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Testing the Subject

Posted on Mon Jun 20th, 2016 @ 8:28am by Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: Divided and Conquered
Location: NFO Headquarters :: Labs
Timeline: August 2392


M'Gann heaved a sigh as she was escorted into the labs by her two "friendly" guards, her hands cuffed in front of her and being tugged along by her arms. Earlier, she had tried making a run for it, but the guards were right on her tail and caught her with ease. She had put up a fight, but in the end it did nothing to help her cause. Almost immediately, one of the younger researchers came over with a hypo, but M'Gann thrashed, kicking her feet at the young man while trying to get loose from the guards. "Come near me with that again, and I'll bite you," she threatened, her eyes cold as she glared at the man with the hypo.

Arvix had heard her come in, and watched the interaction between the specimen and the young man. "Oh, my sweet," he replied, his voice like silk as he walked over to the struggling woman. "Is that really how you want to treat those who care for you?"

"You!" the blonde growled when she saw Arvix. She tugged against the guards as she glared at the scientist. "I am not your sweet anything, and your care is shit!"

Within the span of a couple seconds, Arvix had closed the distance between them and slapped her hard across the face. "Perhaps you should spend a little time in your cell to remind you of how lenient I have been with you, you little brat. I put my trust in the knowledge that a little more freedom would be good for... your kind," he scowled, as if the mere mention of her being different had a sour taste, "but you only saw it as a chance to run off to the Rebellion. That's where you were going, wasn't it?"

She had been free of her cell for three months now. M'Gann opened her mouth and moved her jaw to try and dissipate some of the stinging pain his slap caused, turning her head back to face him. "I was trying to get away from you, you ignorant little-" She was cut off when her calling band gave her a good zap, a startled cry escaping her as she flinched in response to the zap.

Arvix held up the remote in his hand, giving it a little wave. "You better watch how you speak to me," he warned, "because I can guarantee you that what I will do to you will make you regret that decision." Turning to the guards, he simply pointed toward the table in the middle of the room before pressing a button on a nearby console. "Shinto, the specimen is being prepped. Get down here," he snipped.

It was an almost orchestrated situation; Shinto had his own ideas as to how this would be the best. HE would come in there and had 'request' Arvix give Shinto some latitude?

As it were Shinto came through the doors with a little sign of being winded; he had obviously rushed to this point and the slightly paleness to his complexion could be fatigue or maybe even fear of what Arvix would do to him. Coming into the room he stopped short, the woman being held was attractive in an exotic way; he knew her blood factors and the fact she was alien but she did not hurt his eyes; if only he could have some additional time he might find a way to enjoy her as a female as she had something about her that caught him.

Sowing a disdain for the guards he looked more irritated as he looked to Arvix and then lowered his head slightly, too a breath and then went to teh girl. 'What are you two doing?" HE yelled. "You are hurting her." HE came close to M'Gann and kept his hands where she could see them. "I am a doctor... I -I just want to see your wounds and if I can heal you a bit?" HE nod in an almost pleading way. "If the guards let you go please allow me to check you over?" Shinto asked of her. "If you allow me to see to you they will not hurt you and if you try to do something...." His eyes widened and hands trembled slightly. "T-there is much worst they can do to get what they want I just need to see to you, please just trust I..." HE glanced nervously to Arvix before her again. "I-I just want to help with what I am supposed to do and not get in trouble... please?"

When the new man appeared, her first reaction was to keep him away from her, and she backed up uselessly against the guards. "You stay away from me or I swear to Rassilon..." she hissed when he approached her. As he spoke to her, however, she could see the look of fear in his eyes, which made her wonder about him. Was he there against his will too? He was giving off a calming demeanor, which appealed to her more than she'd like to admit. It definitely showed; she stopped fighting the guards as she was trying to contemplate who exactly this man was. "How do I know you won't go against your Oath like the rest of them did?" She asked, shooting a glare at Arvix.

"That is his job." Shinto said. "I-I just do as I am told or..." He gave a quick look to Avrix. "I-I should take a scan..." He took out a probe from the Tricorder and kept distance. "What... you h-have a different blood count." HE studied the readings. "What have they done to yo... " He looked concerned. "I guess not much more than with anyone else but if they want to do anything to you it will do no good in your present condition." He glanced up to her. "Your body is not in the best shape; neutralization and some other things like that for any humanoid." He glanced between her and the readings. "The count is not really consistent but I can tell your heart and such are being pressed, the heart rate is one of abuse and ... well not as healthy as you could be." "I-I C-could give you a supplement that might help you... you know maybe let you feel better?" He tried to express with his eyes his intentions and not get caught obviously. "We need you in good health i-if they want to really get a good scan of you and all?" Shinto held up a small hypo; just vitamin supplement to hopefully even out your body and let you feel better..." He offered to take it himself but it looked half empty. "B-but that would not do you much good as I only have one dose left..." He nod to her. "You will feel the extra vitamins I can assure you, help you feel good while I can?" He thought. "C-can you read the tricorder breakdown of chemicals... it is just a vitamin solution no sedatives or anything like that."

M'Gann carefully watched the man, glancing at the tricorder to read the breakdown of the contents in the hypo. Deciding that he might be a good guy who actually cares about those he's working with, she gave a hesitant nod, telling him that she consented to the supplement. "I would probably be in better condition if Doctor Asshole over there actually treated me like a humanoid instead of a specimen," she snipped at Arvix.

Arvix narrowed his eyes and merely raised the remote in his hands, which was enough to keep her quiet. He knew that she didn't want to be shocked by the caller again, and he could see it in her eyes.

"I am sorry this might sting a bit, hypos are that way." He put the hypo into her neck and gave her the supplements. "There you should be feeling better." He knew that the vitamins would do her some good.

As much as she wanted to flinch away from the hypo, the blonde told herself that this poor doctor was likely being told what to do against his will. She did wince when the hypo was pressed to her neck and the contents released, and a moment later the aching she felt all over began to fade a little as her body took in the nutrients. "Thank you for that," she murmured, getting a little more strength to hold herself up a little higher. The guards still kept their tight grip on her arms, but they saw that she was beginning to trust the doctor, so eased up ever so slightly.

Catching on to what Shinto was doing, Arvix sighed before jumping in and asking, "will you be so kind as to let the good doctor scan you? It was... brought to my attention that if our studies are to continue, then you as a specimen need to be kept in... tolerable health."

M'Gann kept her gaze on Shinto, because if she looked at Arvix again she would probably try to break free of the guards and get zapped again. "Oh, so now he cares about my personal well being? I'm flattered..."

Shinto nodd slowly and used he probe to take a scan of her. "At least this is painless." He said to her quietly. "H-he is not usually so ... humane." Shinto whispered. "I-I fear he will nto be so for very long." He warned her then turned to Arvix. "A-as far as I can tell minus some lacerations and some scar tissue that I believe should be taken care of as well as a few bones tat could be mended better before we are to continue if you truly want her in good health...' He looked at teh small device in his hand with fear. "T-that is if you wish the maxium results of course?"

Arvix noted the glance to the remote in his hand before looking at Shinto with a stern expression. "Do I look like someone who would settle for less?" he challenged, holding the remote upright so neither of them could see the button. He then pressed his thumb to the remote, missing the button but making it appear as if he did press it. The man was smart, Arvix would give him that. Luckily for him, the dark-haired researcher could keep up.

Shinto cried out in pain and doubled over dropping the Tricorder to the ground in a fedal position. "I-I did nothing!" He callled out.

M'Gann watched Shinto's reaction before tugging against the guards. "Stop it!" she pleaded to Arvix. "Please, stop it! He didn't do anything wrong!"

Arvix looked at the blue-skinned being for a moment, then back to Shinto putting on a hell of a show before lifting his thumb and dropping his hand to his side. "He implied that I was incompetent," he simply replied. Turning to Shinto, he said, "get your scans over with, and nothing more," before retreating into another room to prepare the filter for insertion.

Shinto took deep breaths as he lay there for a few seconds, his breathing was slowly becoming more towards normal pattern. He took a few more breaths and slowly moved to his knees while he continued to rise.

"I-I will not hurt you." He tried to force a smile in thanks and ran the probe was being used to make his scans. "Let her go..." He said to the guards. "You are restricting her blood flow." It was a reason to give her some comfort. "It will be just a few more moments." He was moving the probe all around her. "If you do as he says... no mouthing off at all, he will be good and not use the pain so long as we do not... defy him."

The guards lessened their grip before letting go completely, allowing the blonde to roll her shoulders to get some blood flow back into them as best as she could with her cuffed hands. "Are... are you alright?" she asked him, watching his movements. She knew how much it hurt to get shocked by the remote, but if this poor guy had been dragged into this... "the remote... did he put a calling band on you too?"

"Let us say I know the price of not doing what I am commanded to do." He forced a grin. "As a doctor I know what it is the remote controls, I will save you the gore of the details but it just induces an acidic RH into the blood stream that could if exposed long enough ... kill from the inside out." He warned her. "A nasty thing to say the least. "A-A woman I was intimate with was the first victim of it, she died in agony." He looked her in the eyes with sorrow. "I would not like to see that happen to someone... kind, again."

M'Gann's eyes widened a little when he explained it to her. "Please... you have to help me get out of here," she quietly murmured. "You can come with me. My people... they can remove whatever device he implanted into you. Then you can be free."

"Your people," Arvix began. He stepped out of the room while putting on a pair of blue surgical gloves. Looking at the pair, he finished, "... are dead, my sweet. You killed them off in that fight back in January, remember?" Turning to Shinto, he asked, "Doctor, are you finished? I am on a tight schedule, and cannot afford any dawdling."

"I-I have n-nothing more to check Sir." He bowed and had to move away. "S-she s healthy enough for your p-pameters Master."

M'Gann narrowed her eyes at Walters, and before she could even finish taking her step towards him the guards had their grips on her arms again, holding her back. "I did not kill anybody! It was the Order who killed them! They were murdered on a live transmission, you sadist!"

Arvix nodded, giving a faint smirk at being called 'Master' before nodding to the guards, ignoring the specimen's outbursts. "Take her to the table." He watched as the guards moved the blue specimen towards the examination table in the middle of the room before turning to Shinto. "Go wash up. I want you to monitor her vitals during the procedure."

"Right away." He gave a bow and started off to prepare for the fun part of this all.

"Procedure?!" M'Gann exclaimed, fighting as she was forced onto the table. "There is no way in hell you are doing a-" she didn't get to finish her sentence, as a male nurse came up behind her and injected the sedative into her neck. "Doing... a... a pro..." As she went limp, the guards finished moving her into position and began to strap her in.

"Just the wrists and ankles," Arvix instructed. The guards complied, and once they were done they waited for permission from Walters before exiting the labs.

Shinto came back out a few moments later; he was still keeping the meager mannerisms so not to get caught, she wuold have to really buy this whole act or none of it. He knew his place and the act was annoying but would not impeed his observations of things.

It wasn't long before the blue specimen was unconscious, and Arvix spared a glance at the other man before lifting the specimen's shirt to reveal her midriff. "She won't remember this, so you can cut the act for now. Nice work, Shinto." Reaching for a laser scalpel, he merely indicated with his finger where he was going to make the incision before doing it, the scalpel opening a 2 inch-long section of skin. "The filter needs to be inserted into this artery-" he pulled up a diagram of M'Gann's anatomy and zoomed in on the liver to point out the hepatic artery, "-but we cannot leave a trace of the surgery for her to find. Or that nurse," he muttered under his breath.

"There will be a probe that will only make a minimal incision and it will look like a birth mark type scar afterward."Shinto explained. "SO it will not resemble a medical incision."

Once the incision of entry was made and prepared, Arvix turned to Shinto before gesturing toward the filter. "Be my guest. It will also make your cover more believable." If the specimen believed that Shinto had done the surgery against his will, then it might make her sympathize with him more, making Walters' work much easier.

Shinto quickly and with precise reflexes he placed the filter at the exact place he needed. The best way to this is to be quick and get the skin repaired and he was done almost as fast as one might patch a band-aid.

Walters assisted wherever he was needed, but for its speed the surgery was a success and the filter was in place. "Like from the books," he mentioned, grabbing a dermal regenerator to finish healing the superficial incision. "Good work. Come back in a couple hours after the sedative has worn off and we will observe the specimen's behavior."

Shinto bowed and took his leave of the patient.



Doctor Arvix Walters
Experimental Researcher


Lt. Cmdr. M'Gann Sverch'tel
Resident Lab Rat


Doctor Shinto
Doctor / Inventive research
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