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Who Breaks First?

Posted on Sat Jun 11th, 2016 @ 6:08am by David Hawkins

Mission: Divided and Conquered
Location: NFO Headquarters
Timeline: March 2392


M’Gann paced her cell, arms crossed as she tried to figure out a way to escape. She already searched the entire cell and found nothing; it wasn't surprising, as it was a room within the lab that could be sealed shut. She speculated that it was an office at some point, but instead of a desk there was a rather uncomfortable cot and a tray for food and water. A couple times she had tried tampering with the wall panel (part of what she assumed was the previous office) to try and open the door, to no success. The manual door controls had been severed from that console.

Hearing a door open, she stopped her pacing and stood there with crossed arms as three security guards came into view to retrieve her from the lab, an additional two carrying weapons to stun her if needed. She recognized one as a phasor, but the other she hadn’t seen before. It was long, and had a prong-like fork on the end of it. When they opened the door, M’Gann stepped back. When those guards came, she knew what came next. Two of them entered, the third lingering in case she decided to run for it. As usual, she resisted when the two grabbed her, and as they pulled her towards the door she jerked her arms to try and get them free. “Is this really necessary??” she snapped at them. To her dismay, they still kept their tight hold, and as they exited her office/prison the third guard shut the door behind them, the other two focusing their weapons on her before they headed off.

“Don’t you lot have something better to do?” she grumbled.

“Better safe than sorry,” a guard replied gruffly.

Last time, M’Gann managed to knock out two and break the nose of a third before they were able to pin her down. With a huff, she blew a strand of hair out of her face. “Does that mean you can’t hold your own against a girl?” she taunted. The response was a shock from the long weapon, which made her yelp. “Ow! What the hell??”

Eventually, they led her into a semi-small room, where a figure stood waiting for them.

“Please, take a seat,” the figure said in the shadows as a flicker of a flame lit the end of a cigar. Puffing a couple times to make sure that the cigar was fully lit, the man finally let the lighter go out before he pulled a long puff from it. The embers lit up more of the man’s face to show an outline of facial hair and black gloves. Smoke rose from the man as he looked down at the creature before him. Disgust filled him as he looked her over.

The guards didn’t really give her much choice. They led her to the chair and shoved her into it before hovering on either side of her, prepared to grab her if she decided to run.

M’Gann muttered a curse before glaring at the figure, the smoke making her nose tingle. “What the hell do you want?” she demanded, crossing her arms.

“You know, I typically like blondes,” the dark figure started off as he ignored her question. He paced around slightly as he enjoyed the cigar he now chewed a little between puffs. He kept one hand in his pocket as he fumbled with a small object in there. “But you take the cake.”

M’Gann’s eyes watched the man as he moved. That voice… she heard it from somewhere. It was on the tip of her tongue, but she couldn’t quite place it. “What, did you suddenly wake up with that desire tickling your fancy?” she snipped at him. “You’re disgusting…”

With a simple shrug, the man simply allowed a puff of smoke roll from his nostrils before pulling the cigar out of his mouth. “Well that ain’t nice. Besides, you ain’t my type.”

“Ouch,” M’Gann sarcastically replied, “I’m hurt. Well, sorry to disappoint.” Where has she heard that voice form??

A slight chuckle came from the man as he nodded scanning the object in his fingers while he thought for a moment before cocking his head and smirking. “Want to play nice with me and answer my questions?”

“How about I deck you instead?” she replied with a fake smile. “Normally you lot do this stuff in the labs, so why the change of heart, Doctor Nutjob??” M’Gann moved to lunge forward, but was immediately held back by the guards. She fought them while keeping her eyes on the man.

“Oh don’t worry, I ain’t no doctor Just a simple man and what not,” he stated as he as he stepped up to the table. He stood tall, with a military black leather uniform with stars on his shoulders. A full beard and mustache with some gray hairs covered his face. He rubbed his beard with his hand holding the cigar and they could tell that he was wearing black gloves that kept his skin on his hands hidden from the world. The look on her face changed and this made him pause for a moment before he placed the cigar between his grinning lips again and puff for a moment. “But you already know this… now don’t you?”

When he finally stepped into the light, M’Gann’s eyes widened as she recognized the figure before her. “What…” she stammered. But... he died! She watched him die! The man before her lasted about a month in the New Federation Order before he was publicly executed... or at least, that’s what she thought.

“So you were one of those that saw my beheading… Pretty cool, don’t ya think,” He smirked as he leaned back in the chair. “Doesn’t take much these days to make a man look like another and take a beheading for another.”

It took a moment to register that Hawkins was actually standing in front of her, and once it did anger took over and she pulled against the guards again. “You traitor!” she yelled at him. “Everyone on that ship put their trust in you and you betrayed them! You let them die!”

The guards were having trouble holding her, so the one with the longer weapon came over and zapped her again, making her yelp and pause in her movements long enough for the guards to get a better grip on her before she started tugging again.

“Please, they were all traitors to the true cause. They were never going to survive anyway,” he muttered as he nodded to the guards. Without another word, they quickly moved to her sides and zip tied her arms and legs to the chair. “You see, unlike the doctors, I like having an actual conversation with the people I… am interested in.”

M’Gann winced when the zip ties dug into her skin, and she was able to get a kick in before the guards secured her legs. The guard she kicked had a hand to his face, blood creeping out from between his fingers, and he glared at the blonde, who matched it with one of her own. Turning to the man clad in black leather, she replied, “If you wanted an actual conversation, you would’ve asked me to join you for a drink, not this crap.” She didn’t have to test the ties to know that she wasn’t going anywhere; the feeling of them tight against her wrists and ankles gave it away pretty well.

“Oh sshhh….” Hawkins hushed her as he slid the chair to her side and he leaned in to her. He patted her face gently as he looked her into her face. “Now why would I want to drink with a spy like yourself?”

The blonde shook her head to get his hand off her before turning toward him and butting at his forehead with all the strength she could muster from her position. “Go to hell,” she spat at him.

“Well that wasn’t nice,” He commented as he blinked for a moment before wiping his face. Once he felt slightly better, he stepped up and walked over to the corner where he had a couple items brought in earlier. He walked back and heavily sat down the item onto the table.

Before her, the electronic device was old, and had a couple dials. Next to it was a small power cell connected to it. But what stood out most is the two long cables and two long rods about a foot long each connected to the wires.

“You know, I would typically ask if you want to do it the easy way or hard way. But …” he leaned down to eye level with her and nodded with a slight grin. “You are strong. I like that part about you,” He looked over her shoulders and nodded. The door behind her slid open and a foot stepp of another person walked in. A female took a seat off to the side with a med kit and looked between M’Genn and the General.

“You see,” he started off as he took his seat in front of her and fiddled with the nobs for moment before looking back at her with the rods in either hand. “... I won’t let you die. For if you die, You are no good to us. That is why she is here. So… are you ready?”

The blonde glared at Hawkins before shooting a glance at the woman with the med kit. “Hey, nurse lady,” she called out, “Can I sign a DNR so I don’t have to entertain this asshole with his poke-y rods?” It wasn’t surprising that the nurse didn't respond.

Without another word, the General smirked slightly as he raised the rods up in the air and without a simple warning or heads up, he brought the rods straight down in either thigh. He let go and sat back as he sighed as he rolled his eyes. “Suck it up, buttercup. It will subside. At least, that will.”

M’Gann had opened her mouth to say something sarcastic, but instead a startled cry escaped her as pain shot up her legs. She grimaced, leaning forward a little as the rods stuck upright, every little movement of them adding an extra twinge of pain. Clenching her teeth, she leaned back and focused her gaze on the ceiling while taking slow yet shaky breaths. Eventually the sharp pain subsided to a dull throb, but it still made her hands clench into fists as she pulled uselessly against the restraints. “I am not your buttercup,” she growled at him.

“Stay with me here,” he replied as he patted her cheeks before turning to his little device. “You see, in the old times, torture or interrogations were very… well it was an art. The one who did the whole thing had to do it where the person didn’t die, but came very close. With our technology, we can keep you alive, practically for as long as we need ya to. But it kind of takes the fun out of it,” the General sighed slightly as he turned a knob. A slight hum grew, and he watched as the power flowed to the primary device. He looked at her and picked up his cigar once again to light while he listened to her in pain.

At first she resisted it, but as the pain got stronger she felt her whole body tense and shake. M’Gann clenched her eyes shut as she tried so very hard not to cry out and give him the satisfaction of seeing her in pain. A couple strained groans escaped her lips, her knuckles growing white as she tightened her fists.

After the cigar was light, he brought the power back down and looked at his cigar. “I like to go back to the old technology and remind people how it's not all about new stuff, but the good stuff,” Hawkins looked at her. “Now, let’s get some of those aching questions out in the open, shall we?”

Once the current stopped, M’Gann’s form slumped forward a little, panting as her body recovered from the electrifying experience. She silently glared up at him from between locks of blonde hair that had fallen in front of her face, her chest rising and falling as she caught her breath. There was a hatred growing for the man, she could feel it inside her as it grew.

“Who are you?”

Straightening a little, M’Gann shook her head to push her hair out of her face. “I already told Mister Potato Head that months ago.”

David paused as he looked at her and just mouthed the word ‘Months?’ before leaning back. “And who sent you to work against us?” he asked as he tried to make a circle in the air with his cigar smoke.

“I wasn't sent by anyone,” she snipped at him.

He looked at her and hovered his finger over the button. “You wanna watch how you talk to me? I deserve at least that since I didn’t allow those crazy doctor’s cut you all open and take you apart, limb by limb.”

If the blonde could cross her arms, she would have. Instead, she kept her narrowed eyes fixed on him, her eyes glancing at the button his finger was hovering over. “And what exactly did you have in mind?” she asked, a hint of caution in her voice.

“Well you said that you weren't a spy… So let's talk about who you are and how you came to us,” he smirked slightly.

“I don’t know how I got here, the Order should already know who I am, and you can go to hell,” she replied simply, narrowing her eyes at him.

Just a simple sigh escaped the General’s lips as he leaned back in his chair and started to puff on his cigar in the dim light. He shrugged his shoulders as the man mumbled. “Suit yourself.” As he tapped the commands into the old device, and the humming started up again a second before he watched her in pain.

This time, she couldn’t hold back the scream as her body writhed in the chair. Her head fell back as she tugged uselessly at the restraints, and when the circuit stopped she slumped forward, slightly shaking as her chest heaved for air. A groan escaped her as she grimaced through the pain before sitting up, shaking her hair out of her face as she glared at the General.

“I could do this all day, but I have better things to do. So… Let’s see who breaks first, shall we?”



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