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A Matter of Trust

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Mission: Divided and Conquered
Location: NFO Headquarters :: Labs
Timeline: June 2392


“You can't keep her like that!” a brown-haired female exclaimed as she stormed after Arvix. Lauren glanced over at M’Gann’s holding cell again, where the blonde was curled up on the cot that was provided. It annoyed her that they would do such a thing. “She’s not some lab rat that you can just lock up in a cage!”

“Miss West, that is exactly what she is,” Arvix countered with irritation. Why was this… nurse in his laboratory?? “We were told to examine the specimen and run tests on it as needed to gather more information.”

“Oh, so now she’s an it? Dehumanizing her will definitely get you places,” she shot back with heavy sarcasm. She followed Arvix to a console, but before he could type anything she slapped her hand down on top of the console, preventing him from actually touching it.

Annoyed, Arvix looked up at the brunette. “Don’t make me call security to escort you out,” he threatened. “You are disrupting this environment with your presence and your silly outbursts.” He then grabbed her wrist and lifted her hand off the console before tossing it to the side as if it were a venomous snake.

“Does it look like I give a shit??” Lauren responded coldly. She watched the researcher for a moment before sighing. “What if she stays in my quarters? That way someone still has an eye on her, and I can take care of her after your… questionable practices.”

“You will not,” the man shot back as he slapped the console. He looked up from what he was doing to give her a glare. “One of our tests involves measuring the rate of regeneration of tissues, and if you mess with it then it will ruin the entire study!”

“Can’t you see that she is clearly in pain??!” she argued, gesturing toward the holding cell. She glanced over her shoulder, and seeing the blonde like that made her cringe. It would go against everything she believed in if she didn’t at least try to help her. “At least give her something more comfortable than that piece of crap you call a bed!”

Arvix pinched the bridge of his nose, clearly frustrated with the woman. “Fine,” he grumbled. “But if I see any sign of accelerated healing above the normal levels I will have you arrested for disrupting important research.” He fished in his pocket before pulling out a small white band. “This will be to summon her for testing. Put it on her wrist.”

As much as she hated leaving the woman to suffer, her quarters were a better option than that cell. Grabbing the band with irritation, she replied, “I will hold off on medical procedures until- and only until- you are done with this rate of regeneration test. I expect it to be done after a couple weeks, otherwise I will take this to higher authorities.”

“Miss West, you are a nurse of the lowest rank, probably fresh out of the Academy. I am a researcher with four degrees and is respected by many. Who do you think they’re going to believe?” Arvix scoffed.

Glaring at the man, Lauren held her tongue before turning on her heel and walking over to the cell where the blue-skinned woman was. Opening the door, she carefully walked over and rested a gentle hand on her shoulder. “Miss? It’s me, the nurse from sickbay. I’m going to take you to my quarters to rest, alright? It’s more comfortable there.”

M’Gann initially tensed when she felt the hand on her shoulder, but she remembered the feel of that hand, and she slowly turned her head to see the brunette kneeling beside her. A moment later she gave a nod, and with a wince sat up.

Lauren helped her sit up, holding back a string of curses when she saw the pain the blonde was in, and helped her stand. She placed one of her blue arms over her shoulder while her other hand wrapped around her waist to support her, grinding her teeth when she felt her bones. It was worse than she had thought. “Alright, let’s go.” She turned, only to see two guards standing ready, and she sent a glare at Arvix before asking, “is that really necessary? Look at her, do you think she’s physically able to fight back after the crap you’ve done to her??”

“You’d be surprised,” Arvix replied, adding a tone of finality. “Now take her away before I change my mind.”

Muttering something under her breath, Lauren led M’Gann away, the two guards flanking them. They stayed with the two until they arrived at Lauren’s quarters, and the brunette turned her head to address them. “Thank you, I can manage it from here,” she said icily.

The two guards glared at her before leaving, allowing Lauren to walk M’Gann into her quarters. Not long after the doors shut behind them did the brunette find herself pushed against the wall, a blue hand on her throat, and her eyes grew wide as she gasped for breath.

“What are you playing at?” M’Gann growled, holding the brunette against the wall. She narrowed her eyes at the woman, keeping her hand at her throat.

“I’m trying… to help you…” Lauren gasped, her hands around the woman’s arm. A moment later, the hand disappeared from her throat, making Lauren double over and cough as her lungs filled with air.

The blonde watched the other woman for a moment before asking, “why should I trust you? What makes you different from the rest of them?”

Glancing up, Lauren noticed the woman starting to waver. “Because unlike them, I see you as another sentient being and not something to run tests on. Also, I’m a nurse, it would go against everything I worked for and believed in if I didn’t try to help you.” It looked like the blonde woman was going to faint, so she straightened and gently offered her hand. “You’re starting to waver. Please, let me help you… I don’t want you to fall and get hurt even more.”

Blinking back the dizziness that threatened to overtake her, M’Gann eventually nodded.

The second the woman nodded her reply, Lauren stepped to her side and guided her toward her bed. She could sleep on the couch tonight. “Here, this is much more comfortable than that crap they gave you. Do you want anything to eat, or drink?”

M’Gann shook her head as she lay down on the bed. Oh, it was like a cloud compared to the cot. “I think I just need some sleep,” she murmured, already feeling her eyes get heavy.



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