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The Fall of the Federation

Posted on Sun Jun 5th, 2016 @ 5:40am by David Hawkins
Edited on on Sun Jun 5th, 2016 @ 5:43am

Mission: Divided and Conquered
Location: Space Station:: Sickbay
Timeline: January 2392

“Ma’am!” A voice called from one side of the room. “There are two ships decloaking off the starboard bow, and one off the port side!”

M’Gann could feel the tension in the room rise, and she felt a rush of confidence come from Miko. “Evasive maneuvers!” she told the helm. Shortly after, a tremor shook the ship, and alarms started going off everywhere. M’Gann held her arms out to keep her balance, feeling Miko lightly pressed against her leg. “Report! What the hell was that??”

“The ships have opened fire on us!” came the reply from ops. Another tremor verified the woman’s words, sending the blonde into the Captain’s Chair.

“Fire back then!” she ordered, wincing as her side rammed into the arm of the chair. Scrambling into it before she got thrown around, she slapped her comm badge. “Sverch’Tel to Hawkins! We’re being ambushed! We got three right on top of us!” To whoever was in charge of weapons, she ordered, “target their weapons array! Helm, evasive pattern gamma six! Try to shake them!”

“I’m trying,” came the reply from the helm. The young man’s fingers were flying across the console, and when another blast hit the ship he fell out of his seat. Scrambling back into it, he corrected the flight path before adding, “Ma’am, they are still hot on our tail!”

‘What do I do what do I do what do I do…’ M’Gann thought, struggling to control her breathing as it increased in panic. She felt Miko’s comforting emotions, but they did nothing to help actually calm her racing mind. “What’s our status?” she asked. Perhaps that would give her something to work with.

“Shields are at 64 percent-” a violent tremor shook the ship, “-correction: 41 percent. That last hit took out warp capabilities, life support is at 39 percent, and phasors are at 16 percent!”

“Crap…” M’Gann took a moment to think. She had to try to get the crew to safety, but at this point it was looking grim. She had to give them a fighting chance, even if it was a small one. “Get everyone into the escape pods, now!”

“But they will be picked off the second the pods eject!”

M’Gann stood, taking a deep breath. “In case you hadn’t noticed, we are heavily outnumbered and our ship’s energy is depleting. I would rather save some lives than let everyone on this ship die because a risk wasn’t taken! So get people into the escape pods right now, that is an order!” Her words came out a little harsher than intended, but at this point she didn’t care.

The woman who had replied bit her tongue, holding back her thoughts about this idea, before nodding.

“Answer me, dammit!”

“Yes ma’am!” the woman replied verbally, jumping a little at the Commander’s tone of voice. She tapped on her console and said aloud, “All hands. Emergency evacuation, get to the escape pods immediately! Repeat, emergency evacuation, get to the escape pods!”

“Hawkins, I’m launching the escape pods,” M’Gann said through her own comm badge. There was a hint of confidence in her voice, but where it came from was beyond her. “The saucer section has taken heavy damage, and this way there’s a chance some will make it.”

“We are on our way to cover your escape,” David’s voice called out over an explosion behind him through her combadge.

“Escape pods are launching,” the woman behind ops declared. A moment later she added, “they’re getting picked off one by one!” Everyone on the bridge could hear the phasor blasts and the explosions of escape pods rang through the air.

“I knew that was going to happen…” the other woman, over in science, replied.

“Hey, save the negative energy for later!” M’Gann yelled at the science station, leaving the comm signal to Hawkins open. “Alright, listen up. Helm, maneuver us so we protect the escape pods as we’re heading out. We’ll act as their shield. Ops, cut all unnecessary systems and reroute power into shields and weapons. Take from life support if you have to. Commodore, we’ll need backup if we’re going to make it out of this.”

There was a chorus of “yes ma’am’s,” and M’Gann stood for a moment before feeling something press against her leg. “Hang in there, Miko,” she consoled him. She could feel him slightly shaking, likely from the sounds of the explosions and weapons blasts. “Fire everything we got at the enemy ships!” she ordered, forgetting that the comm link was open.

A blast then shook the ship, making M’Gann lose her balance and fall. Her head hit the arm of the chair before she caught herself heavily on the ground, and around her she could hear the sparks of consoles exploding. Wincing, she stood up, feeling blood starting to trickle down her forehead, and she turned her head before asking for a report.

“Lieutenant Hart, the one at ops, is dead, ma’am,” the science woman replied. She had ran over when the ops console exploded, and saw the nasty burns and knew she was dead before she even placed two fingers to her neck.

“That hit took out our weapons,” the man at the helm replied. He glanced back at the ops station before tapping on his console. “Kaira, take over ops!”

The young woman in blue looked up at Markinson, the man at the helm. “I’m don’t know how to work it!”

“On the console, the button that says phasers and photon torpedoes, those are the only two you need!”

M’Gann nodded, “Do it, Kaira!” She knew it was risky, but without someone at ops they were as good as dead. “Markinson, get us out of here! The ship can’t take another hit like that!”

“I’m trying, ma’am!” the young man replied, his fingers tapping on the console, “she’s running on impulse and thrusters!”

“I don’t care if we have to get out and push, just get the damn ship moving!” she ordered, both to Markinson and the engineer that sat at his station on the bridge.

“Ma’am!” Kaira called from ops. “One of the ships is charging their torpedo tubes… sensors are picking up a tricobalt signature.”

M’Gann felt a knot settle into her stomach when she heard that. With the ship dead in the water, the torpedo would surely destroy the saucer section. “Do we have enough energy for a forcefield? Get a forcefield up around the bridge, it’ll buy us a little time!” Another tremor came as one of the ships fired on the crippled saucer section again.

“Ma’am, the tricobalt torpedo has been launched and is headed right for us! All systems are failing! I’m trying to reroute any spare energy to force fields!”

“Computer, erect a level ten forcefield around the bridge!” M’Gann paused, then cursed aloud when she heard no compliance. “Computer!” Nothing. “All hands, brace for-”

M’Gann let out a scream as she sat upright, her breath short and her heart pounding. She told herself to take deep breaths as she looked around the sickbay of the space station she was transferred to. Sickbay. She was safe. She was alive.

The others weren't, though. The blonde continued to take deep breaths as she pushed back the memories. The sounds of the explosions, the yells... it echoed in her head.

The nurse who was on call jumped and rushed over when she heard the sudden burst of noise. "Miss, are you alright?"

M'Gann looked up to see the nurse with a concerned expression. She paused for a moment before giving a small nod. "Yeah... nightmare," she replied, her voice a little hoarse. Taking a breath in, she asked, "can I, uh, get a glass of water please?"

The nurse nodded and left, returning a moment later with a cup filled with the clear liquid. As she handed the cup over, she asked, "do you want to get it off your chest, talk about it?"

"No." Accepting the cup, the blonde took a sip, willing her hands to stop shaking as she let the water soothe her dry throat. She could still taste the smoke from the exploding consoles in her mouth, and a couple burns were still evident on her arms and legs, with a particularly nasty one on her side, but they were much better than when she first arrived. Only a couple more treatments with the dermal regenerator and they would be fully healed.

Part of her felt to blame for the explosion of the saucer section. She was supposed to save people, and for all she knew they were all dead. That thought put what felt like a rock in her stomach, and she stared at the cup in her hands. "I failed them..."

The nurse raised an eyebrow, confused by the statement. "The ones in the dream?" She suggested.

"It wasn’t a dream!" She snipped at the nurse. Realizing how harsh her tone seemed, she turned her gaze from the nurse stared down at the biobed. "Sorry," she replied, a bit softer.

"Miss," the nurse began, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. "We are here to help. You came to us practically delirious from the blood loss and the extent of your injuries, so it's alright to feel confused."

"Where's Miko?" She asked, changing the subject. "My service animal. I want to see him."

The nurse looked at the blonde before replying, "he's in the ICU. His injuries were much more extensive. Fortunately we were able to determine his species and get a pint of blood for him. Your blood count, however, is still low, so I would exercise caution when moving around so you don’t get dizzy."

M'Gann swallowed the lump in her throat. "I still want to see him." It dawned on her that she had never actually seen Miko before, but the memory of her other senses was still fresh. She would be able to recognize him by touch. Carefully standing from the biobed, she was careful not to lose her balance before looking at the nurse to lead the way.

Entering the intensive care section of sickbay, M'Gann looked around until her eyes rested on a lump of fur lying on a biobed. She didn't need the nurse to tell her it was him; she could feel the bond with him. "Miko..." Coming to a stop by the bed, she hesitantly lifted a hand and paused before gently placing it on his shoulder. His breathing was slow, as was his heart rate, and there were a couple tubes snaking under his fur and into his system, likely keeping him hydrated and supplying supplements. Despite still a little unsure of how the bond worked, M'Gann closed her eyes and tried to send him a feeling of encouragement and comfort.

"Nurse..." she began softly, "how long have we been here?"

"Three days, miss," the nurse replied. A beep came from the nearby console, and the nurse moved to see what message came in. "A live feed... this is odd..."

Curious, M'Gann walked over and looked at the message. Perhaps this live feed, whatever it was, could answer some of her questions. She was sure that she had died, or should have in that explosion. "Go ahead and play it," she suggested.

She wished she hadn't.

"United Federation of Planets," a male voice eerily stated. "At this moment you are witnessing the official surrender of the weak and petty USS Gladiator, given by the ship's very own commanding officer, Commodore David Hawkins." A couple figures in black shoved the Commodore, with hands tied behind his back, into view, with several weapons pointed at him.

"David..." M'Gann gasped, her eyes going wide. The Gladiator surrendered?? That couldn't be!

"This momentious day will mark the history booke," the voice continued. "It is only a matter of time before Starfleet is destroyed by our hand. Now, Commodore..." The mention of the rank was uttered with a foul taste. "I want you to give me access to Starfleet Headquarters. If you do not comply, then you will watch as your crew is brought to their knees, and you will watch as this knife-" a flash of something metallic, "-slides across their throats and their life spills onto this floor."

"No!" M'Gann gripped the console tightly as she watched the interaction play out. She knew she was helpless; there was nothing she could do from the station. Her skin grew pale when she saw the first victim, someone from engineering, get the knife and collapse onto the floor. "Oh Rassilon..."



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