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I Need You Right Now

Posted on Thu Jul 14th, 2016 @ 8:45pm by

Mission: Divided and Conquered
Location: NFO Headquarters :: Quarters
Timeline: December 31 2392


Lauren perked when the doors to her quarters opened, her eyes resting on a familiar blue figure. Her brief moment of happiness washed away quickly, however; she knew something was up when two guards brought her limp blue alien through the door. “What the hell did you do to her??” she demanded, going to her side before they decided to drop her on the ground like last time. As usual, the guards didn’t respond, just left M’Gann with the brunette before leaving. Muttering under her breath, Lauren picked M'Gann up with a grunt and carried her to their bed and set her down before rushing to get the med kit. As she moved, she kept saying that it was okay, partly for M'Gann but also for her sake as well.

M’Gann’s head tilted to one side as she heavily cracked open one eye. She was back in her quarters. Oh Rassilon, her body hurt. Everything felt like it was being jabbed with a knife. “Lauren…” she called, her voice coming out as a whisper.

“Shh, I’m here,” the brunette responded, rushing back into the room, med kit in hand. Now is not the time to get emotional... Lauren told herself. It was hard to stay unattached, knowing that they had kept her for nearly two months and that the blonde was just barely out of reach. She could understand what Sam had meant; it was hard for Lauren to see M'Gann like this simply because of their closeness. Lauren opened the kit and immediately pulled out a painkiller, preparing it into the hypospray before injecting it into her girlfriend’s neck. She didn’t need a tricorder to determine that she was in pain. “I gave you a painkiller. What can I do to help you, M’Gann?”

“Feel… sick…” Lauren understood and ran to the replicator, asking for a bucket. The second it materialized she grabbed it and put it in M’Gann’s hands before sitting on the bed behind her and helping her get more comfortable. As much as she tried to maintain it, her hands were shaking. M'Gann was finally back, and the brunette wanted nothing more than to wrap her in a tight hug and kiss her like there was no tomorrow, but she was in pain and knew that that would do more harm than good.

There was a pause, and a moment later M’Gann’s face disappeared into the bucket, her body tensing as she threw up.

Lauren rubbed her back with one hand while the other held some of her hair away from her face, all the while grinding her teeth. The Order was going too far with this. Between the testing and the interrogations, it was a wonder that the blonde was still thinking straight. The only thing keeping her from going up to the Leader of the Order and giving him a piece of her mind was the fact that she could be killed for it.

After emptying her stomach into the bucket, the blonde weakly tried to adjust so she could lie down. The bucket left her hands, and she felt comforting hands help her lie down to relax. M’Gann closed her eyes, taking shaky breaths as she tried to relax herself.

Lauren looked over her girlfriend’s form with concerned eyes, noting how pale she was, and briefly left to get a damp cloth before gently swabbing her blue forehead, which was beading with sweat. “Rest, babe,” she softly told her, her voice expressing her concern.

“Th’ pro’type…”

“I’ll make sure it stays on track. You need rest.” She had caught wind that Arvix made M'Gann start working on her prototype to test her scientific mind and her building skills. It was being stored in the main shuttlebay because the project was supposed to be rather big. Lauren watched the blonde nod off before starting to pack up the kit. She was worried sick about M’Gann, and she chewed on the inside of her cheek when she was worried. Pulling out the dermal regenerator, she carefully tilted M’Gann’s head to one side and began repairing several cuts on her face before moving to her arms and fixing those injuries as well. There was little she could to for the internal damage, and if it got bad enough they would take her to sickbay to do emergency treatment, but beyond that if she was still alive then they wouldn’t bother. It pissed Lauren off to no end, to see these medically trained professionals go against their oaths by doing harmful experiments on her, not to mention following the will of the Order like ducklings.

Once she was satisfied with the repairs, Lauren put the regenerator back in the kit before snapping it closed and putting it away. She came back and sat on the edge of the bed, taking one of M’Gann’s hands in hers while gently stroking her hair. It would be at least several hours before she would wake up, but the brunette still wanted to be there for her if she woke up sooner. Raising M’Gann’s hand, she caressed it between her two hands and gave the knuckles a long kiss. A couple tears betrayed her and slid down her cheeks, and Lauren shut her eyes for a moment, savoring the blonde's touch. In a couple hours she would make something light for her to eat.

She knew that M’Gann didn’t tell her everything about the testing that the Order did. Perhaps part of it was to keep the brunette from actually following through and slapping the Leader across the face. Despite her efforts to help her open up, she had claimed that she wanted to keep Lauren happy and didn’t want her to worry more than she already was. A couple times the conversation built into an argument, but they both hated arguing over things so it was usually resolved rather quickly. Perhaps now her M'Gann would open up to her, after being away from her for so long. It would take time for her to open up in any case, and the brunette accepted it and stayed with her, knowing that she could help. They needed each other, and were a good team.

Gently placing M’Gann’s hand on the bed, Lauren stood and pulled a blanket over the blonde’s form before dimming the lights. Lauren had things to do, but the second she was done with them she would return to check up on her. Planting a kiss on her forehead, Lauren pushed a strand of blonde hair aside before exiting their bedroom, taking the bucket with her.



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