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Finding Truth

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Mission: Divided and Conquered
Location: NFO Headquarters :: Labs
Timeline: March 2392


When Hawkins was done with her, two guards cut the ties loose and dragged her back to her cell in the labs. The blonde tried to pick up her feet, hell, even pick up her head, but it was like all her energy had been sapped from her. Her thighs still burned from where the rods had been stabbed into, and she distinctly remembered cussing out the nurse when she revived her. The moment before that had been rather peaceful; it was the only time the pain had gone away, like it just evaporated and made her chest feel all light and fluttery. She knew that Miko had felt everything through their bond, and the whitecoats were probably poking and prodding him with all sorts of things. The mere thought of them hurting Miko sent a wave of anger through her, but she could barely stand, let alone fight back, so the anger was left to simmer.

The door to her cell opened with a hiss, and the two guards walked in to dump her rather ungracefully onto the cot, making her cry out as pain jolted through her. Uncaring, the two figures left, shutting the door behind them. With a groan, M’Gann readjusted so that she was slightly more comfortable on her side, hissing as the cot scratched against her wounds. “Oh, Rassilon, help me…” she murmured, clenching her eyes shut. They didn’t even bother to send someone in to heal her injuries; the only one who even did anything was that nurse, and all she did was keep her alive for the General.

Hawkins. It couldn’t be him. He wouldn’t do such a thing, he would never betray the Federation! At least, that’s what M’Gann thought. Seeing him like that, with that grin and the cigar as he watched her writhe in pain… it filled her with doubt. What did she believe? She opened her eyes and stared at the wall, forcing herself to take deep breaths to try and calm her still shaking body. She had never seen him like that before…

But it wasn’t the one she knew. It just couldn’t. She remembered the data she saw back in January, the proof she needed that she wasn’t in her own universe. That can’t possibly be the David she knew, the one she worked with and trusted. M’Gann wrapped her arms around herself, her hands trembling as pain hit her with every move she made. She didn’t know who to trust. Everyone on the Gladiator was dead, and anyone left alive was either in hiding or sided with the Order. She didn’t even have family wherever she was; all she had was Miko, and he was who knows where, being put through who knows what.

No. Her crew wasn’t dead. They couldn’t be. M’Gann closed her eyes again as she fought back tears. There was no way to know for sure… what if what she saw was real? “No…” she mumbled. She saw the proof. Her species doesn’t exist. It was proof enough that she was in another universe. That meant that the crew, her crew, could still be alive. All of them -Mercia, Lixor, Khelev, even Strem- might be alright.

Despite the hopeful thoughts, she still remembered watching the broadcast that went across the quadrant, showing the Gladiator’s surrender and Hawkins submitting to COIL. The faces of those she knew were still fresh in her mind, the cameras able to catch the light leaving their eyes as their throats were slit open. The memory of some of them, with blood running down their fronts, made the blonde shudder, and she cringed when she remembered Hawkins’ plea for them to stop when it came to Commander Kavi. It seemed so real at the time, that he genuinely cared for his crew and couldn’t bear to see them picked off one by one in front of him. The look of defeat she saw on that man’s face gave her chills, and it pained her to watch as COIL gradually took control of the Federation. But after what he did, faking his death and interrogating her with that device… she didn’t know what to think.

Hearing the door to her cell open, M’Gann forced her eyes open and watched the guard carefully as he brought in a tray with food and water, the door closing with a hiss behind him. A sandwich, an apple, and a couple carrots. The blonde glared at the guard as he stood in the corner and she took a breath and slowly sat up, cringing as her muscles protested. She heard a chuckle come from the guard, and she put on a mask of anger and asked him, “what the hell do you find so funny?”

The guard didn’t reply immediately, instead watching her with amusement as she tried not to jostle her injuries. When he was first assigned to this position, he had laughed off the idea of a blue alien that wasn’t Andorian, but one that shouldn’t exist was in their custody.

M'Gann glared at the guard before carefully standing, wincing some more at the pain. "Prick..." she muttered, holding out her hand for the damn tray.

The guard pulled his hand away, making the tray hover just outside her reach. "If you want it, come and get it," he taunted.

"Just give me the damn tray," she grumbled, taking a step forward to close the distance, only to have it move out of reach again. If glares could kill, M'Gann's would've pulverized the guard where he stood. "Oh, so now Arvix wants his guards to torment me? What a low blow..."

The guard smiled, a sick grin that would make someone shudder. "The other guards feed you so readily, I'm just making you work for it." He then tilted his head and asked, "I wonder if I could make you bark like a dog for food?"

She knew she was nowhere near strong enough to fight someone. It didn't stop her from lunging at the guard with anger behind her. Within about four seconds she took a blow to the gut before the guard stepped beside her to get the leverage to drop her like a stone. She hit her head hard on the ground, and swore she saw stars as she clutched her head and rolled onto her side with a groan.

The guard stared at her on the ground before laughing, the tray still in his hand. "And I didn't even drop anything on the tray! Wow, you were weaker than I thought!"

Forcing herself to look up at the man, M'Gann narrowed her eyes at him, a difficult task as she felt like she was seeing double. "That how you treat your mother?" she countered.

The guard stopped laughing and glared at her before raising his foot and giving her gut a solid kick. "Stupid pest... it's a wonder you're still alive with that attitude." With that, he left the cell, taking the food and water with him, but not before giving her gut another two kicks.

M'Gann was left on the floor, her head pounding and her chest heaving as she gasped for the breath that was forced out of her. She coughed, a couple specks of blue dotting the floor. It was her second day without food, she was weak, she was sore. Her throat felt like sandpaper. On top it, she was certain that she had a concussion from hitting her head on the ground. That asshole had taken an easy sleep from her.

It was going to be a long night.



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