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Mission: Divided and Conquered
Location: NFO Headquarters:: Labs
Timeline: September 2392


Arvix knew that the dream sequences were working. It was easy to tell; the moment hope left the specimen's eyes was a clear indicator that his tests were working. Now he needed to finalize one little detail and her training would be complete. The brown haired man prepared the cell she used to be in for this experiment while he waited for the guards to bring her.

His lips pursed into a frown. As convenient as it was to have the guards bring her in, it was affecting his ability to get his research done with them constantly hovering. If he could get her to comply to some simple command it would make his life much easier and the guards could spend their time elsewhere.

He knew when the specimen would arrive, because there was the sound of several pairs of feet approaching him. Turning around, he saw the blonde woman and nodded before jerking his head toward the cell.

M'Gann wasn't sure what was going on, but it was unusual for Arvix to not start the session by taunting her. "Did you finally get some human decency?" She asked him, catching her balance as the guards shoved her into the cell and shut the door.

Arvix didn’t respond, just nodded to the guards and dismissing them with a wave of his hand before turning to the woman on the other side of the glass wall. He stroked his chin for a moment before making a fist with his right hand and placed it on his sternum, thumb pointing toward his chest.

The blonde crossed her arms as she watched the man. She recognized the signal as one David would use when he was around deaf dogs. It was a variation of the command to sit. "What the hell is this?" She demanded, glaring at him through the glass. "I'm not some dog you can train on a whim you-" she yelped when her wristband gave a zap, making her jump before rubbing her wrist.

Arvix merely stood and watched, his free hand holding the remote with his thumb hovering over the button. He made the signal again, narrowing his eyes.

M'Gann stood her ground. "No."

The response was a longer shock from the calling band, making her back up against the biobed in the cell as she cried out. When it stopped, she rubbed her wrist again as she glared at the man before standing tall.

Dissatisfied, Walters moved to a console and typed in a command, and there was a light hissing sound as air started to be pulled from the cell. Moving back to his first position, he made the gesture a third time.

It only took a moment for the lack of oxygen to hit, and M'Gann's hands went to her throat as she gasped for air. As she struggled, she eventually sank to her knees before bending over, her mouth forming words she couldn't speak.

Once she was at least kneeling, Arvix tapped on the console again, returning the air to the room. With another tap, a small ding sounded, telling the specimen that what she did was correct.

Taking deep and uneven breaths as the air returned to the room, M'Gann heard the ding and looked up at Arvix, who was now holding out a hand as if telling her to wait. She coughed, her hand still to her throat, as she stayed in the kneeling position. It was a hell of a situation; if she refused, then she would get punished. She already knew that Arvix had no trouble killing her off and reviving her, he had done it three times already, and he could do it with a push of a button. Her best- and least painless- option was to comply.

Arvix then lifted his hand, making the gesture for her to rise.

"I am going to kill you for this," the blonde growled as she stood. The response was the stop hand signal again, and she crossed her arms. "If you think you can make me obey you with a bunch of silly hand signals, you are so wrong- aah!" Another zap hit her, this time stronger than the first two. "What the hell??"

"We shall see," Arvix finally replied, a hint of a grin snaking across his features.



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