numbers before adding, "I would recommend adjusting that variance by 0.2 microns, and up the pH balancers by twelve percent." As she spoke she pointed at the screen they were looking at. Doctor Walters had instructed several teams to create a bio-molecular weapon out of the alien's blood, and with the sample they had they created what looked like a small round filter. Hopefully, when it gets the chance to be tested, it would nearly double the pH levels of the alien's corrosive blood, creating a rather nasty and painful feeling.

Shinto looked at the filter; it was an excellent little piece of work he thought to himself. This could be an easy modification that we could mass produce once we get the filter adapting down pat. A simple boio filter to put blood flow through and toxins into the blood with such pain people will be begging to do what we ask of them.

"The Bolian Blood is acidic, why has no one ever thought of the way you can best use this in mass?" Shinto laughed. "The Toxicology of the blood can be adapted on a wide strain; this little device implanted in a normal humanoid would be such an easy controlling device." He smiled. "And the Ph factor of most humanoids; even Vulcans or Romulans' have copper in their blood so this could work on them as well... In teory of course." HE had made some adjustments.

Kaleth smiled a little at her partner's enthusiasm. "Well, sir, according to records, the Bolian race was wiped out centuries ago. It's a wonder we even have some to work with at all!" It sounded rather silly to her; if the species was wiped out, then how did that blue alien exist? And how was her blood half human? "And yes, in theory it would work on humanoids. But you've got a fantastic mind, so I just know that it's going to work." She watched him work and make adjustments. Most of her job had been to supply him with data and pass tools; she wasn't yet qualified to do the hands on work, according to the Order, but to her it didn't matter. She was allowed to work on this project, which she knew would look great on her resume. Perking up a little, she asked, "should I call Doctor Walters over to analyze our work?"

"Even in this rough stage this would be a good project for the Doctor to see." Shinto sat back and just took in the marvel of the achievement. "THis ONe being having such a devine blood would give us a weapon I am sure can be adapted to other things." He smiled.

Giving a smile in return, the redhead left her station to go find the Doctor.

While Kaleth went to summon Dr. Walters Shinto decided that an acidic based compound in the blood had limited applications while using an acidic as a base for other things would be worth the research. while a single bolian; or whatever she is, can open the door for research her blood can only yield so much volume, there had to be an adaptation of this to make things more of a danger and yet be able to be a weapon?

A moment later, Kaleth returned with another man following shortly behind her. He easily could've blended into any mass of scientists; average height, dark brown hair, a square jawline with the hint of a five o'clock shadow, and a white lab coat that stopped at his knees. Arvix paused at the table where the two were working at and began to inspect the device they had made, his hands folded neatly behind his back. "Mister Shinto, can you please describe to me what you made and how it works?" A part of him was impressed that the pair had gotten done so quickly, and he had just finished inspecting another group's work when the redheaded scientist summoned him.

"As you are aware the latest specimen has an acidic with significant RH factor in the toxic range?" Shinto explained. "By using this blood we can extrapolate a stronger dosage that could given a sufficient volume eat away the host from the inside out causing extreme pain as it worked." Shinto explained. "Now the volume to do so would mean wearing several Kilos of the new toxic blood to be effective; however, if we just add the toxins to the blood it would be easier. Thus we created a small filter of the higher toxicology level blood ; put that in a micro container with two valves. One for incoming and of course an exit route. By using the targets own blood flow to absorb and move the acidic mixture we have a natural source for making the acids we need. The long it pumps through the filter the more of the victim body is eaten away. Causing more and more pain; quite literally , with each heart beat." Shinto was proud of his achievement. "Because it is a valve system a remote can control or stop the flow. If they do not obey one simply opens the valve for a second and lets the warning go through them, longer duration for more severe entrenching of the unwanted behavior." A simple way to control a person and have them literally kill themselves."

Arvix nodded along, taking in the information as he looked carefully at the filter. Grabbing a pair of white plastic gloves, he put them on before carefully picking up the filter by pressing the pad of his index finger gently against it. It was tinted blue due to the specimen's copper-based blood, and held it under a nearby light so he could get a better look. "Impressive," he finally replied, his eyes on the small filter perched on his finger. It was almost shaped like a bead. "Using the body's own systems against itself... by creating the weapon as a filter, it can go undetected by most scanners." As if to prove his point, he snapped his fingers at the redhead, who brought over a tricorder. Using his free hand, Arvix opened it and scanned his hand, frowning ever so slightly at the tricorder when he read the results. "The tricorder picked up a variance of 0.2 microns."

"Told you," Kaleth mentioned to Shinto, crossing her arms.

"Other than that, it's not being detected by the tricorder," Arvix finished, shooting Kaleth a warning look. Closing the device with a light snap, he turned to Shinto. "You mentioned needing several kilos of the toxic blood in order for it to be effective. Unfortunately, until the specimen tells us where others of her kind are, the 5.5 liters she has will have to suffice, of which only about 30 to 40 percent is accessible to us. The Order wants the source kept alive and in a useful state. Is there a way to synthesize the toxin?" If they could do that, then it would be less strain on the specimen to supply them with her blood. More tests could be run on the specimen without worry of too much hemorrhaging.

"My apologies." Shinto said. "I meant the Kilos as a comparative of if we had to use all the toxins outside the body to do the same job." He explained. "Any amount you can offer would be wonders to my work as no more than half a Cubic centimeter can be used if we wish it to remain undetected. " Shinto smiled. "Her blood level will not have to be worked to have potency in other races; it is just a production line raw material to synthesize the filters for insertion." Shinto explained. "I am only hoping to keep my reputation and in good standing." Shinto admit. Two liters would be enough to last for a month's worth of adaptive experiments to ... customize use on other races."Shinto smiled. "Of course access to test subjects would be appreciated to help progress the experimentation from theoretical to reality?"

Giving a sigh, Arvix deposited the filter back onto the tray it came from. "It looks like your reputation may live to see another day, Mister Shinto. I can get you two liters of blood, but don't waste it. The rate of the specimen's blood cell regeneration cannot be changed. As for test subjects..." He paused to look at the redheaded scientist before adding, "well, you got one already."

Kaleth blinked, taking a moment to understand what he had said. "Um... sir," she began, her voice wavering a little. "... being a test subject wasn't in the job description."

"It is now," Arvix replied, narrowing his eyes a little. "Be lucky you even got the chance to work on this project. Besides, you look so... disappointed at the lack of hands on work you've done," he cooed. Swaying one of these brand new scientists to do his bidding would be a piece of cake. She would probably regret it, like most usually did. "I am giving you the opportunity to be more than hands on."

The redhead perked at the mention of hands on work, something she desperately wished she could do, and thought it over for a moment before nodding.

When he saw the nod, Arvix let a small smirk run across his face. "Excellent. Shinto, is the filter ready to test now? You have a volunteer, and I wish to see it in action." The other man likely knew there would be consequences for noncompliance, but Arvix didn’t even need to mention that.

"The unit is ready Sir." Shinto said without hesitation; he had seen this man be even more cruel.

Taking the small unit he began a log automatically, he would title it later but for now all he need is the visual and scanned data recorded. putting it in a hypo Shinto had thought of the woman and how she was pretty and it seemed a shame to mar her intellect and will this way but those are the breaks when it comes to experiments. He placed it in her left bicep into the main vein.

Kaleth watched him insert the filter into her arm, giving him a concerned look and slightly wincing at the light pain of the insertion without a local anesthetic. She was a bit nervous about doing this, and it didn’t help that she knew there was pain to be expected.

"For the sake of recording data," Arvix questioned, "why in the bicep?"

"Placement here will allow more of a controlled flow and farther from vitals to get a good gauge of the affects without having to harm the test subject unduly." He said. "PLacing it closer to vital organs will not allow for the observations we require but will give a good test base line of the affects. This one is the normal blood toxin levels so should be quite a foundation for the effects.

While not shaking his hand he took a tricorder and looked to his assistant. HE nod to the Doctor and after the nod of acknoeledgment he touched the control to open the valve. KNowing pretty well the effects of chemical burns on skin he could only imagine the effects of it in the body, her arm would be on fire as the tissue was singed down her arm, just 1/10 of a second would be enough to send a burning sensation from the unit to her fingertips before the dispersal in the circulatory system.

The Tricorder took in the results perfectly.

In the next instant Kaleth was grabbing her arm, her face scrunched in pain as she felt a fire blaze through her. Her arm became red in color as her blood mixed with the toxin, and soon enough she felt that burning sensation going throughout all of her body. As it became unbearable she sunk to her knees, her arms wrapped tightly around herself as if she could squeeze the pain away. "Please... it hurts... make it stop..." she cried.

Arvix watched the reaction time from when the other man opened the valves to the filter, and watched the woman tumble into a pleading mess on the floor. "Satisfactory response time," he mentioned, knowing that the data would go on record. "Notable change of skin color during the reaction..." Turning to the console where he could read more data -and ignoring Kaleth's pleas-, he asked Shinto, "what is the filter's primary source of energy?"

"Simple Micro heat exchanger that recharges the tiny battery, body heat is like a solar cell and charges the battery." SHinto explained. "So long as the subject is warm and alive the system will hav power, I try to keep the mechanics simple as less to break down or malfunction. The outer shell of the decic collects the heat and comparitive surface area allows fully maintained power." Shinto was proud of the simplicity.

"Shinto..." Kaleth gasped, looking up at him with a pained expression. "Please..." She was slightly rocking back and forth, as if the action itself could ease the pain. A couple tears pricked at her eyes, and despite her efforts to hold them back one still rolled lazily down her cheek.

Doctor Walters looked down at the begging redhead before squatting down beside her and resting his hands on his knees. "My dear, the valve is only opened about 26 percent... and you're already a sobbing mess on my laboratory floor." Taking a gloved hand, he reached over and gently wiped the tear from her cheek with his thumb. A seemingly compassionate action, the man could see the look of shock on her face when he pulled a small vial out of his coat pocket and carefully wiped his thumb over the top, letting the tear slide into the durable plastic container. Turning to Shinto, "open the valve completely."

Kaleth's eyes widened when she heard that, and looked at her lab partner with pleading eyes. "Please, Shinto... don't do it..."

"Doctor?" Shinto asked as he saw her expression.

"Are you questioning my orders?" Arvix threatened, his eyes narrowing.

"No sir." Shinto gave a sly grin. "You did not give me a duration that you wish to leave the valve open?" HE asked simply. "One second will be a fully open valve, is that all you wish and with this toxicality thirty seconds would put enough through her system to start doing serious damage to the heart and a minute would kill her in writhing agony." He said calmly as he gave a 1 second burst raced through her.

"I want it open until I am satisfied with the results," he demanded, crossing his arms firmly.

When the valve was opened completely, Kaleth let out a scream as she fell onto her back before rolling to her side. More tears streaked down her face, which Arvix bent down to collect again before capping the vial and passing it off to another scientist, telling the young man to run analyses on it. When the young man looked hesitantly at the woman, Arvix replied, "leave now, or you're next," which made the man snap out of his thoughts and scamper away. He ignored Kaleth's cries of agony and her pitiful writhing as he checked his watch. "Twenty five seconds..."

Grabbing the tricorder from the nearby console, he began scanning Kaleth's body, the tricorder going nuts as it picked up the strain and damage to her heart. At roughly the 45-second mark, Kaleth's movements started to decrease, and at fifty seconds she was unconscious. Arvix silently counted down in his head, and at a minute and three seconds the tricorder sounded a single monotone pitch, and he held up a hand, telling Shinto to close the valve, even though at this point it was pointless to. The woman was dead. "The corrosive properties of the specimen's blood are even more toxic than I had initially thought..." he mused. Turning to face Shinto, he added, "congratulations, you have successfully created a biological weapon. Now, I want you to create a second copy, and when it's ready it will be surgically implanted into the specimen, in the hepatic artery. Her anatomy resembles that of a human's in some aspects, and how convenient that the liver is in the same place." He then gave a venomous smile before turning on his heel, lifting his foot to step over Kaleth's body.

Shinto gave a humble bow. "It shall be done."

"Oh," he paused and turned to add, "and analyse the reaction process that the computer reported. I'll be expecting a detailed report by 0800."

After the man left Shinto looked at the fallen woman. "So beautiful and such a waste." He shrugged. "I suppose I should get another assistant, pretty ones are hard to find that actually have the brains to help." She tisked and got up to have orderlies put her on a slab to be given a post mordem.



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