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Lucy in the Sky

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Mission: Divided and Conquered
Location: NFO Headquarters:: Labs
Timeline: February 2392


M’Gann struggled as much as she could in the hands of the guards, a task which was difficult because each one of her limbs was held by one of the four guards and wouldn’t let go. “I can walk myself!” she growled at them. The lack of response made the blonde continued to struggle, and she paused to look where they were when the group suddenly stopped. The two holding her feet dropped them, while the other two held on tightly to her arms, and while one pulled a phasor on her the fourth entered a code into an access panel beside a door.

When the doors parted, the two guards pushed the blonde woman, who resisted the entire time, inside and stopped just beyond the door. “Professor Simoga, your specimen is ready,” one of the guards called.

The man named Professor Simoga turned his attention from the tablet in his hands to the group standing in front of the door. “Well, get the specimen prepared and stop creating a hazard by standing in front of the door.” The tall and lanky man gestured with the tablet towards a table in the middle of the room before turning his attention back to his readings.

“I am not a specimen, you little-” The second M’Gann saw the table and the round things she immediately recognized as restraints, she pushed backwards and dug her heels into the ground. “Oh, there is no way in hell that I am getting near that thing!” The guards practically dragged her along, the other two stepping in to pick up her legs and carry her over. “Let me go!” the blonde yelled at them. She seemed to be ignored as she was put onto the table, and with the four guards holding her down she couldn’t do much in the way of thrashing to try and get free.

A couple people in white coats came over and began strapping the restraints around her wrists, ankles, and across her chest, and once she was strapped in the guards let go, leaving her to try and escape the restraints. M’Gann tested them by pulling and moving around, and found that she wasn’t going anywhere any time soon. Muttering some colorful words, she continued to struggle. Perhaps she could find a weakness in the straps.

“Simoga, my friend,” another man chastised as he walked over. “Let the thing alone. Look at her, can’t you see that she’s clearly frightened?”

“More like pissed off!” M’Gann spat at him.

Simoga merely shrugged before moving to a console and entering in some commands.

The other man chuckled and shook his head before turning to the table with the blue alien on it. “I apologize for my partner. He’s not very expressive. I am Doctor Arvix Walters, but you may call me Arvix.” The man was shorter than his partner, and a little rounder in the face. His dark hair was pushed back by a considerable amount of hair gel, and piercing blue eyes took in every initial observation he could make about his new specimen. His white lab coat hung a little past his knees, whereas it stopped a little above Simoga’s. Pulling a tricorder out of his coat pocket, he opened it, grabbing the scanner that was stored on top, and began to run it down M’Gann’s body, starting at the head.

“What do you want?” the blonde growled, tugging again at the restraints. Her eyes watched the guy named Arvix as he did a scan of her.

“Oh, merely scientific data, my sweet,” Arvix replied, his voice like silk. “My job is to study you, and figure out your composition. Your blue skin tone is very remarkable; I haven’t seen anything like it before.” He closed the tricorder and put it back in his pocket before turning back to her. “And your markings…” With one hand he held the blonde’s head back by pushing on her forehead while the other traced the line that trailed down her face.

The blonde involuntarily shuddered at the touch. After working with Delvok months ago to strengthen her ability to sense things with her ridge, it was an alarming feeling to have someone touch it. And not a good alarming. “Don’t you touch me,” she ordered him, shaking her head to get his hands off her.

Arvix’s eyes widened with interest as he watched her body react to the touch, and when she moved her head he let go. “Very fascinating… a sensitive frontal ridge. Is this normal for your species?”

M’Gann glared at him, refusing to respond.

“Oh, you blue wonder,” Arvix darkly replied. He then took his hand and slapped it across her face, whipping it to the side. He then leaned in close and said, “You will learn very quickly that I can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare. If you comply with me, I can do what I can to keep the Order from getting their hands on you. If you don’t, then what they do to you is not under my control, but I can guarantee that it will be the worst decision you ever made.”

“That sounds a lot like a threat to me,” the blonde coldly said. Her cheek stung from the hit, but she refused to react to it and give them that satisfaction. “You should know that I don’t respond to threats well.”

“Walters, stop messing with the specimen and let’s get to work,” Simoga suggested, a note of impatience in his voice.

“Ah, Professor, I am already collecting data on the specimen,” Arvix replied casually, standing straight. “She’s already told me that her facial ridge is sensitive to touch, and that we will have to use more forceful means to gather more information.”

M’Gann lifted her head and stared at Arvix’s back. “I said nothing of the sort!”

“My sweet,” Arvix chuckled again, turning to face her. “Your body language says it all. Now, as per our agreement which I was informed of, if you are compliant with our testing then you will be able to have some freedom to do what you wish. To make it less stressful on the specimen, the Great Leader and I agreed to do these testing sessions in short increments, the length at my discretion. I think 90 minutes sounds reasonable, don’t you? Anyway,” he clapped his hands before rubbing them together. “We got lots of work to do, and little time to do it!” the dark-haired man then turned and moved to a console before typing in a bunch of commands.

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “You sick bastard… when you took your Oath, did you mention that you experiment on sentient beings??”

Arvix looked up. “I never mentioned experimentation… but now that you mention it, there are a couple experiments I want to try out.”

“Shit…” M’Gann muttered, putting her head on the table and closing her eyes. She silently chastised herself for making things worse for her, but at the same time she didn’t know.

Arvix looked up and gave the woman a stern look. “Watch your tongue in my laboratory. Computer, play for us Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” He bobbed his head when the music started, doing a little jive as he entered a command into the console.

The blonde opened her eyes again and turned her head to look at Arvix while giving him a fake smile. “When I get free of these restraints, I am going to take that tricorder and shove it so far up your ass that transporters won’t be able to lock onto it!”

Setting his jaw, Arvix snapped his fingers, and two researchers appeared. “Hook her up,” he ordered. The two nodded, and one moved up to M’Gann’s head and held it in place while the other grabbed what looked like a box on wheels and a trolley with several medical tools on it. Positioning the box behind her, one researcher grabbed two electrodes from the box and attached them to the blonde’s temples. When the redheaded researcher was done, she moved to the trolley and grabbed a cylindrical tube before pushing it into a hypospray.

“No, get that away from me-!” M’Gann struggled, but she couldn’t avoid the contents of the hypo being injected into her neck. A moment later she got very drowsy, and she blinked a couple times to try and shake it off. “What… the hell… was that?” she managed to ask without slurring her words. She barely heard the response as her world turned dark and blurry, her head falling the the side as she gave in to the sedative’s power.

Once their blue specimen was barely conscious, Arvix put on a pair of gloves before stepping over to the woman on the table. They didn’t want her fully out, so they could still analyse her responses to certain stimuli. Picking up an empty syringe, he found a vein on her arm before pressing the needle into it. It would be better to draw the blood if the specimen weren't writhing on the table. Arvix's eyes fastened on the blood being collected, admiring its blue color. “Fascinating...” he commented. Pulling the syringe away, he examined the contents by holding it up to the light before passing it off to another researcher. “Copper-based blood, how interesting.”

The researcher didn't get very far with the syringe before she dropped it with a yelp and rushed to the sink to wash her hands.

Arvix whipped his head around, not happy by that noise. “What was that?” he demanded.

“The blood, sir,” the woman replied, “it's corrosive. It dissolved the container and got onto my hands, which made me drop it.”

“Corrosive blood...” Arvix typed the note into a nearby console before replicating another syringe. This one was sturdier, made of glass instead of the durable plastic, and he went back to the woman strapped to the table and drew another sample. “That should hold it,” he confirmed, passing it off to a different researcher. Turning to the female washing her hands, he added, “if you're injured, head to the medical bay before analyzing the blood sample.”

The woman nodded before exiting the lab, one hand holding the other gingerly, while the other researcher with the sample walked with haste toward the testing room, not wanting the accident to repeat itself.

Arvix watched the two exit the main room they were in before going back to their blue specimen, grabbing a pair of tweezers. He plucked a strand of her hair before placing it in a bag, which was passed off to a third researcher. Moving back to the console, he began a series of tests with a couple taps on the screen.



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