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A Slight Detour

Posted on Mon Mar 24th, 2014 @ 7:15pm by Lieutenant JG Liam Callaghan & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship!
Location: Somewhere outside the quarantined area


Vanora had been notified that some of the Durrighash had come aboard, and she had to admit that she was curious. It wasn't so much that she'd made up an excuse; after all, someone really did need to check that the environmental systems were working on this deck. It wasn't hard to find Lieutenants Coi and Callaghan, what with the dinosaur-like aliens accompanying them.

"The science department is just ahead, but as I understand it, they're having trouble with one of their plants, so we'll have to tour that department another time," Ash was saying as the quintet head through the hallways. "But, our main shuttle bay is on this deck. I know it's not nearly as interesting, but- oh, hey, Vanora," she said, spotting the Chief of Ops headed their way.

"Ash. Liam," she smiled at the two other Starfleet officers before turning her attention to their guests. "Welcome to the Gladiator. I'm Lieutenant Vanora Stele, the Chief of Operations. I'm sorry," she apologized, "I'm not sure of the proper way to greet you in your own culture."

Joshua clicked and whistled, then awkwardly held out a hand for her to shake.

"He says that it doesn't matter because they're on our ship, so they'll greet you in our manner," explained Ash.

"Then, introductions, perhaps? I did not get a chance to speak with you at breakfast, so you'll forgive me for not knowing your names." Vanora had actually heard a few words amid the clicking. The universal translators must have been close to catching up.

"This is Joshua, Danielle, and Jack," Ash said. "No kidding, the translator just sort of gives them human names because we'd have no hope of pronouncing their real names. I'm not sure if it detects the meaning and picks a human name close to that same meaning or if it just selects one at random."

"And yet, it had to choose two names that are also names of two of our Senior Staff. That won't be confusing at all," Vanora laughed, before directing herself back toward the guests. "Sorry, I mean that it will be potentially confusing. I know that sarcasm sometimes doesn't translate well across species."

Liam nodded to the Ops Officer and was pleased it was her visiting them and not that annoying Cadet with his ridiculous playing cards again. "Lieutenant," he said, "you didn't bring Cadet Barca with you," he looked around, "Did you?"

"No, I have him in Ops cataloging the Wasp's cargo." The Chief Ops smiled, noting Liam's nervousness. "Ah, he must have gotten to you, too. His Starfleet Officers Cards, right?" She laughed. "He's a good kid. Strange, but smart and a hard worker. I'm sure that it's just a phase."

"Starfleet... what?" asked Ash, blinking. "You mean there's a trading card out there with Liam on it? How do I get one of those? I'd love to have a Liam I could carry around in my back pocket," she said, winking at Liam.

"Don't ask, and don't go finding that Cadet either," Liam joked, "You will never get away from him."

As Ash stifled a laugh at the look on Liam's face, they rounded a corner that would lead them past the science department, but Ash saw blinking lights indicating that a forcefield was in place. "Ah, quarantine, I forgot," she said, looking over the mass of vines hanging all over the place. "A bit of weed killer wouldn't go amiss in here," she commented. "Ah, well, we'll have to go the long way 'round. This way," she said, leading the Durrighash back into the outer corridor. They'd have to go all the way around the science department.

Just then, Joshua sneezed. At least, Ash thought it was a sneeze. "Bless you," she said, reflexively.

They wanted to know what that meant.

"You know, I have no idea," said Ash, brow wrinkling in thought. "It's just something we say."

"An ancient Earth tradition," Vanora clarified, then looked at Ash by way of explaining. "My father, the academic, always was telling us these random facts. Apparently, back in ancient Earth, people believed that sneezing was a sign of illness, and therefore would 'bless' each other when they sneezed, hoping that their deity would protect them from the illness." She looked at Liam. "You're the one from Earth. Why am I explaining this?" she laughed.

"Well you are doing a fine job at explaining it," Liam remarked.

"I didn't want you to feel like I was trying to steal your job," she ribbed him gently. Vanora turned back to the Durrighash. "I'm sorry if something about the air quality is bothering you. I actually came down here to check on just that, and see whether there is something we can do to make your stay on our ship more pleasant. Have you been sneezing like that the whole time you've been on the ship?" she asked Joshua.

Ash shook her head. "He says no," she replied. "That's the first time. Could be a fluke," she sugested.

"Has Captain Jack or Danielle been sneezing at all?" Vanora had her tricorder out and was checking the particulate matter concentrations in the air.

Ash looked at them and they dipped their heads and clicked a bit. "They say no," she said. But, even as she spoke, Danielle sneezed. "Hm," said Ash. "Maybe it's just right here. Let's keep moving and see if it clears up."

"Curious." Vanora continued to walk alongside the group. "Something in the air here is reacting with our guests' respiratory system. I'm not a doctor or scientist, so we'd better get these readings over to Connor and Josh." She looked at one of the Durrighash. "The other Josh. Our Josh. See, I knew this would be confusing," she smiled.

Joshua whistled and groaned and clicked. "He says he knew what you meant," said Ash. "And that they're very good doctors themselves and can probably handle it back on their own ship."

"Oh, of course... I didn't mean to imply that you can't take care of yourselves," Vanora smiled. "But as you know, we've been trying to figure out what is going on with these plants. If there's some information related to how you're reacting to something they are putting into the air, we should let the scientists see whether that is important."

"Danielle says she supposes that's a good idea," said Ash. "But, two sneezes hardly constitutes a trip to the Medical Bay. They want to continue with the tour for now."

"No further detour is needed. I can take in the data I need right here, if you can, ah," Vanora gingerly walked around the three Durrighash with her tricorder and waved in the areas around their nostrils. "Apologies, this may seem very rude, but I want to make sure I can get the air readings right before I send it off to our team."

"They don't mind," said Ash. "Although, Danielle is interested in how we get readings on those things. She says it looks too small."

"Federation technology has excelled at making our analytical tools, actually, all of our tools, smaller and more powerful in the last three centuries. These did used to be a lot bigger." Vanora looked at her readings again. "Interesting."

"What's that?" asked Ash, as the Durrighash swung their heads from side to side, eying the 'tiny' tricorder.

Vanora looked up from the tricorder. "Some of the plant residue is causing an immune response with the Durrighash that hasn't been observed with any of our crew. Not sure if there's anything to it, but I'd better get this over to Medical and Sciences right away. Danielle, Jack, Joshua, if you'll excuse me, I hope you enjoy the remainder of your time on the ship."

"Hm," said Ash as Vanora headed down the hall. "Maybe we should hurry along, then. Perhaps even get off this deck. Got any ideas, Liam?"

Liam hadn't really been paying attention to the conversation, he was merely going along with the ride. "Excuse me," he blushed embarrassed at the fact he was zoning out. "Perhaps the engine room," he suggested realizing what had been asked?

"Good idea," said Ash, doing an about face and almost running right into Danielle. "Let's go to the engine room instead. This deck is full of pollen."


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